Biden Calls On Trump To Call Off Capitol Mob: 'It's Not Protest, It's Insurrection' | MSNBC 1

Biden Calls On Trump To Call Off Capitol Mob: ‘It’s Not Protest, It’s Insurrection’ | MSNBC


President-elect Joe Biden condemns the actions the mob that has overtaken the Capitol: "This is not dissent, it's disorder. It's chaos. It borders on sedition. And it must end, Now." Biden is calling on on President Donald Trump to address violent protests on national television and demand they end. He called on protesters to leave: "It's not protest, it's insurrection." Aired on 01/06/2021.
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Biden Calls On Trump To Call Off Capitol Mob: 'It's Not Protest, It's Insurrection' | MSNBC


    1. @Katie H I don’t get MSNBC coverage where I live, so I would love for them to broadcast through YouTube on days like this. Hope that makes it clearer.

  1. For 10 to 20 years, many signs and symptoms were appearing, the USA is at the breaking point. No matter what happens in the next 10 to 20 years. God bless you all over there in America

    1. @Eva Grant I’m not American and watching this with so much trepidation from afar but sadly everything you say is true.
      DJT is the only one who can save America – from behind a bulletproof glass (quite ironic) but I don’t understand why when he has been recorded saying that the corona virus was airborne and dangerous and ignored it and that “perfect” phone call he had to Georgia amongst other things. I don’t understand that people can’t see that he is just a self absorbed con man and everything that Mary said about him has proved to be right.
      Please stay safe : ) I do so hope that 2021 turns out to be a happier year for you.

    2. Funny how none of you can put aside your pride and realize there is a middle ground here. Everyone has become so blinded, so sensitive to EVERYTHING, and so naive that whatever any man or woman in a 2 piece or 3 piece suit says to them, they’ll eat it like it’s spoon fed. Everyone needs to take a good look at themselves, and stop acting like our political ideals are anything more than just politics, not ways to self identity ourselves.

    3. If any if you believe that only Antifa, MAGA, , Republicans, Democrats, Trump, Biden or BLM were the real problem here, than you’re blind. Yall think we’ve never had a divisional president before? Racial division? Or a two party system? No it’s the way we’ve all handled these issues and how we’ve carried ourselves in thos country the past 5 to 6 years. I’d argue now that these issues have dramatically risen since then, and not due to one person, but all of us. Yall are so quick to blame oje man or one group before taking a hard look at yourselves in the mirror. We did this to ourselves, and now we have to live with the consequences, unless everyone is willing to change there ways, which we all know won’t happen

    4. I remember Watergate: Conservatives then said all politicians are crooked and it was unfair to single out Nixon for punishment. They all said that. They never believed in democracy.

    1. @AtlFalcon11 bill is pro freedom of religion, even when he had a friend that was anti Islam he defended Islam

    2. @Elite Animations that’s funny. He agreed with Sam harris that Islam was the “motherload of bad ideas.” I think you need to watch more bill. Bill doesn’t defend Islam at all. Just the opposite.

  2. “Borders on sedition”? How is this not straight up sedition? This is what Trump wanted and preached. He puppeteers a mass cult that clings to his every lie.

    1. Its the very definition of sedition…and insurrection also.. Which makes a person ineligible to ever hold office in this country. So everyone who backed him and had a hand in this dumpster fire should be kicked out of office and prosecuted and Trump should certainly be disqualified from running again in 2024. Hopefully he’s rotting in a jail cell at that point.


    1. This is so true both of them allowed this, how Mike Pence can allow this with his Christian values to happen

    2. There all layers to the American people and all parties involved including the media should be shut down for allowing this to happen.

  4. This is what Trump thinks about the White House. People said he would trash it if he couldn’t stay there.

    1. @Sumner Svensson I’m literally shaking in fear Summer….
      You sound extremely uneducated so, I think your time would be better spent familiarizing yourself with the Constitution. You know that document written and signed by some pretty intelligent men to save your ignorant a**
      You ignorantly think any of this is going to affect me…you know absolutely NOTHING about me…this will not affect me darling…this is going to affect you and all your spoiled rotten millenials friends…..enjoy communism!!!

    1. @John Lindberg showing your age, I always wondered how that single but of hair stayed up, a simpler, decent, honest and more innocent time in humanities time line in a few ways

  5. If this was happening in another country, America would be there ready to drop bombs,
    in the name of democracy.

    1. its just karma for all the coups that america has instigated in other countries. the ironic part is that its not even russia or china thats at the fault of all this but the countries own president. you cant write something so unbelievable.

    2. @James O’Brien True. Look at his history. Trump drew some hard lines but they were reasonable to draw. He pulled some stuff where an embassy was attacked etc but that was, honestly, as much as I hate war, a reasonable response. Biden advocates for war but would have ignored that and even repressed reporting on it in media, because that’s what he’s historically done. Wars for his personal gain and big oil companies… That’s Bidens Jam an we should all be afraid for that.

      Biden is good for china and russia even but not for USA.

      I hate that this particular comparison forces me to admit that Trump was good with something, even if it was simply doing something reasonable when our people are blatantly attacked and even slaughtered outright.

    3. Lol this is nothing. The political wars in other countrys dont involve holding up signs and marching down a street yelling out the top of their lungs. They involve assassinations on major leaders. Firefights in the streets with 50 cals and tanks

  6. As Canadians, we are frightened being on the same continent. Mexicans should be as well, especially cartels must think of swiftly moving their operations.

    1. @Ana Jones Always laughing as youre terrified, eating like royalty. I suppose youd confuse racial insecurity with fear if white men sheltered you from it your entire life

    2. @lenka cfk SOME people, you mean. A slim majority of us Americans have some sense, as the election proved. But you’re right, weak minds are easily brainwashed, how I don’t know. It is, indeed, scary

    3. The Mexican cartels will… Once Biden opens up the borders… That means Canada will now have Mexican cartels with their drugs, human trafficking, and slave trade all over Canada… Canada will be happy to share their “free” horrible health care with them…
      Oh… And they will also have their guns, Obama gave them during the Fast and Furious…
      Now Canada will be trilingual!

    1. @Alaska Jack Yes, it is *our* capitol, and there are rules in *our* capitol, and those rules do not allow *anyone* to force their way in, shoot people, and vandalize the place!
      edit: Just realized you may just be trying to correct my grammar thinking that I meant to say “our” and said “the us”. I mean US as in United States to be clear.

  7. If they didn’t punish these rioters, is going to be a normal thing now and the capital ll never be the same again!!

    People climbing over the buildings wow

    1. Well wishes and messages of support from around the world, which we’ve been receiving since Trump moved into the WH, are deeply appreciated, and will be remembered. Thank you and all the best wishes Australia from South Carolina, USA.

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