Biden Goes 'Full Blast' On Republican Attacks On Democracy 1

Biden Goes ‘Full Blast’ On Republican Attacks On Democracy


Rachel Maddow notes that Arizona Republicans are set to move into the next phase of delegitimizing elections with the announcement of purported results from their sham "audit," and shares powerful remarks from President Joe Biden denouncing the Republican attacks on elections as "unpatriotic."
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    1. @Lola Blakeslee If you were awake you’d be asking yourself ‘after all those audits, where’s the proof they say they have?’. Well? Where is it. Oh that’s right – they found nothing. Don’t you think they’d be shouting it from the rooftops, showing it all over Fox and the like? Nothing! Zilch! Nada! Wake up.

    1. @YouTube Censorship did you see the video of Hilary in 2019 saying that China needs to work with the dems to steal the election? She is begging to be tried for treason, infuriating that nothing is being done yet.

    2. @Kristy C no I have not seen it yet.. it isn’t a shock to me though.. I told everyone I thought was smart enough to listen that was the reason for COVID though..

    3. @Kristy C So overwhelming all appeals have failed thanks to “THird hand hearsay and unsubstantiated rumors”
      That’s all you have

  1. BS. We would have seen it before now. Another stall tactics because they’re hoping everyone will forget about the circus.

    1. There is no time for complacency because of a good speech, people must communicate and
      work together to work out plans and methods to thwart GOP plans. There are always people
      who need help and feel insecure.

    2. @J C The millions of people who are being betrayed by the Democrats are not going to vote for them again. Don’t you understand? You are in your bubble. You may like how things are going well there are people on the margins who are very upset and frustrated right now and the next election they won’t show up which is how we got Trump. Every promise that Biden brakes is another voter he turns away. That is also how to Republican party gets more voters. The Republicans will approach these people in the middle and show them how the Democrats are frauds then they go vote for Republican and that’s how we end up in 2016

    3. @The ‘Debate Me!’ Channel I like that things are going period. I am sick and tired of Republican stagnation, it is time for this country to move again.

    4. @Zyworski That all stops SOON if the DEMs don’t start really delieving something.

      Here is what you have to understand. TONS of people came out to VOTE TRUMP out. I was one. My first vote of my lifetime. That was the level of motivation. We got replicans to vote Biden. We got independents. But they voted to REMOVE Trump. I HATE Biden. Many who voted for him hate him as well. Many don’t like DEMs, but came out to get rid of Trump.

      Many were STILL willing to sit it out and NOT vote, BUT Biden tricked them by making promising about $2k checks (Georgians LITERALLY voted expected that much needed money. They ran ads with picture of $2k check). MILLIONS think DEMS are useless and just pander, but in a moment of desperation they voted DEM. Right now, Biden is proving them correct about DEMs being useless. If you can’t even pass $15 (a REDUCTION on where minimum wage used to be accounting for inflation) in a PANDEMIC, then you are USELESS. They also see how he is not even talking about the other stuff. So they are not even MORE cynical about DEMs. There is basically no reason for them to vote DEMs again.

      The only way to stop another Trump is to prove the people wrong. Let them see DEMs actually fight for the people and use their power for good. Biden can do a lot with executive order, but he CHOSES not to.

      Now imagine next election, reaching out the millions who feel betrayed. Why would they ever vote DEM any time soon? I’m upper middle class and I can assure you, I will NOT being voting for any DEMs UNLESS Trump or worst shows up. If we keep supporting them, they will feel even more emboldended to do whatever they want. There MUST be consequences and I don’t mean just losing presidency. When DEMS are out of power it’s GOOD for them. They don’t have to do ANY work. GOP will block everything. What needs to happen is they need to loose their jobs in mass. We need the LEGACY DEMs to LOSE. Better, we need the POLLS to show that will happen, which I PROMISE you, will light a FIRE under them and see how fast they start legislating. However, we need this to happen before they lose majority.

