Why it’s OK For Black Women To Prioritize Self-Care

Tiffany Cross takes a moment to breathe, reflecting on the value of sisterhood, self-care and creating safe spaces where you can thrive.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Why it’s OK For Black Women To Prioritize Self-Care


    1. The only thing missing from this “tribe” is AOC.. That would raise the conversation to a “high” level.

  1. It’s always magical whenever her-truth matches truth. Although I don’t think magical would be the most appropriate word to choose.

  2. There are now and have always been women of ALL colors who want the best and equal treatment to become the norm and expected. To cut out other women, those who love all, is exclusionary. I am against all exclusion in all respects. I am as good as, but never better than.

  3. It’s okay because y’all say it’s okay.
    Yeah, half the country sees Black confidence as toxic and histrionic but we’re all above criticism, so awesome for us.

    1. It’s a cultural ideal for black women to hold the family together no matter the circumstances. “Ride or die.” “Have thick skin” in the face of overwhelming adversity. I’ve witnessed many women in my family just roll with the punches instead of standing up for their own needs.

  4. They always demanded special treatmentb. It’s why people avoid them entirely. Too much hate and controversy

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