Biden Says Trump Shouldn't Get Intelligence Briefings | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Biden Says Trump Shouldn’t Get Intelligence Briefings | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Saying senators should decide about Trump's impeachment fate, Biden told CBS News he does not think his predecessor should continue to receive intelligence briefings. Aired on 2/6/2021.
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Biden Says Trump Shouldn't Get Intelligence Briefings | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Trump never read his intelligence briefings anyways. He always bragged that he knew better than his own intelligence community.

    1. He can get the bare minimum and then put his own spin on it. It could turn into a disaster. He already leaked classified information to the Russians that we had received from another country.

    1. @Ron Judas Joe has yet to do anything since he has been in office. Day 1 you were supposed to get your stimulus checks, day one he was supposed to take care of covid. All unkept promises. His hand hurts from signing executive orders he needs a weekend getaway to Delaware that no one else can take because of corona. He said he would listen to science and the experts. Experts said no gathering during Superbowl because it is not safe. Bit it is OK for him! Boy did you fools pick a loser!!!!!

  2. Finally for gods sake there is someone who has tons of experience and knows how to play the game to get things done.

    1. @CR E Isn’t that his job to listen to experts and his close cabinet members then make an informed decision? Just asking as that sounds like a fair leader to me.

    2. @Suzanne Todaro these people are authoritarians, they like strong men leaders, instead of sensible people who listen to their followers.

    1. @The Daily Beater Out going presidents such as Bush, Obama, and Trump would advise the sitting administration and officials on incidents that may either be ongoing or reflect those of the past.

    2. Biden can’t talk! He’s a joke! The crib they moved into the WHITE house is for Joe! When utube posts a topic, what does Joe eat in a day? Baby food!

    1. You must not be keeping up with current affairs. Recently declassified documents, some in our former CIA director, John Brennan’s own handwriting We counted the time that he breathed President Obama, VP Biden and Susan Rice that the Trump/Russian thing was formulated by Hillary to take attention off of her careless handling your classified documents, her unprotected computer servers in cell phone. Brennan never debunked these documents but was upset that they were declassified.
      This led to the Mueller investigation and we know now from the direct sworn testimony of John Mueller that there was no proof of any collusion between Trump, the Trump campaign or the Russians.
      You were either ill-informed or you were living in a dreamworld.

    2. @Trumptreason 4gitmo Funny How 44 Republicans decided not to Run for Re Election in Congress once Trump Got in, Both sides were against Trump my friend ! He closed the doors to to Corrupt Lobbiest !! Ever wonder how after 20 or so years most leave Washington as Millionaires !! Havt had any new Wars the last 4 years !! Wait and Watch !! Thats going to change !! The War Money making machine is back in Business !!

    1. Trump always put Putin’s word over that of US Intel. If he wants briefings he should get his pal Vladimir to send them him.

  3. I’ve been kind of blown away that Federal criminal charges haven’t been filed against trump, for inciting insurrection or any one of a huge number of other charges they could likely get him on.

    1. @madhabitz I’m confused at your original comment stating that the gov’t hasn’t filed a criminal charges against him. That’s what I’m not getting from you because, like I said, it’s not possible to prosecute him on federal charges because of his immunity as President. He can only be Impeached in Congress based on sedition.

    2. Oh man, imagine if Obama had done just a tenth of what trump has done…he would still be rotting in a jail cell!!!

    3. @Puff Of Smoke so he could have taken a machine gun to members of congress himself & been immune from being prosecuted?? I’m really asking so please let me know your thoughts.

    4. That’s because President Biden’s AG has not been confirmed yet, Lindsey Graham is still head of the judiciary committee and refuses to hold his confirmation hearings until after Trumps Impeachment trial. Republicans seem to be very afraid of Merrick Garland and right now we still have a temporary Trump flunkey as AG. Had Garland been able to be confirmed and take over the DOJ the situation would probably be much different.

    5. @Puff Of Smoke I think this Presidential immunity is something Republicans made up, it’s not in the constitution in fact the constitution says no one is above the law. If it were true Presidents could commit any crimes they wanted to and not be held accountable and that’s crazy it makes no sense. I guarantee you if President Biden committed a crime the Republicans would forget all about that a sitting President can’t be prosecuted.

