Biden Sets Expectations And Delivers Warnings In Meeting With Putin

Former U.S. ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, former deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes, and former chief of staff at the CIA and Department of Defense Jeremy Bash react to President Biden marking a new chapter in relations with a historic adversary, Russian President Vladimir Putin

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  1. Talks can be constructive,being a leader of millions of people can have its difficulties,Biden is doing a good job so far

    1. Biden’s behaviour is getting worse. He wandered around confused in a cafeteria at the G7 Summit and his wife had to hold his hand and lead him away. Then he has this meeting with Putin and gets annihilated. How embarrassing. You should all have voted for Trump. Fact!

    2. He is doing a great job.Finally the US is back on the World stage and no longer a laughing stock.

    3. @Pauline Stephens I’m British and our whole country is laughing at the way Biden behaved here recently. You could see Boris cringing with embarrassment trying to save Biden’s dignity, a near impossible task. Fact!

    4. @Chaos You talk for your whole country? Not my British friends. But wait. Hm. You’ve already said you’re from somewhere else. Fact!

    1. @Chaos Charlottesville good people in both sides comment shows trump is a white supremacists supporter. He put Steven Miller and Steve Bannon in his admin. Both are notorious white supremacists.

    2. @Chaos boy, you couldn’t tell the difference from fact and fake if it slapped you in the face. So stop trying to sound so intelligent. And even if he doesn’t go to jail, I hope Iran gets a hold of him. You know, take away the secret service and Trump is fair game.

  2. Yeah yeah tough talks get in the news . Biden can’t act the same with the rats like Mancheat or the McCON and McCat …..

  3. Warnings to Putin? Sure. You mean like, ” If you don’t play nice, we’ll set you up with more pipelines”

  4. Wow; a meeting with a Russian dictator where our POTUS had someone other than Russians in the room listening… and notes taken by translators are not destroyed.

    1. @Constituent A You’re obviously having a tough time with this…we don’t *know* if there is actually a transcript of their conversation because they won’t make it public.
      If Trump had made the same claim (i.e. “there was someone in the room transcribing the whole conversation, I promise”) would you believe him or would you wait until you saw the transcript? Furthermore, would you believe the transcript was an accurate account of the conversation? No, you wouldn’t. Besides, _if_ they actually transcribed the meeting, why not just televise it?!

    2. @atheist28403 You make a whole lot of presumptions about me. This isn’t difficult at all. We know he was not alone in the room with Putie because we saw him in the room with others present. I’m not particularly concerned about it because Biden didn’t conspire with Putin to have his opponent’s electronic communications stolen and broadcast to the world so that his “dirty tricksters” could take an innocuous email about a pool party, another one about a Christmas gift of assorted cheeses, and a third one from a real estate agent about a handkerchief, and create a nefarious story about ritual sexual abuse of children.

    3. @Constituent A In other words, you believe everything the democrats and MSM tell you.
      “Tell Vlad I’ll have more flexibility after the election”
      – not Trump

    4. @atheist28403 No, I don’t believe everything politicians say, or everything that the media says. I recall well the hot mic incident. LOL, it was a true statement. Best thing the Republicans could have done in 2020 is ditch their clown by primarying him with Mitt Romney, running on the “I told you so” platform. He’d have won in a landslide!

  5. Refreshing change from the Former Guy, that’s for sure. In Helsinki, I’ll never forget how Putin was all smiles and Trump looked like he had just seen a ghost. Quite a different dynamic this time.

    1. @Jeanne Lesinski Russians always look like that. Have you ever seen a happy Russian? They live in the freezing cold and mostly eat potatoes and beetroot soup. If that was me I’d be looking like Putin too. Fact!

    2. @Diane Bannister yes you do you’re livid and you’ve just punched your keyboard and kicked your cat. I’m psychic and know these things Fact!

    3. @Jeanne Lesinski Yes, Trump knew and tried to shut down the investigation before he met with Putin. It’s also why he fired Comey, then the next day told the Russian ambassador the pressure is off.

    1. @Jeanne Lesinski yeah and Putin still has all his faculties, Biden Doesn’t. So it’s pretty clear how that meeting must’ve went. Putin won easy. Fact!

  6. Putin is nervously moving his hands and feet. Does he always do that? Did he do that when meeting with Trump?
    Joe of course is cool. Putin is no match for Joe.

    1. @Vince Lokman what makes a strong and smart man is when he spreads his legs. If that’s the case Putin didn’t spread his enough.

    2. Bahahahahaha what color is the sky in your world? joe cool and collected?? Thats funny right there.

  7. What a nerve of some reporters. President Biden speaking for the United States in Switzerland to a Russian dictator all day long and reporters want for problems to be solved immediately and pressing the President. No Thank you for being their and representing the U.S.A., reporters instead being lousy in attitude and understanding. Your a sorry piece of work.

  8. Where Putin has to project his power…America’s power is un-deniable….of course we shouldn’t cater to a lowly dictator…..

    1. Biden had third graders at the summit? His handlers are getting better at keeping the kids away from Biden while he is on camera then. The last month has been a total disaster for Biden and little kids at his press conferences.

  9. ALL of us on earth have fundamental human rights and the thugs and slugs who think they can take them away need to be put away and out of any power for all time.

  10. Former President Trump: “President Putin is very strong and forceful 😍🥰😘 and I trust him more than US intelligence agencies.”

    1. The zionist pro russia trump is dumb . but usa intel has dragged nato to bs wars .like the gulf and iraq one . alsó jfk stopped operation northwood .sick idea plot by the pentagon

  11. Yes Wallface, Joey REALLY set Putin straight.
    Of course Putin liked the tone!
    He knows “Pudding Joe” won’t even remember any of this.

    1. But the staff and the Intelligence community WILL… Good to have a president again that doesn’t drop to his knees for putin and take russia’s side against America…

  12. Putin doesn’t see us as “low hanging fruit”. That would be a compliment at this point.
    “Whataboutisms”, “Proof in the pudding”.
    Biden was a tough guy at the press conference once they got his note cards lined out for him.
    He was SO cool and confident until he got an unscripted question. Then he lost his sh*t!
    Probably needed a new pair of Depends!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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