Role Of Trump Era Corruption Pondered In Delay Of Arrest Of Trump Friend Barrack 1

Role Of Trump Era Corruption Pondered In Delay Of Arrest Of Trump Friend Barrack


Rachel Maddow considers the possibility that a delay in the indictment of Donald Trump friend and inauguration committee chair Tom Barrack, as reported by CNN, could be part of an apparent pattern of corrupt deference to Trump associates by the Department of Justice in the Trump era, or perhaps a stall to wait out Trump's pardon power. 
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    1. @Richard MacLean ignore ‘reality’ it is literally just a non responsive troll that DEFLECTS from the story

    2. You are referring to the present ministration right,? I mean let’s face facts here a billionaire Trump, left his money to help America meanwhile the poor became rich doing what needs to be done for the elites and getting paid…. Com on!! Common Sense applies

    3. @bert larsen lol trump never left his businesses. In fact trump was pressured non stop sell or at the VERY LEAST put his businesses into a blind trust, but he refused. Not only that but trump would even OVERCHARGE the secret service every weekend when he went golfing. trump was more intrested in making money, he loved promoting his businesses especially the “Southern White House” and using his properties for campign events and for offical government business.

  1. Too bad they didn’t hold off from charging all trump’s cronies, sounds like they would have gone to prison, and stayed there, with no trump in office to pardon them.

    1. @Santa De Jesusa why do you keep wetting your britches over that? Oh right ! your wearing dippers underneath.

    2. @Santa De Jesusa also Manafort again, off course. But first lets get done with Rudy Guliani, shall we?

    3. @Santa De Jesusa More sour grapes from the loser camp. They would have been charged if there were charges to lay, but there aren’t and you know it

  2. Trump poses a national security risk. This conman would sell state secrets to the highest bidder at the drop of a hat. As for Trump supporters, stop bowing down to a demagogue who almost brought this Country to its knees.

    1. @Alexander Evans : If only that were true. From this report, I don’t trust the US Secret Service anymore. Two top positions are held by Trump-Republicans, in essence, Trumplicans.

    2. Are you guys out of your mind…Biden is Ruining this Country!!!!!! Trump Brought America Back from the Obama and Biden Years…Trump is a Great American…He knows how to run this Country…..What are you Supporters going to do if Harris becomes President. It’s going to Happen. And I Suppose the Election was fair and honest….RIGHT! You Democrats better have good jobs, Everything is going up up up….Wake Up, be honest…We will see $5/$6 a gallon gas before long…And do you care about the Border?.. I live 3 miles from the Arizona Border…I have never seen such a mess in all my life…It’s such a shame…And no Foreign Government’s respect the US anymore, They all know Biden can’t run the White House….The Democrats are big Rats and we need to call a Rodent Company so they can do their job God Bless 🇺🇸…..

    3. Those that participate in the failed coup attempt on Jan 6th should be declared enemy combatants and rendered to GITMO for trial.

      They tried a repeat of Mussolini’s “March on Rome” in 1922 but failed — this time –.

      Those that forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

    4. @paul wagner you said all that and mentioned God? Trump and God just don’t go together. You know the last time gas was over $3…..2018….who was POTUS and you said nothing. Trump’s stupidity caused 600k deaths and he ruined our economy….part was COVID and part was the fact that the fool didn’t act

    5. Robert1 Foley
      Which is precisely why donald trump is the only ex-president not getting NSA briefings.

  3. Let’s not forget during his last 4 days in office, Trump kicked out several high level security officers and put in his own people to do whatever they want, with the highest level security access, behind closed doors, with nobody watching. I don’t hear much about that, anymore. Seems kind of important.

    1. @Okkie Trooy Trump is a pathological narcissist. Narcissists like him have no boundaries, the damage they cause is limited ONLY by the position they occupy. Given Presidential powers the damage is nationwide and profoundly widespread. It will be a decade before the true extent of his crimes and corruption is determined.

    2. @Les It’s called Narcissitic Personality Disorder and is a mental illness, which is almost incurable. Just being narcissistic is so to speak just the personality nie might have, NPD is a severe mental illness.

