Latest On Capitol Hill: Explosive Device Found, Mob Roams Building | MSNBC 1

Latest On Capitol Hill: Explosive Device Found, Mob Roams Building | MSNBC


NBC's Pete Williams reports that at least one improvised explosive device has been found on the Capitol grounds. Correspondent Garrett Hake, reporting from inside the Capitol building, says law enforcement authorities are beginning to clear rioters out. Aired on 01/06/2021.
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Latest On Capitol Hill: Explosive Device Found, Mob Roams Building | MSNBC


    1. this is why you will never “make money” because u’re brainwashed and blame everything including ur issues on someone else

    2. Trump is sociopath. What’s happening in your country right now is the same situation as with nazis and Hitler in Germany 80 years ago! So sad

    3. @Bojan and Cat Pika
      trump is desperately trying to stay in power so he can ” construct a gas chamber”

    1. @Kelly Fehr implying race is the only factor for a particular behavior is jumping to conclusions by any standards. Just because you may feel you get treated differently because you are white does not mean that is the case for every other white man. Ive spent a lot of my life in the hood and other places plagued with socially constructed problems myself, so don’t think I’m one of those stiff a-holes that believe and live by supremacy, I love everyone no matter their color. But I don’t see the benefit of saying ” it must be nice” when in fact that is just as destructive as what they claim to stand against. It only offends any white man that knows evils for what they are, but now feel targeted just for being white.

    2. @Dustin Olsen What’s being said is that the authorities are racist. First thing I do when pulled over. Reach into my pocket for my licence, then the glove compartment for my insurence and registration. Because I’m white that is what he assumes I am doing.
      We’re two white guys. I’ll put it to the black guys. Is that how that goes for you?

    3. @Kelly Fehr I went to jail over an expired registration sticker on my vehicle, idk you tell me. That is a class c misdemeanor and should be a citation by most departments. If there was systemic racism it would be written law but that is not what we see. What we see is a failure in cultural settings, not judicial.

    4. @Dustin Olsen George tried to pass a couterfeit 20 and DIED while being arrested. When you die during an arrest you can argue they treat everyone the same.

    5. It’s undeniable some kind privilege what those folks at the capitol have done compare the BLM protest were law enforcement with their helicopters present. That said nobody has an explanation or answer for that! stop defending the indefensible.

    1. @Big Smoke Guitar I hope someone’s gonna track your comments here since you’re clearly a threat to the people around you.

  1. How much want to bet these Trump supporters will take home lots of ‘souvenirs’ from all the offices they are trespassing in.

    1. @Blue Victory That’s just a dumb comment. Every Trump supporter I know works except one, except for one in county government they are all in private sector., and I know several. Please don’t spread your nonsense any further, it’s toxic..

    2. Overall Great Idea You’re creating a fantasy this isn’t blm doing this and blm isn’t a left or right group you’re the one attaching it to politics.

    1. @S Lordd I’m an American patriot. I’ve read the entirety of the mueller report. The Russian collusion was proven to be made up completely.

    2. @bruh but you do have Playlists, Channels, and Discussions not to mention information About yourself. AL has nothing but a two letter account. All I was doing was asking if he/she/it exists or not since it’s pertinent to the comment made. You’re in Canada and are nothing but an audience but he/she/it said they were at the US Capitol as a Black representing Trump, I call B.S..

    3. Again, wrong narrative. Smollett walked away free after his/her fake paid attackers. BLM burn/looted small businesses – free pass and named as peaceful protest. The same BLM movement who defaced the public roads with a giant graffiti of BLM and the city allowed it!!!

      Just validate the votes and get done with it. Make sure that no undocumented immigrants voted. Plain and simple. No unregistered voters should have voted.

  2. This insurrection was provoked by the 100% false narratives of Trump, Cruz, Hawley, etc., and they need to be held accountable for sedition.

    1. @Todd Chase love how you totally believe some organization by the name of antifa with no actual structure is to blame for everything but the commander in chief is on record telling people to do it and then they do it on video and you’re like huhhhhh I didnt see anythinggg

  3. “Our world is surreal or maybe this is what we look like with the lights on.” Winter Jones , horror author

    1. I hope congress approve blanket bombing of terrorist strongholds. Most of these radicals live in Texas perhaps? We could start from there

    1. Fernando da man It’s time to stop you’re not being a “troll” anymore you’re supporting sedition.

    2. @Fernando da man The Proud Boys claimed that they did it, so carry on with that website denying space travel.

  4. They should be treated as terrorists. Is Trump really insane when he say he love the people that attacks Capitol hill.

    1. Um… Democrats impeached him but didnt have majority to remove. Retrumplicans didn’t do anything to stop him…

    2. @Brian Holmes BLM would only have needed to say “We plan to assemble, peaceably,” and there would have been 5,000 armed officers in full riot gear waiting.

    3. Funny how unprecedented this is all is?
      Do something about it! Set the precedent. These people can just walk all over our chambers willingly?

    1. Absolutely, these deluded idiots need to realize they can’t kick and scream and get what they want. They’re not just traitors they’re terrorists.

    2. agree 100%….no need for trial what excuse would they have to do such horrible act…no insanity plea should be given as an excuse.

  5. Looking like Trump had a personal hand in ‘defunding’ the police and National Guard response.

    1. @MatchesMalone jethro Trump pardoned the rv guy so maybe Roger stone yakooza tattoo of Nixon on his back

    2. @FireFlame gamer BLM’s own website unless they’ve changed it; “defund the police” is like a major plank in BLM creed. Where’ve you been?

    3. @Overall Great Idea No, defund the police and the military is a major plank in Trump’s creed. As well as “Riot and loot”.

    4. @Mike M I was going to do your homework for you but I see BLM decided to take the “Defund the Police” off of their website. They are learning their political craft no doubt. That is still one of the things they support, unless you can show me they have recanted.

    1. Sam Dog: _Once again we show the world how inept our security is._
      Honestly, to me it’s more concerning the level of corruption that encourages politicians to support crazy conspiracy theories. This is just the result of Trump and the GOP’s rhetoric for the past four years.

    2. nah, theres no way the security was this pathetic. im pretty sure a certain orange guy did some things beforehand to make it easier for anyone trying to disrupt a senate trying to certify an election.

    3. It’s not your security that the world is looking at, it is the insurrection committed by the President of the USA and his supporters with disgust.

  6. Federal officers condoning this stupidity by taking “selfies” with rioters should lose their jobs and be banned from law enforcement.

    1. Terrorists are the ones that infiltrated American Military Bases and killed American citizens, they had to be in prison FOR LIFE and Hussein Obama pardoned before living the WH

    2. If you wanna see terrorists look at the politicians sending your kids to die in deserts 10 thousand miles away, you have no idea

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