1. Dee Demarest nah just yours. Don’t overwhelm yourself with politics. Cook and clean for your man, so you don’t continue to embarrass yourself.

  1. Joe Biden mulls over who will be his running mate
    and I’m choosing which Victoria Secret model I want to marry

  2. Biden saying we should be aggressive seems like a joke. He let McConnell walk all over him during his time as VP.

    1. Wait a cotton pickin’ minute.
      Is everyone being triggered by President Trump’s aggressiveness….?

  3. Kinda premature, isn’t it? A running mate? LOL!! Not so fast. i don’t think so Joe. Like you said on that debate stage: “My time is up.”

    1. Well CNN reported Hillary was “curtain shopping for the white house” in September of 2016 sooo……….

    2. The media and dnc pick the front runner. How else do you explain the 2016 election when Bernie had THOUSANDS more at his rallys than Hillary. Amazing how blind you people are!

    3. E. Michael Tanner I think this was decent damage control for brain dead boomers…

    1. @Lorric Logging , It’s obvious that Biden has diminished mental capacity. He was completely unable to defend himself against Kameltoe Harris’ feeble attack. TRUMP would abuse him like a nursing home worker.

    2. @Dee Demarest bwahahahaha! No seriously vote biden….ah hell any of those 22 fools running will have orange balls on their chin.

    1. Yeah lets let the current child reality star run the country, good work by your right skewed up wingers

  4. Biden wants to have a running mate that is older than him. But apparently Bob Dole said no thanks.

  5. what a garbage politician lies and lies, flip flops and takes bribes. the dnc might want you but the people dont

    1. Patrick Hamilton here we go. One off handed comment yet Biden still gropes women and children.

    2. That’s not funny, and Joe Biden does not feel women and children. His behavior was a bit odd; remember he comes from a different generation. He didn’t even touch people in a sexual manner, unlike this president. When those idiotic women came forward, he said he won’t do it again, and it hasn’t happened.

  6. Unless the DEM win he senate nothing will change.
    Mitch McConnell is the person that has to be removed from power .

  7. 6:05 Imagine thinking that “I haven’t seen those polls” is a valid argument against the publics opinion. I think there already is such a president.

    1. @paranormal legorythmus how come?

      Do you have a crystal ball? mostlikely? She would have been obstructed for the first 2 years, since house and senate were republican then… people would vote to help her lead.

      Maybe…. i don’t know so that is just an option. Hell… trump might have said that the election was rigged and started a civil war…. you never know. ^_^

    2. @Hurst Olds442 this has to be sarcastic right?

      Cool cars? Bruh… your kids/grandkids will not be able to live…. their entire lives.

      Unless you are one of those climate change is a hoax by china people… then… good luck.

    3. @reset button Seriously, _you’re_ talking about oversensitive bullies? Care to balance all these free Bernie ideas with the tax breaks the richest people and most profitable businesses in this country get right now. Right now Europe, China, India and many other countries are pouring tons on money into their education system. Education is how a country gets a technological advantage and a growing economy going into the future. Cripes! We can’t even pay our teachers a living wage. Lastly, if you don’t give illegal immigrants health care you’ll get whole new class of disease-ridden people who can’t even go to an emergency room or get medicine like antibiotics. Is that want you want? The next Ebola crisis in our borders? Or maybe you’d just be happy that they’re dying horrible illegal immigrant deaths in this the greatest country in the world.

    4. @Carl Millholland no. Those other countries you mentioned don’t have millions of illegals flooding their countries every year. I would consider socialism a good form of government if we didn’t have so many people that aren’t even paying into the system. I guarantee if you go into Mexico, or any other country demanding money, food, shelter, healthcare, education, a driver’s license, voting rights etc, (while still waving the American flag) it will not end well with you. Don’t forget Bernie also wants to let murderers, rapists, child molesters, and terrorists vote from prison. He also wants to lower the age to vote to 16, if you don’t see any problems with that, you are delusional.

    1. Great tactic.
      Hold an interview in a restaurant that is closing and when Joey starts getting into trouble, have an anonymous voice yell “closing time”.
      Just remember, soon there will be no one to save him. Not from Kamala and certainly not from our sharp President Trump.

      This should be good…..

    2. bongo fury // Why the constant derogatory comments in America? Would you be like to be treated like that when you’re old, and simultaneously trying to do some actual good for younger people?
      That’s just fucking disrespectful,..


  8. Biden – ‘nothing will fundamentally change’ to wealthy donors at a swanky dinner reception

    1. I knew uneducated people like you would take his words out of context. What he meant was that he doesn’t want a socialist revolution in this country. He believes the middle class built this country and should get a slice of the American Dream. His plans are to repeal the Trump tax cuts for the wealthy, eliminate all tax breaks that give rewards to special interests and corrupt lobbyists, and get rid of the capital gains loophole for multi-millionaires.

    1. You would think that CNN or something would pay the shop for the time used for this interview.
      But instead, like you said, it ended in a disaster.
      Then again, maybe they just wanted Vice President Biden out cause they are Republicans hahaha.

    2. @thejanusproject32 deadass it is starting to look like they want trump to win, but it would kinda make sense being that they have zero ratings, maybe they think the only way they survive is with the trump bump.

  9. Don’t worry about Food Fight starter Kamala- pulling the race card can only get you so far then your out of gas. Odd she had the perfect baby photo ready for release

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