    3. @Fabi Grossi My friend, I couldn’t agree more wholeheartedly. I became aware of NPD six years ago when I acquired a daughter in law. At first she seemed odd, but it got very dark very quickly. Being a scientist I did some reading around and I now know more than I wish I did, academically and from personal experience. That is why I said the damage they do is limited only by their position. In a family they will wreck the family relationships. I have had no contact with my son for a year. They have a daughter, one day I expect her to hurt the child to gain attention. They really do not have any boundaries.

    1. Agree 100%. In fact, they should have held off on all of Trump’s cronies–that way none of them would get pardons from tRump.

    2. Yep, I think so. Sadly, Trump ran a criminal organization for years, and simply brought that criminal playbook along, when he stumbled into the White House. So it’s perfectly understandable that in that capacity, Trump & Co. would deny or rationalize crime and safeguard or pardon criminals. Let’s keep these indictments coming, one by one, day by day!

    1. @Scott Harrison Referring to former President Trump: To have 1 or 2 friends/colleagues/employees criminally charged and convicted is unfortunate. When that numbers keeps going up, in all likelihood YOU too are a Criminal.

    2. @agf1700 – Wait. Do you even know that Manifort was convicted for crimes he committed while working for the Clintons? LOL!!

      And, the other “friend”. What? Lying to Congress, which he did on purpose for political reasons? LOL!! Do you even know the full story? LOL!!

      We found out this week that Fauci lied to Congress and his lie cost the lives of many millions around the world and was the fodder that supported the 2020 insurrection (you fondly call an election). His lie is causing the final and ultimate death blow to the Democrat Party. The only way the Democrats can win anything for the foreseeable future is if they are allowed to cheat again. Why are they so desperately calling the Election Integrity Laws evil names? They are terrified!! The Democrats are going to be held accountable and respond to it positively and apologetically or die as a party.

      Do you see how dishonesty, cover-ups, and constant Fake News and False Narratives come back to bite you?

    3. @Scott Harrison Trump’s Team criminally charged so far: Steve Bannon, Tom Barrack, Elliott Broidy, Michael Cohen (convicted), Michael Flynn (convicted), Rick Gates (convicted), Paul Manafort (convicted), George Nadar, George Papadopoulos, Roger Stone and Allen Wisdelberg.
      See what I mean. When so many of your friends/colleagues/employees have been either charged and/or convicted, there is a preponderance in the likelihood that YOU (TRUMPY) too are a CRIMINAL. I actually feel sorry for the likes of people like you who are so brainwashed and blind to what is directly in front of you but then again, didn’t TRUMPY tell you NOT to believe what you hear and see in front of your very eyes. That’s why he and those Seditious GOP Senators try to tell the American people that January 6th was just a bunch of Tourists you know 😉

    4. @agf1700- 😆🤣😂
      That only confirms that the Democrats and the permanent government are using Soviet tactics to go after their political opponents!!!

      The charges are all made up charges!!!

      While they are ignoring the real crimes of the Clinton’s, the Biden’s and countless other democrats!!


      Have fun with that. Look. If you stand back at look at all the evidence, you can easily see what I see.

    1. Imagine how many potential charges await, and that if you accept a pardon you can’t plead the fifth in court as a witness, and refusing to answer, or not telling the truth, could lead to new charges of contempt, and or, perjury.

  4. They were smart, they did not want barr and co to influence the prosecution so they held it up. They should restart all these other cases and charge them 🙄

    1. I agree, but who do you mean by they? “they” WAS Barr. He controlled the case, and he was trying to bury it

    2. The prosecutors should have to put their foot down and put that serial criminal clown in chief in jail already.

    3. Absolutely. And then investigate Barr for shutting down the Mueller investigation early to protect Trump. And then spinning and lying about obstruction of Trump to the American people. Every body knows it happened. Get the evidence. Prosecute the criminal behavior.The most corrupt president ever.

    1. @Andrew L PickfordIII Let’s put it this way. If a person can understand how a criminal acts, behave even go as far as thinking like a criminal (criminal minded). A person who actually thinks and commits the act, who goes that one step to commit the crime is a criminal. Not the same thing.

    2. @Anthony Craig Not… TRUE! CRIMINAL MINDED PEOPLE are those who are criminals that plan, devise and think about the crime’s that they do or want to do!

      YOUR… thoughts are a fallacy and impractical theory without action!

