Dr. Fauci: Vaccine Hesitancy Could Create 'Two Types Of America' 1

Dr. Fauci: Vaccine Hesitancy Could Create ‘Two Types Of America’


During a Sunday interview, Dr. Anthony Fauci warned about regional vaccine disparities and how vaccine hesitancy in some areas could create 'two types of America'. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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    1. @Marty H Explain why we have a fund that has paid out 4 billion on vaccines and vaccine related injury and death?!? That’s before these covid vaccines.

    2. @Marty H So its smart to trust big government, Dr. Fraudci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma companies ect because they are pushing the vaccine, do you know how much money is in these vaccines? Knowing this, lets inject God knows what into our bloodstream to *protect* us against something with a 99.9% recovery rate. Yeah we are the dumb ones. You have been decieved and conditioned by garbage. I bet you wore a face diaper all alone in your vehicle as well.

    3. Indeed. The one who love their country and the idiots that voted in a dementia patient and want to see my country burn!

    4. @Marty H I’m opting out of the vaccine, because I want to get vaccinated the “natural way.” I’m now part of Marty’s smart America, yay 😁

    5. It’s divide and conquer . Divide by race , Rich , poor . Vaccinated and non vac . It’s all part of the master plan !NWO coming soon

    1. @Bailey Bratach Honestly…the “frenzy” seems to be in the uber hyped response to pretty straight-toward observations. I’m surprised how frenzied and existential peoples’ response is to the basic observation that viral numbers may go up in unvaccinated areas (and lo…since this video what have we seen?) It’s not that complicated.

      I get the investment in these ideas, though. Once you’re in it’s hard to get out and change your mind. Conspiracies like the one you paint take a while to build…take an investment. Especially if you watch a lot of TV or read a lot of news garbage.

    2. @Steven Sohlstrom Can’t tolerate what? Why the frenzy to reframe basic observations?

    3. @IridescentsquidsTolerate open borders, russian ransomeware attacks, Chinese aggression, Taliban aggression, higher gas prices, inflation, white house misinformation, CRT, censorship, antifa, racism, reckless and unconstitutional legislation dementia….need any more observations?

    4. ​@Steven Sohlstrom So…your response to observations about virus behavior is to change the subject rather desperately to a zillion other things? Or is it ADHD?

    1. @Norma Iris Lopez That is conspiracy, directly procured from Fox News. Jumping to conclusions without evidence is preposterous.

    2. @Vote Fraud Joe Wow, Fauci must be richer than I thought. I didn’t realize he was able to personally fund millions of dollars of research.

    1. @Chris Sullivan Well that’s awesome. You lived woop de do da! Many have died and many are now physically impaired.

    2. @Deborah Ide well they didn’t report it loud enough! But the money train has to go on, over human life! Smh!

    3. @GOLDWINGER PPG – You don’t believe in superstition? As you wear a face diaper for 18 months over sniffles?

    4. @GOLDWINGER PPG – Science like Neil Ferguson whose computer model shut the world down but wouldn’t produce the same results on the same computer if run twice in a row? Science like masks which are 1.32% effective and spread TB and Meningitis? Science like “two weeks to flatten the curve”? Science like Fauci creating the virus, lying about it, and then selling a toxic “cure”? That science? I’m a scientist with 30 years experience BTW.

    5. Push harder. If stupid people die more, the US might just evolve its way away from what it has become.

  1. The comment section is giving me hope. It’s nice to know that there are a lot of people who know whats going on.

    1. @MLongPhotography or I could not experience flu symptoms by not getting the experimental vaccine. Continue to be healthy exercise eat well and you won’t get sick. I haven’t been sick in a few years and I never get vaccines.

    2. @MLongPhotography The global economy has started contracting rapidly since 2019 independent of Covid. Probably a decline of 3-5% every year going forward. Which correlates to decline in population soon after. I do believe covid to be real. But the lockdowns around the world is orchestrated to extinguish riots, protests, dissent and even internal wars as more and more people become jobless, hungry and angry. In 100 years will bands of survivors remember this era as Covid infestation that led to collapse of empires or would it be seen clearly as a way of life thats not balanced and was on its terminal decline? Unfortunately the first narrative has gained traction.

    3. @MLongPhotography I understand your point of view, however the more serious threat to our lives is ecological, economics, etc. Its likely most people born today will not live a full life. And I question millenials such as myself will live beyond the age of 50.

    4. @J Lee in response to your first comment, I have a hard time believing those theories. Covid makes sense, as with other pandemics when there is a virus that is killing people at a faster rate than average influenza or similar conditions, it makes sense that we would go into lockdown for the sake of public health. I feel as though, those who claim it to be the work of the government are just conspiring to conspire.

      On your second comment, I definitely agree that we are facing an ecological problem as millennials because of global warming and that is a problem that our generation will have to either solve or work through. I don’t believe we will all die before the age of 50. I think our biggest problem is that there is so much false information out there and that is truly what’s hurting us. I definitely don’t want to infringe on anyone’s first amendment rights but there are times where I wish that only hot topic issues can be addressed by those who are qualified to speak on them instead of someone’s random family member on Facebook who is sharing misinformation.

    1. Them telling their previous spouses they were cheating on them and want a divorce was probably the most honest thing they each ever did…..

    1. They don’t want us united, division gives them control and lets them run their BS. Do not take the Chinese vaccine.

    2. The government has power because we gave it to them. Our government is supposed to be for us,not against!

    3. @Colleen Ahrens that’s why the governments try to place Fear in our minds. Look at the children with masks. It’s disgusting.

    1. Its all about the HANDS! Make sure to use alcohol and sand paper.. Then social distance! If you can see the whites of their eyes you are to close!

  2. Why would a vaccinated person be worried about being around unvaccinated people?… they’re Vaccinated, that’s kind of the point of getting a vaccine to begin with. Unless you’re saying it doesn’t work, but that would be the same as saying you don’t need to get vaccinated…

  3. 😆 two types of America well we already got that one half loves our country and then the Democrats hate everything America stands for

  4. _”They’re more likely to vote for republicans,” “they’re more likely to be skeptical,”_ —— *”They’re more likely to have actual f..ing brains..!”*

  5. The press literally thinks the American public has the memory of a goldfish… *STOP WORSHIPPING THIS FRAUD!*

  6. Why does MSNBC give airtime to this fraud whom has been caught lying on multiple occasions?

  7. This news is creepy and ODD they’re mad we won’t take their poison it makes for interesting television one of the few good news sections is watching them cry over this shot.

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