Biden, Democrats Push For Covid Relief As Republicans Sit Idly By | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Biden, Democrats Push For Covid Relief As Republicans Sit Idly By | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow points out the unusual silence by Republicans on the Covid-19 relief package that President Joe Biden and Democrats are trying to pass and Americans favor by a large percentage but which Republicans will not support. Aired on 03/02/2021.
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Biden, Democrats Push For Covid Relief As Republicans Sit Idly By | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. When the country needed them the most to do ANYTHING, the GOP licked donald trump’s boots and did NOTHING just like they’re good at.

  2. 1:30 meanwhile their golden calf increased the debt by 35% to 27 trillion

    I hope the democrats get on the voting rights act asap though. Or there won’t be an America in 2030

    1. Civil war is coming at some point. Probably when the GOP realize that by 2030 Texas will be blue if not very purple, and no GOP presidential candidate will be able to win if his dem opponent carries California, Texas AND New York. Electoral impossibilities will cause the union to break at some point.

      When they can’t suppress the vote anymore they’d sooner form a new union for themselves.

  3. Once Mitch said he’d support Trump after Don sacrificed so many thousands with his “optics” strategy, he put all his cards on the table. We are only a means to their ends. It’s monstrous.

    1. You have had a president that definitely could do everything and anything to everyone! He called all military personnel suckers and loosers, he has degraded all women (grab them by the Pu@@@), he bullies A lot of people including handicapped, he knew about COVID-19 but silenced it and denounced mask wearing (and therefore responsible for a lot of innocent lives (Dems AND Republicans),
      and topped off his presidency, after loosing the presidency, the senate and congress (!) by asking a MOB (mainly consisting of White supremacist, Qanon people, and straight out loonies to storm the Capitol. You have far greater issues to deal with in the great nation of USA, than following these MAGA/Mega-phone people, and have to listen to an ex-president that has lies 25K times the last four years. Get a grip!
      The Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this.

  4. These people just complain because they are still breathing. It’s just what they do, and no one should listen to them. There’s no constructive point to their complaints if they complain about everything. All they’re good for is obstruction, nothing useful or constructive. Restore Voting Rights Protections – that’s productive, and doable.

    1. @Matt W
      What a crock of BS. Projects funded with public money are executed by private companies.
      The best economic times of the country have been when the highest progressive tax rates were near 70%, which I do not argue for, and the middle class was at its strongest.
      Pumping money into the hands of those with limited resources ensures the money will be fingered m funneled back into the economy as opposed to the “trickle down” economics myth which was just proven to be false again when corporations spent their tax windfalls on stock buybacks and laid off workers.

    2. @Matt W In regards to these two bills, do you know the difference between “popular” and “essential”? It doesn’t sound like it. The American Society of Engineers rates our infrastructure at D+, and that’s only because Obama’s stimulus package raised it from a D-. Over 2,000 Americans a day are still dying, and the economy and schools are still suffering massively from the last moron’s ineffective leadership. The Covid relief bill will help those who are keeping this country running, and the infrastructure bill will put millions to work, directly and indirectly.

    3. @Sean Patrick Sometimes private companies are contracted, sometimes they aren’t. And government contracts are notoriously ripe for corruption. Most Democrats I know would be quick to jump on that.

      “The best economic times” are right now by most metrics.

      What other people or businesses do with their money is beside the point. It’s none of your concern whether people put their earnings back into their business, give it to charity or stuff it into a mattress. It’s their money to do with as they see fit. It is not charitable or compassionate to take someone else’s property and give it away. That just means you’re a busybody motivated by either arrogance or envy. If you’re convicted about a social problem, use your own resources to do something about it. That is what actual virtue looks like.

      Every time the government interferes in the market there are unintended consequences. Everything is a tradeoff. The best policies are simple and minimally restrictive. For example, taxing pollution vs enforcing mountains of regulations or a negative income tax vs a quagmire of bureaucratic social services and the associated administrative waste.

    4. @Matt W
      That is just a complete crock of crap taught at schools funded by the Koch brothers.
      The economy at the moment is a house of cards because a narcissist convinced idiots that the level of the stock market was an indication of economic health and then corrupted the Fed to set its policy to keep the fantasy value up at the expense of real economics.
      Coincidence that there is an economic crisis each time more dire after years of trickle down economic policy, tax cuts and deregulation?
      Only coincidence to the willfully ignorant

    5. @MPH MPH My opinion on infrastructure is that it should be handled by local, state and private entities wherever possible. I’m also in favor of funding the expense through the people who use the infrastructure by tolls or passes, advertising or other means.