      All criminals, act on cognitive thought! Acting out of the thought… therefore, proving “criminal minded” is the make up of criminal actions, which makes them criminals!!!

    1. I think they had difficulty finding a crime. Remember what Joseph Stalin was famous for saying. ‘ show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.’ Then he laughed. No friend of Trump or Trump associate is safe from a politically charged vendetta.
      Trump has so badly damaged the corrupt and entrenched political class that they will now do anything to injure him or his associates. We must ensure that nobody ever again outside of political circles will even consider running for public office.

    2. @T. R. Campbell To have 1 or 2 friends/colleagues/employees charged and criminally convicted is unfortunate. When that number goes up to 5 and beyond, in all likelihood YOU are a Criminal too!

    1. They are waiting until Trump’s time limit to pardon himself runs out.He is setting out an apalling example of how to stay in power or be elected, by corruption and greed.Trump has turned America into a corrupt State by ruining the Republican Party . Our politicians in Britain may not be perfect ,but we have a reasonably balanced Press and News channels, who weed out and expose Trump-like behaviour.Very sad to witness the gradual collapse of a once great nation.

  5. federal prosecutor : “i’m going to sit on these charges…until barrack can’t be pardoned… as soon as trump is gone, i’ll charge barrack” 🙂

  6. How many more they will come to light? How much swamp will be discovered. A swimming pool of swamp and everybody dived in. The first one was pinnochio in chief.

  7. They wanted to hold him accountable, and they knew Trump would just pardon him if they didn’t wait.

    1. Brainwashed, a man that becomes a millionaire because he is told what to do versus a man that is a billionaire that loves America that cannot be controlled… Common sense stupid…. Got to love it. You idiots that have Trump syndrome they have no idea what the hell’s going on

    1. @Yvonne Braun So true. And its a world class mess. You can use my KISS system – keep it simple. Vote ALL republicans out of office. Every state, every position. We have all the power. Votes = power.. We proved our power. Took out a president. Scared everyone in WA DC. Next…..

    2. @Alice Arce I”m glad you are on the same page with me and thanks for your system .Hope we can talk more sometime ?

    3. @Easy E I’m talking about the politicians who supported him and the powerful people who helped him. Not the idiots who voted for him.
      And btw he lost the POPULAR vote both times bc more Americans DIDN’T want him than did moron.

    1. We can only hope they do so he never EVER get away with all rutten buisness ,because Justice Matters FOR ALL .even crocks that is !

    2. Trump guilty of criminal negligence, dereliction of duty and manslaughter for his attempts to politically weaponize the federal pandemic response for political gain and personal profit that cause unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans he was sworn to protect. Instead he treated them as pests.
      Donald Trump kept lying and people keep dying,
      half a million dead so far.
      Aided and abetted by a fascist idiocracy
      and by the likes of William Barr.
      With his millions at risk he says never mind this
      The cure can’t be worse than the disease.
      And more than once he’s said
      Governors seeking aid ‘must be nice to me’.
      ‘What matters is this, business is brisk
      Wall Street’s never seen profits like these!’..
      Through lies and ruthless lack of empathy
      Trump’s plague of MALICE raged
      weaponizing the epidemic with glee
      Trump sabotaged the machines
      of progress, tossing in handfuls of sand.
      Long after his thousands of scandals
      are but obscure history it will be said
      The most tragic presidency of all time
      ended with Trump’s Plague.
      Winter is long past and indictments served.
      Themis stands by to hear his best words.
      The world waits with baited breath’
      and hearts in unison thump,
      “Is that him. that pale, doughy lump?”
      It’s The Orange Ogre of the Oval Orifice
      devoid of warpaint and stinking of cowardice
      It is the fair and just judgement he fears
      And made him squirm like a worm.
      Down the toilet he goes as they lower the boom
      And SINK that influshable turd.

    1. @Scott Harrison Did you watch the video? Is there any part of it that you think is normal activity in these circumstances?

    2. @David Paterson – when has Maddow EVER told the truth? 😆🤣😂 The fact that you trust her shows you are brainwashed. Everything Maddow has said for the last 5 years was a lie. Watch. You believe this today, but in two weeks, the truth comes out and makes Maddow a liar. I’ve watched this cycle occur 200+ times over the list 5 years!!!
      Maddow NEVER does a retraction and fools with the next false narrative.

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