Tiffany Cross Breaks Down The Legality of Subpoenas in Congress’ Jan. 6 Investigation

In this week’s edition of “Make it Make Sense,” Tiffany Cross explains the legality behind subpoenas in the January 6th investigation, and what happens to the people who choose to ignore them.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Tiffany Cross Breaks Down The Legality of Subpoenas in Congress’ Jan. 6 Investigation


    1. @Maggie Norris try again with Trump stuck in there head as nothing sticking I suggest try taxes some more pandering race baiting and division and uncensored crossing the border being shipped across America as democracy demands it to stop

    2. @Maggie Norris demise of the Marxist can’t come fast enough at least New York and California governors Marxist will be replaced one probably with another Marxist the other fo school choices as my baby’s need school choices not Marxism and Racism like in St Louis

    3. @Steppenwolf they know their side is wrong, so they won’t testify, but hopefully, they will have to.

    1. Fred hey .. I’m a Russian bot. That hurts. Trump and Russians will rule the world. Your on the right track.

    1. Lisa. It’s a republic. And it will be just fine as. .. decentralized constitution is saving our bacon. State legislators have power to conduct elections. Audits can’t be stopped. Truth and justice win over propaganda every time ( just takes longer)

    2. @Sarah F. 4.2 Excuse me. I thought msnbc was the safe space of anti prejudice, and I suppose I just assumed it was our patriotic duty as viewers to cast reparation regardless of individual involvement…

  1. Well, they already proved beyond any possible doubt that the orange traitor was fully responsible for inciting the insurrection.
    And basically every last Republican who pushed the Big Lie is just as guilty. The insurrection couldn’t have happened without them all helping push election lies.

    1. @Christopher Javens Their dying so I doubt it.. So far though, things aren’t going that bad and his approval rating is high.. No idea what will happen in the future and I don’t claim to.. If I were you, I wouldn’t pretend you do either.. Dems won the House in 2018.. Kept it in 2020 and the Senate and WH soooo…

    2. @ღSwnsasyღ _ No, unvacinated young people are getting covid, mostley far left types. His approval rating is tanked, and getting worse. You are a victim of fake news. The future is clear, biden and his dems are running the future of the USA into the ground. People will be begging Trump to take office again.

    3. @Christopher Javens So let me get this straight.. Young types that are not vaccinated are on the left?? 🤣🤣What are you smoking? I’m a victim of fake news huh? So my husband is telling me lies about the patients in the hospital? My local news here in Florida is lying to me too?
      Biden’s approval rating, it’s all wrong too? It’s been 6mths,economy is going up, unemployment is down AGAIN but that’s all fake news though?
      Could it be that you’re wrong and you just don’t want to see the truth because it doesn’t fit your narrative?

      People will be begging Trump to take office? 🤣🤣🤣Man, seems like you’re smoking whatever Mike Lindell is and maybe you need to back off that stuff a bit.. You’re sound EXTREMELY unhinged dude for real.. I feel sorry for you, I really do..

    4. @ღSwnsasyღ _ Look at the situation as a national whole, and stop watching fake news, they have brain washed you. Don’t feel sorry for me, when you should get your house in order. Time for your meds and safe space.

    1. AOC thugs criminals and felons released from jail 18 months now by comrade Harris inciting insurrection is peaceful we have all facts information and science censored be silent we wi save you from boogeymans

    2. @Kay Zee This goes with the old saying….TWO WRONGS DON’T MAKE A RIGHT…If Republicans want to do a Commission on BLM, WHY HAVEN’T THEY ? Don’t mix Commissions..This was two separate issues, not one…

    3. @Sarah F. 4.2 the Marxist elites love bots and peasants so comply be many boogeymans coming as they need corruption in voting as slow Joe comrade Harris and catholic Nancy Pelosi are dropping in approval ratings and could hit 100 percent if all added together as our democracy wi not be censored be silent with Marxist laws

  2. Perhaps it’s time to subject elected officials to the same laws that regular people are subjected to on a daily basis.

  3. Supreme Court:

    The Republican Party, the one of law and order? Well, if subpoenaed remember these 3 Supreme Court rulings:

    3 Supreme Court rulings (1927, 1975, and 2008) stating “It is unquestionably the duty OF ALL CITIZENS …. it is their UNREMITTING OBLIGATION to respond to (Congressional) subpoenas…. and to testify fully …”

    Notice it states “unremitting obligation “ not you can show up if you want to!

    1. @David Parker Parker yup its simple. if u spout lies and fundraise of it, anyone can become rich. its so easy

    2. Poor folks baby’s and children lost to the streets than lost to covid and AOC thugs criminals and felons released from jail especially in St Louis will take care of you don’t concern yourself with some people do things and they won’t stop as it’s peaceful and inciting insurrection for 18 months was for the party teaching Marxism and Racism to children is for the party everything crossing the border infecting Americans with virus crime and AOC pimping is for the party we will save your life from the boogeymans Jan 6th and covid just not be a free thinker for freedom and have constitutional ammendment rights

    3. You mean AOC and Cori Bush thugs criminals and felons get released from jail by comrade Harris inciting insurrection with Jessie Somollett red hats for 18 months and on January 6th as Catholic Nancy Pelosi committee is a failure censored and silent to actual facts as who needs desperately to be questioned is who was in charge of security when Trump wanted the National guard

  4. The Capitol building actually had cells inside where those charged with contempt would be kept and the law does not say how long an individual can be kept, so technically the stubborn individuals can be kept for months or even a year until they cooperate with Congress.

  5. No one is above the law, including Congress. Any members that refuse a subpoena should be locked up until they comply. Bottom line.

