Biden Begins His First Foreign Trip As Commander-In-Chief | MSNBC 1

Biden Begins His First Foreign Trip As Commander-In-Chief | MSNBC


President Biden is in Europe for G-7 and NATO summits, as well as a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and he kicked off the trip in the U.K. by declaring the U.S. was back. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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Biden Begins His First Foreign Trip As Commander-In-Chief | MSNBC


  1. 45ths view of the world was unique Joe? Ummm, not a word I would have used. I’m Australian and I think we would have some more uniquely Australian words to describe Mr 45

    1. @ORANGE GENERAL Trump made the United States a laughing stock all over the world and the leaders showed it during his speech at the UN

    2. @FOOK All DemonKKKrats Satanist
      thanks for the update

      obviously conservatism is a violent and deadly mental illness

    3. @phillup spacewhen you traitors burn our flags and our citys this is what you deserve

  2. “Let us resolve to be masters, not the victims, of our history, controlling our own destiny without giving way to blind suspicions and emotions.” -JFK

    1. @Heritage Karma You are so right. That’s why I’m here.. Nothing to be ashamed of here..Can’t get much lower than these people’s existence..Nobody to impress.. Lol.

    2. Since Biden and Obama didn’t do nothing about russia taking Crimea from Ukraine , Biden will be doo doo in his adult diapers if Putin has plans for Alaska and decides to to it back since russia used to own Alaska before 1867

  3. The Trans-Atlantic relationship between the United States of America and Europe is sacrosanct. For decades, we have led the post-WWII liberal international order alongside Europe. We have to prove that democracy still works.

  4. Boris Johnson needs a grown ups hair style and a hair brush. It makes it more difficult to take a man boy as a serious world leader.

    1. @Terry Fulds Einstein had unmanageable hair & was a genius with better things to do with his time. Boris has decided his teenage hairstyle is still the best choice. Sad.

  5. Good news, for a change. Helps fade the image of Dummy With Fans, sort of. Needs to speed up, though.
    P.S. Nice to see a real President emerge from Air Force One.

    1. Sorry havent seen that and will not for another few years, Putin laughs at Biden just like everyone else.

  6. Not by power not by might but by my spirit says the lord. May God rain down love and peace on all of you on here. Check out flashpoint good news.

    1. Opinion: Our World was in danger of being destroyed with this PANDEMIC!!!! We need the World to work together to protect each and everyone of our Nations!!!

    1. @John Smith I apologize for that question. I was being cynical. It just goes to show you how a label can throw you off. I should of done my homework before made an insensitive comment. The last thing I want to be is a reactionary. Thank you for the tip. Have a good day.

    2. Buydin LOVES Russians, He gave the OK for their oil pipeline creating thousands of jobs…… for Russians.!!!

    3. @Cynthia Neighbors I am a nobody. I am not worthy of an apology nor have you offended me personally. This is YT, I take nothing personal. It is difficult to offend me. Take care and be safe.

    4. Some atheist liberal calling on a God they don’t believe in. And even after Mueller proved the Russian collusion was all BS lies– they still preach it.

    1. Pretty sure your an ardent disciple of MSDNC and CNN to make this comment. Any idea who cleared the path for the Nord stream2 pipeline from Russia, while blocking the Keystone XL pipeline???

    2. Buydin LOVES Russians, He gave the OK for their oil pipeline creating thousands of jobs…… for Russians.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. @Richard Batchelder He did not give the OK dear Richard. He had to back off or he would have lost Germany to Russia.

  7. Did Bonzo ever explain why he ditched his security detachment when he went to a Russian oligarch’s bunga party in Italy. He has all the morals of a dog except loyalty

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr – Putin isn’t dumb enough to try invading the US. Ukraine isn’t a NATO country. The US offered some support but we aren’t obligated to protect Ukraine/Crimea like we r w/France, UK, Germany, Canada, etc. If u don’t understand foreign policy, look it up and educate urself. U should know who r NATO countries, what NATO does, when it began, and why.

    2. @Neil Watson – u need to take ur meds. Why would Americans even care if what u say is true? R u just a Russian troll and bored? Ur not going to persuade Americans on the left to believe ur Russian disinformation. All ur doing is earning a lot more enemies. Get a life! Work on making ur own country better instead of interfering in Western democracies. I think u ppl already have more enemies in the world than ur aware of. Ur recent actions, or the actions of criminal groups being protected in ur country, have been a serious public relations issue and ur country is losing the battle.

    3. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr and Trump was forced to provide the weapons approved by Congress once his extortion was made public.

  8. In 41 Churchill had to sail across the pond. We have Air Force one now. It’s so much easier to fly

  9. Johnson is a clown, as the Biden Administration is probably well aware. He also led world leaders in laughing at Trump at the last big international meeting in the UK. No friend of Trump, although he did want to brown-nose him in the hope of a post-Brexit trade deal for the UK.

  10. Lmfao Biden Harris and pelosi have COMMITTEO high treason. Lmfao they will be brought to justice soon enough

  11. Say what ya want, but Demented Joe makes about as much sense as any liberal out there. And a helluva lot more sense than any loyal Morning Joe viewer.

    1. Lmao as if Trump and his cult make any sense. Italian General uplink software paid for in 2015 with a pallet of cash that satellites down linked to voting machines to change Trump votes to Biden. Or Jewish lasers in space starting CA wildfires because they didn’t take the forests. Gtfoh with your trumper crap

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