1. @Relentless Living Oh almost forgot “FEAR” that’s a big one for Democrats as of late. Fear is a massive part of Democrat Philosophy.

    2. @Relentless Living I would have called you crazy a few days ago but after last nights speech anything is possible.

    3. @Cheecher Chonger trump said he’d make America great but spent 4 years doing the opposite and made America worse lol

    1. @ben schaly dark Brandon is they are calling him now? 😂 Is that why they did the hitler background? stop it😂😂😂

    1. @Eric he doesn’t talk about us like we are citizens when they call us deplorable, maggots, a threat to democracy, racist, and semi fascist. I mean im not sure what horrible names are left. So what its off to the gulags? We’re talked about like we’re not even human… be grateful of what??? that he allows 74 million of us live? where does this kind of hatred end?

    2. @Eric – That’s HILARIOUS!
      “Willing to treat you like a citizen as long as you are reasonable and stick to the issues”
      I detect a Russian accent 👂

    1. @Anna Myer typical bot response
      The joke was that the double did speech the last night and nobody told Brandon the day after. In reality he’s just a dementia riddled geezer who shortly forgets whatever message he’s tele-prompted to say.

  1. Labeling the political opposition as enemies of the state to have the system thrown at them ensuring no one challenges you, when has that happened before?

    1. @Just A Hair Yeah, it’s just that Bad Noxin is one of those trolls who switches sides every 5 minutes. There are other posts and comments where he swears his undying support for Trump! It’s kinda his act. It’s weird.

    1. The only Trump supporter who was a threat was Ashli Bobbitt, and the only Capitol cop who did his damn job that day put her down.

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