Nearly A Third Of GOP Say Trump Likely To Be Reinstated 1

Nearly A Third Of GOP Say Trump Likely To Be Reinstated


A new poll shows that 29% of Republicans say it's likely Trump will be reinstated as president. This comes as Elise Stefanik paid a visit to Trump and the party remains resistant to any compromise with Democrats on the Hill. We discuss with Eugene Robinson and Bill Kristol.
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    1. I thought Trump’s lone term of office was based on ‘Night Gallery’ because it seemed so scary.

    1. @Corey Ham no… Not necessarily.

      It goes to show how stoopud WE ARE, collectively.

      Anyone with 2 brain cells left to rub together, should by now realize that NONE OF US really have a choice in the matter of who becomes our “leader”.

      All of that is pre-planned by “THEY”, aka The True Powers That Be…aka The International Banking Cartel.

      The funniest part of it is, the Team Blue people are always mad at the Team Red people, and vice versa…

      But that’s exactly how “THEY” want it.

      Hopefully, everyone will have that Epiphany, sooner or later.

      Stay VIGILANT.

    2. I started thinking that in ’17. Some time in ’18, I think, I ran into Idiocracy on TV and watched from a new perspective. Oh. My. God. It ain’t even funny.

    3. @Slick Andrews LOL …. well, I am a Rothschild, so you can’t tell me about banking. Been doing it for many generations already now.

    4. @Godisgr8usa4life You’re right… I’d say it’s closer to 50% of Republicans who so dumb they believe this drivel… They’ve never read the Constitution and will soon discover that there is NO reinstatement clause!!!

    1. Where do u white folks get off talm bout CONSPIRACY… wtF do u mean I’m finna start taking that as a racist thing to say bro cut it OUT

    2. The alien apocalypse has been and gone, we fought against the orangeheads who came from the cafe at the end of the milky no-way.
      They told us we won and wanted us to raise their offspring because we had such a diverse and rich culture.
      After four years of one of their offspring occupying the white house I’m not so sure we won.

    3. _Leave us out of this, Earthlings! We didn’t travel half a galaxy just to scoop your poop!!_

    4. @TwoplusTwoEqualsFour what exactly is the Truth Train? Lol, because right now the truth train says trump is dim and guilty and whoever believes trump is going back to the white house needs a couch and some time to work through their problems

  1. It’s about time they start administrating drug test to politicians, the way they treat truck drivers applying for job!

    1. @Matt Newhouse you think that because you are a cult member and don’t even know it. I hope treatment helps you.

    2. @taz 9 that which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. Just because you heard someone say something and now repeat it, over and over, does NOT make it true.

    1. @BPD D2L I see you’re still running your big mouth about everybody else’s education, but you don’t bother to include your own Cleetus. Take a moment and look up the dunning-kruger effect, they’ll be a picture of you right next to the definition. You should stfu until you have something that you want to share. Pudendum

    2. @may wilson They used Russian developed randsomware called Darkside. They don’t know WHO did it. All they know is that Russian hackers developed it.

    3. @may wilson For all they know it may have been a 12 year old just messing around. You guys always know SOME truth, but usually only about 1/4 to 1/2 of it.

    4. @may wilson It wasn’t “pulled back from Russia”, either. They managed to unlock a cryptowallet it had been deposited into. They have no idea who the owner of that wallet was.

    5. @may wilson In other words, they hacked the hacker and technically, what they did is also illegal. Nothing like a little law breaking amongst your FBI.

  2. Broken minds. Is there really any help for those fools? We need to just ignore them and they’ll go away.. Lets discuss ways to help real Americans and move on.

    1. Easy…..tell biden to stop with the socialist progressive ideas…..undue his America killing ex orders and stop with the stupid white supremacy claims…..that would be a great start

    2. @The Mikeanic oh, you mean, lie about America’s racist past and present (black slaves, Indian genocide, police killing of young black men), go back to giving huge tax breaks to the very wealthy and the big corporations so the burden of civic society falls mostly on the poorer classes and of course, ignore totally the fast-approaching tsunami of climate change – we only have 10-15 years to pull warming back before the polar ice is gone, the seas are engulfing coastal cities and the bees are all dead. And that’s the good side of it – the other side is where a lot more people go mad because it’s just too darn hot. Progressive ideas are what made America (and other countries) great in years gone by. Do you really prefer Regressive policies?

    1. @Qingeaton the gop is on tv right now complaining about the platforms having too much power…yeah we should all be able to continue lying like trump and making up stories and encouraging riots.

    2. @Sharon Nagle The media lies to you every day. Just because you are O.K. with that, does not mean everyone is. I like to know what people are thinking, so I encourage everyone to speak their mind and no one to censor them. You just lied yourself, so now everyone can see who you are.
      You can yell Fire in a crowded theater, but only IF there is a fire.

    3. @Birger Jarl I would like the Russian people to do as much as we do and we both just stay out of each other’s way. I guess I don’t listen to Putin speeches, and that makes me a poor judge of what the Russian government thinks. I was talking about the people, not the governments. The people want the same things. I live a very traditional lifestyle myself. We have no debt of any kind and bills of what we use of power and water.
      I wish the same for everyone.

  3. The law probably will not allow reinstatement of a convicted felon, prison inmate, and bona fide bedwetter!

  4. There are some things that are more important than keeping your job. Knowing the difference is a test of character.

  5. This is the “considerable overlap between the smartest bears and the dumbest tourists (29%).”

    1. Well it’s weird but we have many ex military coming out of Retirement as we speak!!! These are the very Patriotic traditionalist types the old guards if you will so there is something big in the works!

  6. “We won with poorly educated, I love the poorly educated!” -Donald Trump, 2016

    Trump supporters: i dun no wut dat means but make americA grate agen 2020!!!1! .

  7. Grifting Obstructionist Party, “Trump will be reinstated.” DOJ and NYAG, “from prison?”

  8. Proving that at least 30% of the GOP are totally ignorant of the Constitution they claim to uphold and defend.

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