Biden Begins First Foreign Trip With Stern Message To Putin

Pres. Biden has started his first overseas trip as president. But already, the president is telegraphing a message to the last world leader he will meet with on the trip: Vladimir Putin. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with Peter Baker and Rick Stengel.
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    1. @The White Liberal don’t delete yours! It’s a foregone conclusion that they are going to say there is fraud, I mean CYBER NINJAS is obviously an election expert. Whether they can actually back that up and whether anyone should take that seriously with how poorly they’ve handled security is another matter. I mean if there was voter fraud on the scale that Trump claimed then there would have been some evidence but there wasn’t. People are just dumb enough to believe anything that he says unfortunately

    2. @GiantArc SFORA It’s about the Democrats who let the GOP and traitor Trump do whatever they want.

    3. @The White Liberal That two-bit hustler? I think not. But I do get a kick out of a kid on the internet who falls for his nonsense telling a grandma to “grow up”.

    4. @Constituent A Why do you let the news make up your mind for you? I honestly want to know what makes you trust the news more than your fellow citizen?

  1. when you going to say this is so primitive that the time its over you will pay more for less and then what ?ya keep thanking your local pres for inflating your 3 k to come out to a $1 .50 then will you not be blind as the leaders ?

  2. It would be better if Biden refrained from making any mention of American “values”.
    It doesn’t look good coming from one of the most immoral nations on the planet.
    If the trip ends without anyone trying to buy Greenland, the USA can consider awarding itself a small pat on the back.

    1. Hahah! Anything he does will be more dignified that any of Trump’s overseas visits. I guarantee he won’t be pushing allies aside and having long hot showers in the wee hours of the morning with Putin the way Trump did.

  3. If these companies have that much money kicking around, it just tells me they are underpaying their employees.

  4. No President can leave the seat of government defined by the area of Washington D.C. during their term of service! We do not have a traveling Presidency, the President is required to manage the day to day operations of the government while congress is at recess and call them into session when information that is necessary and expedient requires their consideration.

    Additionally, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate means before and during, not after, and this is a requirement for every foreign interaction, no President can setup or attend any meeting with a foreign dignitary without first receiving the advice and consent of the States as they are assembled in the Senate. That means that the President must first ascertain whether said meetings are in the interest of the united States, in congress assembled, before any meetings are scheduled, then receive the parameters of said talks, and if an agreement is the expected result, the conditions of any agreement. There is nothing the President can decide on their own, they must always represent the united States, in congress assembled, the Union. Even this extension of the agreement between the United Kingdom and the United States cannot be altered or reaffirmed without the advice and consent of the States as they are assembled in the Senate, and a meeting with Putin cannot even be discussed without their consent, and what they discuss if consent is granted will be specified by the States as they are assembled in the Senate.

    The President isn’t a world leader! The President isn’t even a leader in the United States! The leader in the United States is, the united States, in congress assembled, the Union, and the Established Government Authority.

    I understand that we have lost focus with our governing system, but it’s time this abomination of our founding principles ends!

  5. President Putin, the historian, wanted the meeting at Villa La Grange where the French and American revolutions were hatched. Hopefully he will send 6 warships to each of our east and west coasts as Russia did in 1861.

  6. T*****’s foreign policy was so clueless and such an embarrassing joke, Joe won’t have any problem improving our image on the world stage. I’d suggest reading Samuel Huntington’s ‘Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order’ for some insight.

  7. Joe standing up to Putin is like a hen confronting a woof. You know everything is the Russians fault, ask msnbc

  8. Joe Biden just gave Russia 🇷🇺 full permission and rights to supply all of Europe’s natural gas needs. He’s full of crap when he says he will stand up Putin.

    His actions are showing otherwise

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