Foreign Affairs Member Calls For Hearings On How Withdrawal Unfolded 1

Foreign Affairs Member Calls For Hearings On How Withdrawal Unfolded


Homeland Security and Foreign Affairs member Rep. Peter Meijer, R-Mich., joins Morning Joe to discuss withdrawal in Afghanistan and the 'cascading series of failures' in the withdrawal.

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Foreign Affairs Member Calls For Hearings On How Withdrawal Unfolded


  1. Hey wasn’t this t rump’s peace & withdrawal plan, but of course it’s a Republican speaking, lmfao, Rj in Oz

    1. @Gabe Dudley Handed nothing over….only what the Afghanistan’s handed over….The Taliban has no pilots, and you cannot hide them in caves.

    2. @john smith they had pilots 9/11 didnt they? Wake up from you denial my friend. Put your political religion aside

    3. @Gabe Dudley he “Genius” remember tRump giving away not one but two of our Fully stocked Millitary bases TO RUSSIA…HELLOOOO..

  2. It was a lost cause from the start. Biden had the nads to say enough is enough. Like the last administration was such a success.

    1. @David Guelette I don’t care what you think. Your bigot democrats won’t take it and we know it confederate democrats lost once already.

    2. @James Smithyes the democrats still have the plantations. It’s called the inner city ghettos and slums, the welfare state to make them obey. No education in the inner cities to keep them ignorant. Same democrat plantations as before. Only democrats owned plantations not Americans.

  3. Where’s the photo of Mike Pompeo shaking hands with the lead Taliban negotiator? I think John Durham should investigate that too.

    1. Please regain your gaze on the CURRENT president. He alone is responsible for this horrible withdraw!

    2. @Chicken C.D.C. Little For 4 years with a lawless president & not a single person on the right ever held him accountable. How do you expect the same thing when the Trumpist wouldn’t ever do it? You can’t ask somebody to do something that you yourself aren’t willing to do.

    3. @Chicken C.D.C. Little sounds just as ridiculous as those people who blame tump for an ambush of soldiers. Like presidents were/are personally there directing how the military moves and works.

  4. trump started this mess but no one will not blame him they will always blame biden but how many more american lives do we have to loose

    1. We lost 0 in the past 18 months. As far as no one blaming Trump, Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw put the blame on the past 3 presidents. Biden is only responsible as far as a botched withdrawal at the height of the fighting season in Afghanistan. Biden does get blame for the Mexican border, soaring gas prices, inflation on food etc, lack of motivation for people on unemployment getting back into the work force, pushing for defunding of police. These are truly where he deserves blame. We are not better off under his first 8 months in any recordable way. The first year of a new president is usually the most difficult. Let us pray he finds a way to turn things around as most President do.

    1. @Random Internet User POTUS today is Biden, not Pres Trump, thus, all blames will be to Biden…

    2. @Scientific Science So every POTUS can do whatever he wanna do cause the next one gets all the blame? See this level of retardation of the right-wing is the reason why no one will ever talk with them again.

    3. @mk You need to see the result… do u think that Biden is helping his allies to trust USA due to his incompetences? Because of Biden, the US ia becoming a laughingstok…weak, stupid, incoherent, as we say…
      Pres Trump is not perfect, but he is 10000X better than Biden…

  5. President Biden made the right decision…save his people and economy after losing more than enough for this country while their own government is corrupt to the highest level….

    1. @Scientific Science it was ordered originally by who?
      Then the military logistics takes over… and then there’s the state department they are a different organization. You’re ignorant
      You probably blame democrats for David Duke and 2001-9/11. You are clearly partisan and pathetic.

    1. @SuperThumpasaurus Some Democrats and Republicans were for this horrible mess, many more, of both parties, were against it. Neither party is culpable, neither is innocent.

  6. The peace treaty with the Taliban started under Trump trump negotiated Trump arranged how’s the troops were going to get withdraw find it just gave a date it was going to happen no matter who pulled the troops out because the Afghan military gave up before they even started

  7. They didn’t see 911 coming, didn’t see Iraq imploding After ousting Saddam and leaving a vacuum in Iraq, didn’t see the unfolding disaster in Afghanistan, ……. They’re DNA bound, history will repeat itself over, and over again.

  8. I agree about the investigation. Let’s start with Pompeo and work our way up from there. Also, why wasn’t Peter asked why Trump didn’t start these movements while he was in office, or even complete the withdrawal for that matter?

    1. they need to publish the agreement pompeo made with the Taliban, AND they need to check everyone’s bank records for incoming wire transfers from Afghanistan. Follow that money…

    2. Just another of tRumps childish Temper tantrums, ever since he knew he would lose reelection..he did all kinds of things to screw Bidens administration know tRump was behind the Cyber attacks on the U.S. just part of his many secret meetings with Putin

    3. @Robert Taylor I disagree largely with one point. Trump did not try to screw President Biden. He successfully screwed the USA in many foreign diplomatic matters and he did it on purpose. I hope he lives a very very long time in a convalescent home somewhere in Russia.

  9. Does he want to investigate the American Talliban of Trump supporters? We need the military at home to protect us from them.

    1. BINGO. And bank records need to be checked for incoming Afghani/Taliban wire transfers. You just know that was a money deal not a peace agreement.

  10. Easy there fella… we will put an end to this at a time and a place of our choosing. Please investigate.. please, I can’t wait to find out to what the T administration promised our enemy.

  11. The total collapse came when the Afghani President abandoned his quarters and his presidential office. Without your leader, who abandoned you, why keep on fighting?

  12. The congressman speaking here has everything to gain by criticizing the Biden administration and not supporting the United States. However the constitution is clear that the President has the sole power to operate foreign affairs. The United States is weaker by republicans doing nothing to influence Trump and now everything to undermine Biden.

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