Police Brutality Negatively Impacts Police Recruitment And Retention 1

Police Brutality Negatively Impacts Police Recruitment And Retention


Cedric Alexander says police recruitment and retention will be effected by police brutality. 
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    1. That’s right. Demand justice for the police killed and injured during the terrorist attack of jan 6th! Don’t be a Mitch!

    1. The police in our city are basically thugs with firearms. Your best bet is to stay out of the system.

  1. The “flip-side to that:” So do the false allegations and misperceptions of Police brutality. Yelling “Police brutality” when a Police Officer was just forced by a suspect to shoot that suspect in order to protect their own life and/or the lives of others… is not appealing to those who are prospects for the job

  2. You have got to be kidding me. When protests are held over officers shooting criminals who were shooting at them or threatening them with knives, who wants to be an officer anymore. If that’s the way you feel you shouldn’t be calling the police when you need help anyway. Call yourself a social worker and see how that works out.

    1. State monopoly doesn’t allow outside competition to fight crime, this creates the “need” for police. If you want to fight crime you have to join the State gang or face arrest for competing with them.

    2. @Constituent A I think that would depend on where you live. When I lived in the city, my townhouse was broken into/attempted 5 times in a year. That’s why I moved.

    1. – Defund the Police! Better yet obsolete the police.

      – No way! You or someone might need them!

      – Not everyone want or need police, not because they’re criminals; but because they can afford to defend for themselves and/or hire private protectors.

      – Not everyone can afford to hire private protectors. Only the rich will be able to afford it.

      – Correct, because the State is the #1 cause of poverty. You can’t really do much without the State sucking you dry with taxes, regulations, fees on top on fees, permits, licenses, unjust laws, etc,  this all effects the livelihood of a person.

      – But we need police! Who are you going to call, Batman?! Ghostbusters?

      – State monopoly doesn’t allow outside competition to fight crime, this creates the “need” for police. If you want to fight crime you have to join the State gang or face arrest for competing with them.

      – What’s your solution then?!

      – I don’t have all the answers but, I think it’ll be a good idea to end State monopolies and let peaceful people voluntarily choose/compete for products and services.

  3. I don’t know if I would go into law enforcement again if I was 18 years old today.

  4. plus this is a format for discussion that blunts direct talk. in other words the gentleman’s not going to say attrition is due to bad cops getting out before they get thrown in prison, where they’ve belonged for quite some time…

    while on the flip side todd as corporate mouth piece isn’t going to ask how much distrust in communities is due to police not going after the major criminals, just because they’re white!!!

    then there’s also the fact that neither will also face the fact in this forum, that law and order is a problem obviously to some extent, simply because the law is the problem!!

  5. Watching Sec Austin and Gen Milley completely school the GOP Congressmen on Critical Race Theory and the military just being well-read etc… the hearing today was absolutely priceless. I experienced deep and profound respect for the military gentlemen as they spoke into the faces of such politically oriented, thin skinned, and spineless children attempting to spin a sense of moral superiority. Hopefully Gaetz will be in prison soon enough. When it comes to hearing anything from him, less is best.

    1. man he knocked that out of the park.. if only he had asked what kind of man is afraid of knowledge it would have been perfect

    2. @Voice of Reason ​ @Lloyd Little Agreed. I had to watch it again, just to soak it up a little more AND watch Gaetz tuck his tail between his legs, hehe.

  6. That’s not the main problem the problem is like criminals on the street and then justifying it Cardinals game with murder and and stuff don’t see anyone talking about that everyone wants to make it both come it’s not about that

  7. I want to talk to people about why they don’t like police… but first could you lay down in a place you normally wouldn’t with your hands cuffed behind you and your feet crossed.. so I feel safe?

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