      If we let them slide into minority, then we will be STUCK for maybe a DECADE! We MUST STAND UP NOW!! Time is running out and the media is making you relax. Remember, media profits from chaos. They WANT you to think Biden is doing great. Then make MILLIONS when Trump 2.0 starts.

    5. Biden is clearly not functional at a presidential level, you can go ahead and drink your liberal cult koolaide but the House of Representatives is going to tip GOP in a matter of months because the only policy you idiots have is silence Trump.

    1. @Anita Bruton There are problems on both democratic party and republican party, but you’re the exact reason why many countries hate the United States. You planned your comment, you waited until someone commented about disagreeing with the democratic party, and then you decided to go on the offensive and blaming others instead of admitting your problems.

    2. yes likely… trump will go to jail for trying to commit election fraud. Remember when he called the Georgia election officials asking them to “find him 8000 votes for him”?

    3. @Francisco Ortizyesterday Georgia has turned up duplicate ballots for Biden.
      Democrats like you keep lying about call. I heard the whole call. Trump made it clear he wanted honest counting. His staff listed specific cases of election fraud by democrats. Trump asked Georgia to review those votes. So stop lying.

  2. What kind of laws that allowed politicians to continuously cast doubts on their own democracy system and running away with it while normal citizens are being charged in court on speaking non factual stuff about another citizens or companies? When we will see justice? Until Batman comes? For God sake

    1. There is no law that allows that. It’s literally a violation of their oath of office. But since when have Dems ever held anyone accountable for their crimes or sedition? And you know Republicans will never punish their own, unless it’s for not being a big enough traitor against America.

  3. Why doesn’t Biden recognize the largest protest in history going on right now in New Delhi. Modis is a human rights abuser but still the conolliast want ower

    1. @Alaska Alaska why would they support it when America is creating it they’ve been after Cuba since the Bay of Pigs

  4. Trump sees all of it as primal fighting. The words don’t matter to him. He will keep fighting with all his power until he is stopped. We need to be better than he is bad. We need to be stronger. That’s what it’s all about.

  5. If they didn’t trust the election results, they should’ve voted on “trump only” machines and at trump only voting locations sent out in secret text from “Q”… They also shouldn’t be allowed to vote and should also get those “voter IDs” so the poll watchers know to give them a “special ballot” with vanishing ink!!

  6. “Human beings have a demonstrated talent for self-deception when their emotions are stirred.” – Carl Sagan

  7. The fact that this is July, Our President is our president and has to be talking about rhe election Still is just shameful. Talk about sore losers. Good for Biden!

  8. Everyone should read:
    – ‘The Dictator’s Handbook’
    By: Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Alastair Smith

    – ‘Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning’
    By: Timothy D. Snyder

    – ‘On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century’
    By: Timothy D. Snyder

    – ‘Our Time Is Now: Power, Purpose, and the Fight for a Fair America’
    By: Stacey Abrams

    – ‘Surviving Autocracy’
    By: Masha Gessen

    – ‘How Democracies Die’
    By: Daniel Ziblatt and Steven Levitsky

    – ‘Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right’
    By: Jane Mayer

    – ‘1984’
    By: George Orwell

    – ‘The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together’
    By: Heather McGhee

  9. Why isn’t Chris Wray and AG Garland going after the leaders and organizers of the Jan 6th coup?

    Trump, Trump Jr, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Flynn, and others are continuing the coup 6 months after Jan 6th. It’s past time to lock up the leaders and organizers of the Jan 6th coup.

  10. a REAL audit would have begun and ended with INVENTORY – you count them all BEFORE you put them groups. WTF?

  11. We are not just looking at recounts. We are looking at audits, probably forensic audits. It is not just about counting and recounting (possibly fraudulent) votes. If the Democrats and rinos had nothing to hide they would welcome these audits because it would add legitimacy to Biden’s election. But they know the opposite will happen and the Biden presidency will be delegitimized, as it should be if fraud occurred.

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