Biden Orders Investigation Into Massive Cyberattack On U.S. Companies 1

Biden Orders Investigation Into Massive Cyberattack On U.S. Companies


A hacking group is demanding $70 million after a July Fourth weekend cyberattack that targeted Kaseya, a U.S. company that manages basic software updates. NBC News' Shannon Pettypiece reports from the White House on how President Biden is responding to this latest cyberattack. 

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  1. 90% of the hacked companies have sub-standard security systems no security and no backups. Until this changes ransomware attacks will always grow.

    1. @sam-online if it hurts the country it hurts Joe, can’t you see he’s giving his Sunset years after having given his entire life? Joe Biden gives a s***.

    2. @Unified Vision same here. IT security can be expensive, but a hack is even worse, but they don’t want to spend the $$$$.

    3. Companies with lousy online security are asking for a hacking. What’s the government going to do, regulate it? Republicans prefer to cut regs (even building codes in FL)

  2. The cyber ninjas will soon be out of a job,put them to work protecting us from Russia,or are they working for russia

    1. The cyber ninjas have taken the ballots to a compound in Montana…. They’re not going to return any of the ballots or provide any data that proves anything…. They’ve stolen ballots and are committing fraud…. They were given over 2million ballots…. How many do they still have???? They know they’re screwed….. They’re going to hold up in that compound and go full Waco/Ruby ridge….. They’re forcing the siege…. They’re trying to manufacture optics that paint themselves as martyrs that were attacked by the “deepstate” because they are heroes that worked to expose “corruption”….. To this end they will absolutely frag their own and blame it on law enforcement…. Create a fire that destroys evidence…. Then say the ATF ate the homework with the heavy handed overreaching raid

    1. Russians did it Biden dropped sanctions last time dont count one it we have 4 years of being pushed around by Russia now

  3. Cyberwar can drive us back into the dark ages. We no longer need nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction.

  4. Do they have the ability to literally stop the internet in or out of Russia? Is that even a thing? I know China limits from inside the boarder but..?

  5. Russia claims that they requested help with US based hackers 26 times last year. Will the US help with the Russian problem in exchange for the Russian help with the US problem? I hope through corporations both sides can do some good.

    1. Which might very well mean that governments are going to outlaw cryptocurrency. And I’d say hallelujah to that, good lord what a waste of computing power and everything that needs to go into it.

  6. That Kaseya guy was putting a company face on it. They’re crapping their pants behind the scenes.

    1. 😂 Maybe not. They did offer managed SOC services for other companies. So, hopefully, they had all their ducks in a row when they got breached. It doesn’t take much. An absent minded employee can lead to a breach.

  7. Looks like Russia and Putin don’t care if Biden threatens them…
    Think it’s time to let loose the American hackers on Russia and give them a taste of their own medicine?

  8. So more corporate handouts from our tax dollars. We can’t afford healthcare for people during a pandemic, but we can bail out private companies who neglected internet security and bomb Syria some more. Privatize the gains, socialize the costs.

  9. If trump set up a meeting with Putin and could present one of these two options to him which one is he more likely to choose?
    Tell Putin he better stop with this BS because he’s hurting America.
    Tell Putin to keep doing this BS because it makes Biden look bad.

  10. Russians? Fancy bear russians??ru486: Russians ?? Russians Russians we don’t need no Russians.

  11. This wouldn’t be happening if Russia had managed to keep trump in the oval office where they put him. Time to “respond in kind”!

  12. Joe, if you do not AGRESSIVELY deal with this hack we can only expect more. Do not dance around this problem, put your knee on the throat of whomever did this and KEEP it there.

  13. “Learn to code,” they said.
    “It will be fun,” they said.
    Well, who’s laughing now?

  14. Nobody respects this diminished fool or America. He doesn’t know where he is half the time.

  15. Funny how that happens after Biden gives Putin a list of the U.S’s critical infrastructure

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