  4. Biden shouldn’t give him anything we allseen everything he has done he’ll some how get them into the wrong hands

    1. @Dennis Vance l do not need to go to msnbc. I already know.
      What a shame to Trump? All the Presidents gets infos.
      It is all to his ignorance and stupidity.

  5. He shouldn’t get a thing, everything is for sale in his world, remember,”Iceland” C’mon he’ll sell whatever he can for whatever he can

    1. It was Greenland he tried to buy, Belongs to my Country Denmark. We are a constitutional monarchy true democracy and a capitalistic country !!!!

  6. That is how a fully grown up man answer such question, he doesn’t do speculations or anything. Just direct to the point in a mannered way.

    1. @Dog Poo Fairy base on what you said you’re one of his hater if i’m not mistaken, we are talking to the man standing right now in the will of American people. Taking actions that is mostly needed, not spitting nonsense and lies. If you’re talking to the other man this is not the thread that you’re lookin for.

    2. @HappyTeeth Democrats want unity and to work together with the Republicans, or so they say. Can you honestly say that the Democrats tried to work with Trump? Nope, they only talk about unity and working together when they have power. They don’t care about the American people, if they did they would have put their differences aside and worked with Trump.

    3. @Dog Poo Fairy for 4 years America live in Lies of a man who cares about him and himself only. Spitting lies and claiming false achievement, for every actions there are equivalent accountability. That is the true meaning of democracy you do wrong you are held accountable for what have you done, now tell me. Did the Republican consider themselves as patriot where in fact they are producing lies and conspiracy theory? Are they the model of the nation when one man with a tantrum disorder cannot baehave as it should be? GOP did nothing to correct what is wrong within their ranks. They only consider a thing when theur personal agenda is in the line. Being critical to someone in a right way doesn’t mean i don’t like that person, democrats wants to stop the lies and do the job when it suppose to be done. Then tell me!! Republicans as of today like Rep. Greene who is liable for being a QAnon and spreading lies for more than 4yrs, would you say is she going to reconcile to her colleague while treatening the member of the house. What you’re goin to do with someone like her? Shall you held her liable for her actions or just being dumb enough to forget what she did for the sake of working together? Then there shouldn’t we had laws to punish the greedy.

    4. @HappyTeeth clearly you don’t hold the Democrats to the same set of standards as you do with Trump. Trump is flawed, no one should deny that, but this notion that you have that the Democrats are the good guys is ridiculous. You think the Democrats haven’t lied about Trump? Biden claimed that Trump praised neo Nazis, which is an absolute lie. Democrats refused to put their differences aside for the sake of the country and work with Trump. They went out of their way to make him fail regardless of who suffered as a result, and now they’re back in power they’re calling for unity and asking the Republicans to work with them.

    5. @Dog Poo Fairy i never said that the democrats are perfect, and by the way, as i remember when the charlloteville incident occur. The President didn’t praise nor condemn the incident, he clearly said that they were fine people. So base on what perspective you are looking into it, being the leader of the nation, you have to be assertive on what morals the constitution says. I’m not saying that all republicans are after their political gain, what I am saying is some of them are opportunist and clinging to Trumps popularity for them to be able to stick to their political spear. As i said before ever actions has it’s equal responsibility or accountability.

  7. Of course not. And now that President Biden said it, I expect it to stop. There is no law that grants him the right for such information.
    #Tre45on does not deserve to know America’s secrets.

    1. It is a question because one of the silly traditions of the US is to give past presidents access to these briefings.

    2. All former presidents receive intelligence briefings because of their experience, if anything pops up President Biden or others within the intelligence community and former Presidents can give advice.
      That being said, he didn’t read them whilst in office so though I’m a Brit, I don’t think he should have them. He is compromised.

  8. Trump has been a Russian asset since the 70’s when he married a Czech national he’s a soft target and talks too much!!!

  9. Well really, “Trump” and “intelligence” are two words that should never be in the same sentence.
    So, no.

  10. I am honestly impressed at how much Mr Biden is actually doing. It’s been a long time since we had positive action in the White House

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