Biden Defiant On Afghanistan Withdrawal In Face Of Criticism

Pres. Biden is standing by his decision to pull U.S. forces out of Afghanistan despite the criticism from both sides of the aisle and the chaos that befell the airport in Kabul as the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan's capital city. Andrea Mitchell, Gen. Barry McCaffrey, and Peter Baker join to discuss.
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  1. The Afghans don’t lack courage? Why were only men climbing fences to leave their country? The women that were left behind remained for their families, that’s courage!

    1. @frutbum p “Are you watching MSNBC? Now we know the problem, you’re remote is stuck on media lies.” I watch and read many outlets, especially Fox FAKE so-called News since they are the USA’s worse media enemy to the USA. _A man forewarned is worth an army unalarmed._

    2. @frutbum p “New poll out.
      Stunning new poll numbers from Rasmussen Reports suggest nearly 1 in 10 Democrats regret their vote in the 2020 Presidential election, with 12 percent of ‘Moderates’ saying the same, and 14 percent of Black Americans expressing regret.” … It’s a _POLL!_ But, hey, I will give you that, NP. Then you have to accept the polls against Trump!

      Most importantly, learn English reading comprehension! I said:

      “You cannot just blame this on Biden. *_It was mainly a republican president_* that put the U.S. in Afghanistan, as well as other country’s leaders.”

      Who pushed harder for war than anyone? That’s right, Bush!

    3. @frutbum p “Are you watching MSNBC?” < "Joined Feb 8, 2021" ... Are you? NO! You don't care about facts. You are here only to TROLL. Sorry, you suck at it. Keep trying, and you may be able to afford a bottle of vodka!

    4. @Lewis R Mefford Well, ‘we’ know one thing: If the USA is ever invaded, there will be way, way too many cowards in the USA! Tragic! EDIT: I guess they will flee to… Afghanistan… Russia… where? The U.K., where too many think as some here.

    5. @Y’all N’wahs Dont Even Drink Skooma “You people should be ashamed.” … Will you morally _and_ physically fight for your country? EDIT Speaking of, what country? What is your nationality?

  2. The plane I’m seeing full of young afghan young men and just a small handful of woman and kids . This is so typical of what’s happening , they aren’t vulnerable elderly or woman and children . They are cowards

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr you should look at what the Salvadoran president in office is doing about that now. Also, I’m a formerly undocumented Salvadoran-American and I am a fully credentialed Special Education teacher working with some of the most vulnerable students here in the US so don’t assume we’re all the same ✌🏾

    2. Taliban is known for beheading people that disobey them and you think they acted cowardly for wanting to stay alive? You would be too scared to walk down Chicago after hours but you call them cowards for running away from the Taliban who have American weapons invading the country in just a couple of days? I bet you must feel real brave typing that in the comfort of your own home.

    3. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr You liar. Biden has no open-door policy. In fact, more illegal immigrants came into the USA under Trump.

      Also, sometimes in life people have to make choices, depending on circumstances. I know one thing for sure, if there was a violent gang threatening my neighborhood, I know what my neighbors and I would do. Many Salvadorians do the same.

    4. Is it a lack of toxic masculinity that makes a coward?
      Is America is a racist intolerant country?
      My feeble brain cannot decipher the reporting vs the videos….

  3. They were desperate enough to jump on the wing of a plane but not enough to take up arms? Didnt the police/military forces have ranks & leadership?

    1. If you’d bother to actually watch the discussion you’d have learned that Afghan troops weren’t getting paid, not provided munitions, or even food. They knew their own government was stealing all of that and enriching themselves. The fact that national government officials just ducked out and ran in the middle of the night after telling the Afghan army to stay and fight was the last straw.

  4. Hopefully the country will catch up to Biden keen insight that the withdraw from Afghanistan is
    simply another Dunkirk and a time will come when we return – not as a mob
    in retreat but victors of a noble moral crusade for human rights.

    1. That’s what we’ve been trying to do over the course of this the time the US and NATO were there.

  5. The men are just abandoning their mothers, sisters and daughters. I realise the pull-out was abrupt……. but where are the Afghan males?

    1. 75,000 Taliban vs 300,000 Afghan Army regulars. And the Afghans had $90 billion worth of American armaments. What does that ell you? Bien made the right decision.

  6. The American People will soon realize that Two Decades of democracy in Afghanistan will not change a culture with thousands of years of Religious Governance.

  7. Knew we were pulling out for months! Should have been Getting the Afghan people that allied with us out PRIOR to us leaving!

    1. That would be so simple, if only it was under the orders of someone with a functional brain 🧠 🙄 😕

  8. The U S A should stop interfering in the internal affairs of other nations. Have they not learnt the lesson in Vietnam. Australia should stop being the Sheriff for the U S. You cannot force democracy on people. Biden is correct to withdraw.

  9. All these Americans that are mad about our troops leaving take our troops place you go over to Afghan for the next 20 yrs and let them come here and stay in your house

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