    1. @Daniel Arcadia maybe if there was proof presented of that accusation it might be more than conspiracy fodder.

    2. @Michael Williamson We never got the full story from Trump Attorney Dan McGahn, he talked to Muller but, he ignored the subpoena and, we only got a redacted version from Muller. I remember reading that Dan McGahn stayed with Trump long enough to ensure Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court. Also, Condoleezza Rice was pushing for Kavanaugh’s confirmation too. I bring this point up to emphasize that it APPEARS that really these coveted positions are all controlled by a select group or groups.
      WE, the USA, people should selected the Supreme Court justices just as we selected the President and our politicians. Same process, campaign, showcase their fairness, prove these potential judges can be Neutral and Detached when making a decision or ruling.

    3. @Mr Young-lane Ahhh Proof …besides Sen Warren screaming about Dominion , OR in-depth CNN investigation into Dominion OR Shady past , OR refusing to supply documentation and equipment requested by subpoena … Question like the Kings wife …should those who count your vote be beyond reproach ??

    4. @Daniel Arcadia if there is actual factual evidence, they should present it in court instead of getting to court and saying that they’re not alleging fraud. Trump already said if you say something enough times people believe it. There’s never been massive voter fraud on the scale of swinging an election, but there has been violent overturning of elections in this country. there are more democrats and independents here, so it’s really not far fetched that a man on 3 of the 4 record setting tickets won the popular vote.

    1. @Jim Younger Really?? That happened? She destroyed evidence under a corrupt FBI? Show us.. You said there is evidence of this.. Show us all.. Oh and, if so, why did Trump keep 94% of the same FBI then?? He actually kept them ALL until almost a year into his term.. If they were all, WITH EVIDENCE, allowing Hillary to destroy evidence, why did Trump keep them in his administration???? I’m not being disrespectful, I’m asking because I want to see what you’ve found and know why Trump would keep them… I’ll wait…

    2. @Jim Younger No HUMAN IS PERFECT..If that what you are looking for a perfect politician…good luck…and let the world know when you find one…

    3. @may wilson “FBI confirms grand jury subpoenas used in Clinton e-mail probe” Politico (April 27, 2017)

  6. These seditious politicians should loose their jobs if they are in contemp of Congress and and continue to disrespect Congress and themselves using it for political theatrics.

    1. @Daniel Arcadia
      Diebold isn’t a foreign company, it’s American. It’s headquartered in Canton Ohio.

      There is another company that makes safes and banking security equipment that isn’t American, but they aren’t the same company.

    2. @Ralph Boyd Personally I prefer paper ballots local counted … I believe Diebold specialise in banking ” point of transfer ”
      I have not heard of complaints of refusing to be 100 % transparent like Dominion …btw Diebold no Biz getting involved in elections largest stake holder German 35 %

    3. @Daniel Arcadia No, no, no and no. The “ninja audit” has been counting votes and ballots for 5 months, as they did not find any fraud, they are now asking for “routers”, a device to send data on the internet. but the voting machines were never plugged to the internet, so there is no point. Besides that, the routers contain private data about millions of citizens as well as information about law enforcement current operations. So that’s why the county refuse to give away the routers. On top of that, the “Ninjas” have already screwed up the voting machines they were given, letting a malware infect them, that will be 3 millions dollars cost for the Arizona tax payer. All of this has been planned by the republicans, just to make you doubt the election system, so they can pass voter restrictions all across the nation and therefore, eventually, have a chance to win some futur elections. Republicans need such tricks because they have no idea on what to do for the people, and you, my friend, are swallowing that like a jelly candy.

    4. @Cyril Millet You are missing point of dissuasion …A foreign company , refuses to be 100 % transparent about vote counting ..won’t supply documentation , won’t supply equipment as request by a legal subpoena…. nothing to do with audit … Like the Kings wife …must beyond reproach

    5. @Trailin’ Annie you too? I have learn to love trumpanzees, specially the deflection parts, brilliant!

    1. @Cyril Millet take the Crack to Catholic Nancy Pelosi district she likes herion needles homelessness and Americans of color not proficient in education the make good bots to Utopia

    2. @Cyril Millet Jan 6th I want to know who was head of security to let Jessie Somollett run things and comrade Harris inciting insurrection for 18 months was peaceful with Cori Bush thugs criminals and felons released from jail by comrade Harris to incite insurrection

    3. @Kay ZeeTrump lost the election because he is disgusting. you chose the wrong horse. Leave crack a rest.

    4. @Cyril Millet I’m black and keep Cori Bush in St Louis with her poison and I’m not oppressed and don’t need a hand outs to be a slave to government I want a hand up to freedom

  7. What happened to no one is “above the law” WTF, if we are able to subpoena private citizens, we should be able to subpoena all elected officials, including the former president of the United States.

    1. Need to have a good reason for said subpoena. Like the ones issued in AZ for the audit that county officials are refusing to obey. You cant just subpoena people because you think they are guilty.

    2. @Niro Taylor The rules for issuing a subpoena are very clear as far as the law goes. I don’t think anybody would just issue one for fun. I think there have to be very solid reasons for issuing one.

  8. Just like teachers, they are supposed to be held to a higher standard because they are in a position of trust!

  9. The GOP keeps saying they want to “move on” from the January 6th event. If they are sincere about this they will show up at the select committee when requested and provide all documentation in a timely matter. If they fight complying with the committee’s request, it will be the GOP that will draw the process out through the 2022 elections.

  10. The committee can subpoena the evidence already uncovered by other commissions or investigations. These would include the FBI or any DOJ investigations and the court records of those already found guilty in the attempted COUP on 6 Jan.

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