Biden Will Send 500 Million Covid Vaccine Doses Globally

Rachel Maddow shares reports that the Biden administration is expected to announce a donation of 500 million Pfizer vaccine doses over the next year to be distributed internationally by Covax, a W.H.O.-backed vaccine sharing initiative.
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    1. You mean protect the people that bailed all of us out by creating a vaccine in record time and saving countless lives in the process. You mean those people right? Also Rachel Maddow is a conspiracy theorists nutter.

    2. Morons think that, because Biden is president, he has a sheet of paper with the ingredients to the vaccine.

    3. @Ryan Massie Hi Ryan. There are about ten countries with empty lab facilities, ready to crank out the stuff. Trump denied them so naturally Biden mentioned he was considering it. Three days latter he met with Bill Gates. Then he said no. The technique for the vaccine was funded by tax dollars not privately by Big Pharma’s own money. Bill Gates loves capitalism even when it kills people. India could make the stuff and save a few hundred thousand lives.

  1. Wow, suddenly my own European Union seems stingy, only exporting a few tens of millions of doses.

  2. Super Donkey Kong Lame type deal that’s all I hear, I will not be selling my soul for your agenda

    1. @James DuBois millions didn’t get even that one.
      My son had a baby Dec 29.
      IRS owes him 5k.
      Majority of people waiting for tax refunds are between 25 and 35.

    1. Thunder Belly stopping everything?? I knew something was up. Haven’t seen a bird flying near my home in days.

    2. Todd Wyatt your missing the point. But if I have to explain it. Then am I really doing you any good.

    3. @Elmer Fudd I get the point but others who believe in total student loan debt forgiveness may not. They may think you are on their side and are mad that he lied about it.

  3. Main stream Media should be fact checked and banned.

    All of of 1k that dislike this video, censor them as they censor us

    1. There day are numbered. More, and more people don’t believe them anymore. I’m looking forward for the day when MSM reporters will not be able to walk down the street without people throwing food or dog 💩 at them.

    1. @Dustin Tacohands Good!
      This VETERAN has absolutely no problem with losing GOOBERS.
      Quicker with rounds though….jes sayin

    2. @Big Smoke Guitar you need to lay off the drugs I know your a veteran user but time to take a break

  4. “The good offer goodness from the secret of their heart. The perverse offer perversity from the secret of their heart. That which is expressed is what overflows from the heart.” – Some Guy

    1. The good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good fruit…this is a scripture from the bible

  5. I mean, he’s already giving away my childrens future with all the other BS spending he’s doing, why not this too?

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