Biden Extends Fed. Eviction Moratorium Saving Millions Facing Possible Homelessness

Andre Perry and Diane Yentel join Tiffany Cross to discuss President Biden's extension of the federal eviction moratorium, and the looming legal questions about its constitutionality.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Biden Extends Fed. Eviction Moratorium Saving Millions Facing Possible Homelessness


  1. the lobbyists should pour their resources into helping landlords instead of buying influence in d.c.

    1. They did only 10% made it out. They money is there it need to be released to the landlords it’s a breakdown of order they are make sure no one is making false claims and taking money they should that other need which slows the funds people needs

    2. @Drjdmtuning don’t anyone realize that the more and more the government keeps and these funds it’s why inflation has hit …yes it’s bad saying that but people are hiring but nobody won’t go to work.after all you need workers to keep a bussiness running…I wonder how many worked with their landlords and paid what they can or how many just got help and used those stimulus packages and stiffed their landlord and ran out and bought stupid sh*t

    3. @Drjdmtuning The reason the money is still there is that it comes with so many strings attached, you could weave your own tent with it.

    1. @Ray Jay The CDC legally has the right to do whatever it takes to stop the spread of new variants. Your judge doesn’t qualify.

  2. Question ❓ What about the landlord’s rights to collect rent? Do landlords have no rights? I do understand if there is a crisis which the tenant is unemployed due to COVID-19. Why doesn’t the government give the landlord’s cash to pay for their tenant’s rent instead of forcing them to keep them in their property for free? How would you like to have a property you own rented to a tenant that can’t pay rent forced down your throat to stay for free, while you still have to pay all their utilities bills?? Sorry but this is completely insane!! It just doesn’t make sense 🤣!! Looks like some people in high places need to go back to school and take micro and macro economic classes and how to save money!!! It’s insanity!!!!

    1. As far as the left are concerned, all landlords are billionaire’s who can easily afford to house the world!!

    2. @apie74 Yeah no more private property ownership and then the government will become the new landlord and we will become the tenant slaves to all their mandates and rules. Doesn’t that sound great for them? How about the rest of us?? This sound like a dictatorship rule!!

  3. I don’t understand how we are going to get out of the hole of months or rent that will eventually be due at some point…?

    1. We? Not everyone has been so stupid. Let the rent back up for months while getting checks from people who still work and pay rent? This should have never happened. People have to learn to not be dependent on the government.

    2. Rent? Try all the “free money” Biden’s been throwing around!! That hole is now bigger than the Grand Canyon.

  4. All they did was screw over landlords many of whom are facing foreclosure. Democrats are destroying this country in record time

  5. So we cool with the Supreme Court being openly defied? Do you not understand how serious that is?

    1. Remove the front and back doors. They can not stop you. it’s your property. I’ve done it before, to a person who thought Squatting would be their lifestyle…

    2. @Painkiller Jones i recently did an eviction based on damage and lease violations,, not a problem getting them out

  6. Eviction moratorium? Once the bank forecloses on the landlord, renters will receive an eviction notice.

  7. “Biden subverts the constitution, willfully breaks oath of office” there i fixed your headline

  8. “Whoever saves a single life is considered by scripture to have saved the whole world.” – Because we are created in G*d’s image. – Talmud (Sandedrin 37a) This means everyone – not just Jews. We are our brother’s keepers. Amen 🙏🏼

  9. Come OCT, they’re going to say oh its cold! we cant evict ppl in the winter! Ohh! The lambda strain is on the rise! we must house people! Its looking very likely! LOL

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