1. @DAVID Does the fact that Trump was paying China taxes while in high office offend you?

      Well, good that Biden’s in office, because he isn’t pulling stuff like that.

    2. @nigel Foggin Don’t bother with your logic and facts. You are dealing with democrats, just laugh when they go from yelling one thing to yelling the complete opposite.

    1. One result of the ‘gas shortages’ is a lockdown. No car travel, no more packing into restaurants like Georgia did for over a year now.
      Hard to find gas here at the moment.

    2. So far we don’t have a shortage here, but I live out west. Regular is around $3 a gallon. At least most of the bad weather is over.

    3. it has to be that expense it cost that much to get the gas from tanker to pump and its the oil company that bring gas to the pump increase the price and so the owner have no choice but increase prices to not sell gas at a loss

  1. There will be price gouging.
    Who do we report it to? Some governors still are dealing with a pandemic.

  2. “…do not, I repeat do not take advantage of consumers during this time.” Like they are going to listen to Joey.

    1. I::f:: y::o::u:: a::r::e:: i::n::t::e::r::e::s::t::e::d:: t::o i::n::v::e::s::t:: i::n ::c::r::y::p::t::o ::c::o::n::t::a::c::t ::u::s ::o::n W::h::a::t::s::A::p::p::

      +1::8::1::4::6::7::9:: 7:: 2::2:: 7

    1. Since a lot of people don’t listen about no panicking, just tell Americans to panic. Maybe they won’t panic then.

    2. @HipsooFilms Biden has nothing bro do with gas prices and the Fed has been saying for months we’d have corrective inflation. It’s vall about demand and a broken supply chain. Would be happening under any POTUS.

  3. “Nobody should use this situation for financial gain” except trucking companies who will charge higher fees and pay drivers even less

    1. @Ronald Blamble :It’s increasingly coming from renewables. The 20th century is over btw.

  4. Biden said don’t worry he has plenty of gas.The only good from this is Democrats are out of gas as well.

  5. Gas stations raise prices for the slightest excuse. And then (maybe) lower prices well after that excuse has passed.

  6. OMG I still can’t believe this clown got eighty million votes. We are going to have a long four years.

  7. Good news everyone. We have more than three and a half years of Mister Magoo running the White House.

  8. Don’t panic about gas, I’m unveiling my new source of energy “Fart Power” It works great for me. 💥

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