Failure Of ‘Norms’ To Restrain Trump Corruption Prompts Calls For Accountability

Rachel Maddow highlights passages from a Boston Globe editorial series arguing for corruption reforms and criminal prosecution of Donald Trump to deter future presidents who might be inclined to follow Trump's example of self-dealing.
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  1. these counters need to be instituted asap so that losing parties cant continue to do the crazy fraudits taking place now.

    1. I think you can end the audits today, right now by passing a law that requires anyone asking for an audit to pay for it themselves.

  2. We can start by insisting a president show his taxes. That would have saved us a lot of trouble.

    1. @Janice Childress I wonder how much money the USA is really giving to that laboratory? I wonder how deeply involved America is in that thing?

    2. @Nancy MorrisonRepuebladites are a jeleous, copy cat crowd thatHATES, among other things, paying taxes, but loves Corp. Welfare. If they knew about the $79,000,000.00 tax REFUND, they would be at Mar-A-Lago this weekend. FOUR!

    3. @T. R. Campbell When the majority popular vote of a state is overridden by the state senate, do you think that’s okay? Arizona, Texas, Georgia and Florida think so. I don’t.

    4. @T. R. Campbell would that be the pandemic that Trump denied for so long? Many other countries actually responded to the pandemic and saved their economies and citizens from the level of impact that the USA has experienced. USA has the worst performance of all in terms of deaths per capita.
      You cannot have it both ways. The pandemic was and is bad. Denial of it was worse. Failure to manage it is Trumps failure. Nobody else’s.

    5. @T. R. Campbell 391million has been discussed, hope I don’t get privacy issues after this thread! I am out!

  3. The fact that he didn’t show his tax returns to begin with should have raised MANY red flags right from the beginning!!! Duh!! ANYBODY running for president, if they don’t show their tax returns, should be automatically disqualified from running…period!

    1. The problem is the smaller number who are psychologically predisposed to refuse to follow the law because they believe they are above the law. This is a failure of not just parents but schools to teach the validity of the Social Contract and how and why government is a legitimate source of our laws.

  4. Remember when congress said they wouldn’t try him until after he left office and then wouldn’t impeach him because he wasn’t in office?

    1. @Steffi R it doesn’t matter which party, the US as a whole is responsible for the actions of their country.

    2. As Speaker Pelosi once said the framers of the Constitution prepared for the possibility of a rogue President, but never anticipated a rogue Congress i.e. the Republican Party being all in in on the corruption.

  5. Re: “In the case of Trump, prosecutors would have plenty of potential crimes from which to choose.” – I suggest that he is prosecuted for all of his crimes, including his abysmal failure to take the pandemic seriously. If found guilty, Trump should be imprisoned for a minimum of one year for each excess death, with no possibility of parole.

    1. “Ldonald trump” is leading the confederacy against the United States! The Union NEEDS to act!!

  6. ‘Norms’ are a polite way of saying ethics and morals, but norms won’t be noticed by a person who has no ethics and no morals, backed up by a party prepare to turn a blind eye to anything in their pursuit of power at any cost.

    1. @eric brosofske Exactly, very intelligent, indeed. dRump family is more like maggots. Destroying everything in their way.

    2. @SolSere Jeremy If it wasn’t for his enablers in the Republican ranks it could have and should have been stopped early on. Republicans are evil and no longer support our Constuition they only worship at the altar of Trump.

    1. The problem wasn’t the psychopath but the GOP who didn’t just let him get away with it, but egged him on.

    2. Exactly! I watched 5 minutes of one of his 2015-16 election rallies and had nightmares for a week. This should be no surprise to the seemingly out of touch dems & Congress that could have made a difference…now it’s too late.

  7. The crux of the matter is that so many Americans supported, and are still supporting, a con man !

    1. @T. R. Campbell not a chance buddy. He demonized democrats, just as Hitler did to the Jewish people. A dictator needs an enemie.

    2. @T. R. Campbell You are right on that point: a return to norms would be welcome. Both sides have to do it, though, and what I am seeing from the R side is dismal (I’m referring to electing cuckoo crazies like MTG)

    3. @T. R. Campbell Humm, well it seems you have tunnel vision. You want. Federal codes? There are many state codes as well. You probably wouldn’t know a code if it bit you on the arsh.
      Here it the thing my friend, he IS under federal criminal investigation, Wiselburg just got immunity today. Before you start trying to sound smart and say I’m like the rest and have 0 inside information…and I do not. There is a very good reason for this too. If you are so knowledgeable you yourself should know. Nobody is going to know about any charges until the investigation is done and inditements are issued. Talk to us late summer early fall. Because there will only be updates until that point. Just don’t get to far ahead of yourself there guy.

    4. Not that many. 74M is still a minority in a country of over 200M voters and shrinking GOP as many who voted for him have left after Jan 6. Az recount is showing even Repubs didn’t vote for him.

  8. This shows that if you have enough money you can commit crimes out in the open with no repercussions.

    1. @Swamp stomper oh and u also dont care about corruption
      u just want to make false accusations
      cool story bro

    2. @Cid Sapient u prolly dont realuze that ur pelosi info came from a meme on Facebook that’s been proven a lie…talk bout makin false allegations, bro…You are so embarrassingly stupid

  9. We’ve been relying on the basic human decency of our politicians,
    People who have no human decency.

    1. @Rodsuper 1213 No. I think we have a bunch of people who have fallen prey to Fox News and other right wing echo chambers. Propagandized to the fullest and no one seems to know what to do about it. You simply can’t let a toxic force like Rupert Murdoch and the other purveyors of dark money and interest, and narcissistic toxicity run amok in your culture without serious consequences. We have a bunch of people who can no longer distinguish between good and evil. Or know what true goodness looks like.

    2. @daveapplemotors And he thinks he’s going to come back in August? omg. So tired of all the corruption. Never ending…I would love to see Diaper don go away..Just go away. Never to have to hear his voice or look at his ugly face again.. It just won’t

    3. @Rodsuper 1213 Actually many of those who voted for him are leaving the party after Jan 6. If they held an election today it would far less. Eyes have been opened and shocked.

  10. His being able to get away with so much in his miserable life makes me wonder about the transparency of our judicial system.

  11. And yet he and his conspirators is still free and still doing criminal and treasonous activities, when will he be in prison.

    1. There should be a law against them for conspiring to protect him. If there isn’t a law already one should be drafted and ratified.

    2. @Marie B I would like them to pass a law that EVERYONE has to be a LAWYER to be in Congress. Both the Senate and the House.

    3. @Jolynn Berr I thought about that but you would leave out a lot of good people who aren’t lawyers.

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