1. It’s 100% fair to say that Fetterman isn’t a perfect candidate. He’s far from it. But elections have never been about who is the perfect candidate. They’re about (or should be about) who is the BETTER candidate. And compared to a complete goofball like Oz, it’s not even close: Fetterman is the better candidate.

    1. Maybe the “lesser of two evils” paradigm has more to do with our current predicament than you think. For example democrats literally fund far right candidates with the hope of facing them in the general elections.

    2. @Joe Mama In a contest between him and Dr. Oz, there is literally no dispute to be had and even the idea that you think otherwise is indicative of serious issues in your own beliefs.

  2. I gather this newscaster is attempting to be edgy, not doing it well. Oz is indefensible and a MAGAt, so just no.

    1. @Sarah Petty, yeah, Fetterman has only been a mayor and is just the current Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania so wtf would he know about the problems Pennsylvanians face, as opposed to TV celebrity and snake oile salesmen Dr. Oz who has absolutely no experience and who’s from New Jersey.

    2. Its hilarious bot stirring these days. multiple hits per comment/response. hey go guys go, just make sure you’re getting paid, your overlords don’t have good bank accounts atm 😆😆

    1. @Sarah Petty I guess you get a ruble or two more if I ‘engage’ with you, so bon appetit. Your responses follow your list quite well, you should get your bonus. Like the orcs in Kherson.

  3. Fetterman is just reading into the fact that Oz was caught claiming that life begins at conception and therefore any abortion is murder, no exceptions. Therefore, Oz implies he would outlaw any abortion as murder. So, as Fetterman said, Oz is inconsistent on this subject, which means he’s lying like a trumphole.

    1. @Jennyjenny Life begins at birth. I’m a snake breeder. Don’t count your eggs before they hatch because they might not.

    1. I thought it was my imagination at first. But in a few days of watching their YouTube videos I’ve unsubscribed. They’re definitely in the toilet now.

  4. Notice how she never referenced any of Fettermans actual policies but still referenced him negatively? That’s because she has nothing negative to say about him but has to play this “let’s be centrist” game. Disgusting gaslighting

    1. @Peter Martell is she really in the closet? Wasn’t she a full on conservative a few years ago. And for the last few years trying to refashion herself as a reasonable conservative as oxymoronic as that is.

    1. @Sarah Petty i don’t know if you did this on purpose but the last name for your troll account is really accurate.

      I’m pretty sure the fact they haven’t debated yet is because Fetterman had a stroke recently and has been on a medical leave, only just recently returning to the campaign trail. Thankfully he pulled through and is recovering, not that any of you people care. But considering the fact that in terms of their interactions on social media, Fetterman has completely and utterly humiliated Oz at every turn with what appears to be casual ease and dismissal, I just somehow struggle to see how your candidate is going to match wits any better in person than they do online. I think I would enjoy a debate between Oz and Fetterman *almost* as much as John Fetterman would.

  5. I’m not sure what your point is on this. You seem to be muddying the waters. Thanks for opinions but Fetterman all the way.

    1. @DJKeens very true, save we do have to watch out for the bots that use this thinking to divert from the main question and, as was stated, muddy the waters.

    2. @Aegrotattoo ​ Not at all. The video is about holding people equally accountable. If the headline was “Fetterman tweets about Oz’s inconsistencies” then I would agree. Since the tweet is used as an example to support the topic there’s no mud here.

  6. Fetterman is far and away the obvious pick, debate be-damned. If Fetterman says it is because of his continued stroke recovery or Oz making demands that would make a farce out of the debate, then I believe him.

    1. @Glenn Howard I don’t know explicitly what he did as mayor of Braddock, but the fact that he is the current Lieutenant Governor of PA is one thing that you could consider as far as who would be more qualified as a senator for the state. Your options are either a local politician who has been a local politician since he began his political career, or a newcomer from another state who has zero political experience.

      That is leaving entirely aside the fact that he’s a Republican, which should be disqualifying on it’s own at this point for any number of reasons I could list, but I’ll spare you the wall of text.

      As far as Fetterman’s policy goes, he wants to decriminalize and legalize marijuana which is super popular. He’s pro choice and has promised to help be a vote to codify Roe v Wade, immensely popular position to take right now. He espouses as a representative for the working class people of America, and promises to do right by his people, by delivering on the various popular legislative items. He does that by looking at polls and implementing what is popular.

      And that is kind of *why* celebrities can just be politicians. It’s really not *that* hard a job. Like, yes, sure you could say there is a lot of legal knowledge and the like you would need… but what if you just instead used your position as a member of congress or the senate or what have you to get into contact with an expert on the subject that you yourself are not an expert on and then have them give you the step-by-step process for implementing it that you can then bring to the table.

      Like, again, not a hard job at a baseline. Anybody could theoretically fill these seats and serve the role just as well as anyone else, so long as they genuinely had the best interest of their constituents in mind (which our current body, by and large, does not.) so really I don’t think that just being a celebrity and not a career politician should be a purely disqualifying trait.

      If roles were reversed, and the positions Dr. Oz took were popular, genuine, and he *actually* wanted to help people, while Fetterman appeared to be just a wealthy individual looking to play politics as a side-hobby to drum up more fame and recognition this would be a very different race and we would be having very different discussions.

      Oh. Sorry, I guess I gave you a wall of text after all.

    1. I have no idea what fetterman stands for … does he stand for OPEN borders..does he stand for Stopping Penn energy producrion .. Is he for cops or defund them … He isnt saying ..How would he help stop inflation

  7. We already know what Fetterman stands for, we have no idea about Oz except he does many objectable things for fame and money.

    1. @Lorraine McFarland trump isn’t running for pa senate is he. So what does fetterman stand for. Simple question. Why can’t you answer a straight forward question.

  8. I will vote for Fetterman who actually lives in our state of Pennsylvania. Dr. Oz is from New Jersey. He moved in with his mother in law here in Pennsylvania to run this race. Sorry Dr Oz, I have seen John Fetterman at many events. He is the best choice for Pennsylvania.

    1. No. Crime is out of control in Pennsylvania and the economy is really bad. People want change. Dr. Oz will win.

  9. It is important to stick to the facts, in all cases. Dr. Oz is still a joke, that’s why a guy in a hoodie is beating him. Fetterman needs to just tell the truth and he’ll be fine.

  10. Lmfao thank you Republicans for ensuring our guy on the left can turn PA blue!!!! FETTERMAN is the candidate this state finally deserves.

  11. We already know what’s important to him he has done so much here for the people. And he will win!! Fetterman is our man! Oz can try to be mayor in Jersey lol

  12. Oz is ‘evolving’ just like Trump did to placate that part of the GOP coalition.
    Now he will have to live with that choice.

  13. SE Cupp: “I can’t find a flashy, negative story about Fettermen, so I’m going to pose a vague set of questions to bring his character into judgment.”

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