Biden Reasserting America’s Leadership On World Stage, Says WH

White House communications director Kate Bedingfield joins Morning Joe to preview President Biden's meeting with British PM Boris Johnson along with Biden's expected meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

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Biden Reasserting America's Leadership On World Stage, Says WH


  1. Do you mean Joe Biden? Well that is ludicrous since that corrupt corpse barely knows where he is. Good thing Nurse Jill is there to run the show. I am glad Hunter didn’t go. He would probably call a Russian oligarch a racial slur like he did with his lawyer two years ago.

    1. @ethics first facts are real, the investigation is real, so is the corruption trying to shield him from accountability.

    2. @j mcfarland He never did, keep making up crap, show your evidence or toddle off, proved lying.

    3. @willysnowman Kid, let go of the bonespurs thing, Democrat leaders lied to you.
      First, Biden has had FIVE deferments, more than Trump.
      SECOND, a private doctor cannot give a deferment, only a military doctor can so nothing Trump’s private doctor diagnosed had anything to do with the deferment. Democrat leaders know this but lied to you and you were sucker enough to believe it.
      Too precious.
      And third, Biden won, what a victory! LOL, you got THIS? OMGODS, that’s so pathetic.

  2. It has to be so embarrassing to work for MSNBC and read all these comments. It’s hilarious actually. You are nothing but a propaganda machine for the system that has failed. Most everyone with half a brain see’s it.

    1. @eidorian101 The second farcical, unconstitutional impeachment was an admission by democrats that they stole the 2020 election!

    2. The impeachments weren’t unconstitutional at all. You should just accept that the election wasn’t stolen at all because it’s reality.

    3. @James Smith first day for you. Don’t worry, I’m sure there’s a big future in that.

    1. @Kergan – He’s an embarrassment for acknowledging Biden a walking disaster? And this is somehow less of an embarrassment than being a democrat cultist?

  3. Please Biden don’t stutter and mumble or fall asleep at the meeting again

  4. Sad that the bias is so obvious, but that’s a good thing as well
    There is a reason 1.7 Million ppl joined Sky news Australia for real news 👍👍

    1. @soulful41 what the corrupt left is doing is the reason those people rushed the capitol.

  5. Its pathetic at this point your coddling of this administration and everything that’s going on with it.

    1. @Anthony Poe ah so you can’t think of anything ok why didn’t you just say he did nothing wrong

    2. @Remington Baker I did not say that, What I said was I don’t care to entertain that question…and you want to conjecture that means he did nothing wrong…He is human isn’t…it’s inhuman to not make mistakes! The virtue within one’s self is found to be up to admitting when you have made a mistake and then doing all you can to correct it and then move on…

    3. @Ron Keating last time I checked the people that have been holding the purse strings for the last couple of years were the Democrats. You blaming republicans for spending too much money is hilarious.

    4. @Anthony Poe again you avoid the question name 5 things he did wrong as president again I’ll wait

    5. @ToadSauce
      Up until the January election…
      Which is five months ago…
      The purse string were not held by just Democrats..
      Stop blaming that it’s only Democrats who spend, 6 Trillion dollars under a Republican president is fact….

  6. “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit”. -Harry S Truman

  7. Imagine believing Biden is actually running the show or that he’s actually tough on our enemies when he removes sanctions on them without concessions.

  8. MSNBC, why aren’t you reporting on how this one trip cost the tax payers $100M for a pointless trip.

  9. The most laughable headline ever. We are a laughingstock the world over and our media does nothing but wink.

  10. Why do they keep bringing up the fact that Biden has spent the majority of his life in politics yet avoid the fact that he has done nothing positive for America.

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