Biden Prepares To Unveil Plan To Address Gun Violence 1

Biden Prepares To Unveil Plan To Address Gun Violence


Rep. Jayapal (D-Wa.) says the key to achieving community safety is by listening to local communities. 

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  1. How about we address violence in general. Apparently they don’t care about people getting murdered unless they’re getting shot.

    1. @Dach yeah and it’s also odd that Antifa keep getting arrested and charged but 80% get let off even though, according to Biden, they’re all white supremacists. Why are Democrats letting off violent white supremacists? Fact!

  2. Unless he’s taking illegal guns away from criminals and gangs he’s doing nothing. As usual.

    1. I do not know why it is hard to understand, do not follow gun laws! Only law abiding citizens follow gun laws!

  3. I once owned a gun…it broke out my safe, took my wallet and car keys…then slapped my GF’s butt cheeks on the way out the door. Guns are super dangerous and could never be used as protection

    1. Darling, if I encounter you carrying a gun in public, it will scare the daylights out of me. Do you really want to frighten women?

  4. “..It’s for the community….” Is it though?

    Or is it for your gold heavy pockets? How about you deal with crime, not guns. Crime is crime no matter the tool.

  5. Guns are like super scary guys! I can’t believe everyone can just run around with like fully automatic assault rifles! I am so super scared! Guns like totally ruined pride month for me!

  6. There’s a greater chance of spacemen in flying saucers visiting Earth than Americans introducing gun control.

  7. This dude has been in government for 5 decades. If u can’t solve the problem in 50 years, then you never do it

  8. We all know the real problem and it is not guns it is a certain race and guess what it will never change. (FACT).

  9. The best way to eliminate gun violence would be to deny Democrats access to guns and have Republicans enforce it

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