      You’re also assuming that 2 trillion is the cost of the infrastructure repairs. The scope of the bill is a major question mark, last I heard, but was rumored to contain a massive corporate tax hike and funding for a number of unrelated initiatives and earmarks.

      Trump may be a moron, but he was right to allow states and localities to have control over their covid response. They should be the ones held responsible for compensating the people who are affected by their lockdown measures. To the extent that the federal government has harmed Americans in it’s response to the pandemic, it should compensate us. The current relief bill goes FAR beyond that.

    1. @Luke Monsensey Everything in the Bill is needed. I have a question for you. When minimum wage have not been increased in 12 years, but the price of things constantly go up, what are Americans to do? Republicans was quick to give the rich a tax cut who didn’t need it, but it’s wrong to help struggling Americans? Explain that to me because I don’t understand that.

    2. @kshuf
      Are you going to tell me to go eat cake next? Really? Are you really that clueless about how average Americans live?


    1. @Sean Patrick senators can filibuster for no longer than 20 hours thanks to new legislation. So try again. Secondly, the democrats would only need the simple* majority to pass the vote after the filibuster… which they don’t… because their are even some democrats that know that bill is a loaded potato for everyone but american citizens. But you don’t care about fiscal spending, well at least not when its democrats wasting your money at least.

    2. @Dario Mann
      Yes, and 60 votes are still need to block the filibuster even though they stop talking.
      Learn procedural rules of you wish to rant.

    3. @Sean Patrick they don’t even need to block the filibuster they can literally wait for it to end and vote again?

    4. @Dario Mann
      Under current Senate rules, the only way to end the filibuster is with a vote of 60.
      Unless the Dems change the rules which they should do immediately or not at all.

    5. @Dario Mann again miss know it all i guess the DEMS are not wanting to be part of a CULT like the REPS. guess they are trying to think for themselves as opposed to following a cult leader no matter what they say. some laws requier a two third majority vote so they may need the reps. sometime. but you keep believing what you want and do what your dear leader trump tells you. i’m sure you won’t end up locked up or DEAD little momma. smh.

  6. Why the Republicans are voting against the covid bill when people in their own states are suffering from the effects of covid, i just dont get it.

    1. Why is only 9 % in the bill going to the people that suffered in the pandemic and the rest goes to what Nancy wants in it. Really!

    2. @Armi That’s strange, because the bottom half of income earners in the US pay almost nothing in taxes and the rich and large corporations contribute nearly entirely to the total tax revenue. Sounds like the bottom half are the selfish ones.

  7. Trump was probably mad
    That cpac wasn’t at one of HIS hotels
    So he could charge triple or more

    1. *I think a lot of them need to get some really good lawyers….they’ll be needing them soon!*

    2. Check the fine print on the Pelosi Payoff:
      – Page 97: Democrats hand out health care subsidies to illegal immigrants
      – Page 347: They fast-track $1.5 billion to Amtrak, which hasn’t even spent the $1 billion from the last package
      – Page 358: They funnel $140 million for a tunnel near Pelosi’s district

    3. They’re counting on enough people having common sense to not be taken in by handouts, emotional manipulation and obvious propaganda that people like Maddow spoon-feed to the public. A strategy that unfortunately puts Republicans at a disadvantage, which is why the opposition to the Recovery Act has been so lukewarm.

      Most covid restrictions are primarily handled on a state or local basis and they are not equal across the country. To the extent that those restrictions impact the livelihoods of the residents and workers of those areas, the state and local governments should bear the bulk of the burden of compensation. The federal government should compensate at a level that matches the impact that the federal response has had.

      The Democrats plan is also loaded with unrelated partisan pet priorities. If they wanted Republican support, they would have passed a skinny relief bill without any of the other trash.

  8. Republicans being distracted by Mr Potato Head…………………… I’d call that Deja-Vu!!!

  9. No matter what the issue , their response is far less than above board . Like they can’t deal with legitimacy in any form .

  10. GOP has left the country, let alone the building. Why aren’t GOP voters pounding their Congress people’s phones?

  11. It’s political gamesmanship. Let the Democrats waste one of their magic wishes on something that’s obvious, so they’ll have one less magic wish to use on other stuff. It’s not complicated.

  12. Youtube don’t forget to remove the dislikes from this one.
    And protect the selected not elected President.

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