1. @allthewayupNORTH _ the mainstream media that’s propping him up I mean he was on all the major national polls before he even announced his candidacy please they are the elite donor class that’s giving him the money to run

  1. Sanders would have done that, we will be hearing he is dividing the party. He is right, he would expect Kamala, the establishment candidate attack him.

  2. Its irrelevant whether he was prepared or not…. His time is over and he needs to pull out of the race before he wastes more money and attention.

    1. @Papa Jose clearly you’re not black so stop saying who “we” will vote for. I will vote for whomever I want including Ms. Harris or Mr. Biden. Talk about who YOU aren’t going to vote for…you probably don’t even live in this country.

    2. @Hikage Sidcow Yes, the kiss of death was at the debate when they all raised their hands when they were asked if who would give illegals free healthcare.

    3. @Papa Jose Since Black Americans are a diverse population, I believe that the Black vote will be scattered. I can see liberal Blacks picking Booker, Biden or Harris. I can see a person with my views not liking any of the Presidential candidates because they still refuse to appreciate and earn our votes. The presidential candidates of both parties are not suggesting solutions to the American citizens’ concerns and especially not ADOS.

  3. He sounds like a dad in the 70’s who’s trying to relate to his son who he just caught smoking pot. “C’mon man, don’t throw away any potential careers, dude. Havin’ a record isn’t jive, man.”

    1. Jello Biafra, I remember the word jive back then, in the 70s. I think Dude didn’t hit the scene and get popular till the 80s. I Don’t recall ever actually using the word jive, really. But, I used dude and dudette in the 80s. Easier now, bc one can use Dude for any gender. A many gendered word…

    2. He’s long past retirement. I’m sorry but aging is real. We don’t live forever on our brains he’s just like the rest of our bodies. We need somebody in their Prime not somebody will past it.

      At his age I want to be relaxing not trying to run for president or working.

  4. “Make America Say, Come On Man, Again.” LOL! All career politicians must get voted out. They are not the answer, folks

  5. Then how the hell is this fool suppose to take on Trump if Kamala hurt his feelings. 🤕 #NOBIDEN

    1. Biden is an absolute shill! His voting record is incredibly bad and corrupt. We can not have a biden nomination!!!

    2. @David Corrupt how? List the record that shows corruption. And for extra credit define corruption.

    1. Lotta Sunshine ya the Democrats are just feeding upon themselves with this racist silliness. They’re already imploding. What idiots.

    2. @Lotta Sunshine can you give me proof that Trump is a racist please, I saw the first step act press conference and I didn’t see the act of a racist so give me some proof.

    1. @Tara Jackson Nah, he seems ENTITLED! Seems out of touch. Seems OLD. SEEMS LIKE A REPUBLICAN in Sheeps clothing.

    2. You’re right. He’s not the one, and if he gets the nom on name recognition we will probably still win the election, but the progressive policies this country needs will go by the wayside. He has nothing to offer but relative stability, which is a very low bar.

    3. Now I know why they always kept Old Joe “Hidden Away” and only let him out on special occasions as Obama’s VP. Joe, give it a wrap, go home and read bedtime stories to the grand kids.

    4. Poor thing, has that desperate, “deer in the headlight look” or the “fight or flight” look.😞

    5. NO NAME, now we know why Obama chose him. Now Joe is put out there. The Democrats set Joe up to look like an idiot ( which doesn’t take much on his part). I almost pity him (not) They both lied;
      Kamala lied about busing
      Joe lied about segregation
      As a black I wouldn’t vote for either one of these two liars

    1. If that’s what @Nehemiah Howard meant there is a less dodgy way of saying that, like “Why is he trying to sound black?”

    2. @Alpha Panther Since Black Americans are not a monolithic group.. there is no “accent” or “choice of words”. Black people from the south sound distinctly different from Black Northerners.. and use totally different euphemisms.. Pretty much like whites do not have a “accent” or choice of words.

  6. He wasn’t prepared to be held accountable for his actions. Sit down somewhere you old fart‼️‼️🤷🏾‍♂️‼️

    1. Just wait until the next one, where Harris is held to account for her pride in imprisoning thousands of young black men, because they too poor to afford Justice.

    1. Why does he need to be tough? He’s a good person with a good heart. That’s what should matter not being tough. The problem is you guys are only thinking of finding someone to beat trump

    1. Trump would beat any of the candidates. Biden has the best chance because he’s not spending full time on campaigning to illegal aliens.


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