‘Propagandists’: Hayes Rips Right-Wing Media’s Jan. 6 Conspiracy Theories

“But the purpose here is not for communicating information. It's to break the consensus of reality so that people can be manipulated and radicalized. It is incredibly dangerous. And it is working,” says Chris Hayes of right-wing media’s propaganda surrounding the attack on democracy. 
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    1. yup, we had two stations when I was growing up, CBS and NBC, then along came ABC about the same time as PBS maybe a little earlier. the only competition wad in breaking the news or adding urgent developments. The Nixon saga played out before our eyes with facts, not agendas. Maybe on Sunday night the local affiliates would run an ‘editorial opinion’ segment. News was simply news.

  1. Tucker Carlson’s lawyer Erin Murphy argued in court during the MacDougall slander case:

    “No reasonable viewer takes Tucker Carlson seriously.”

    1. @Kenneth C what fact would you be bragging about I’m still not clear about what fact it is that we’re not paying attention to I’ll give you some facts if you want to hear some

    2. @johnabuick a large study in the US LOLOLOL is that right a large study in the US you sure they wasn’t talking about your mother because everyone knows how large she is

    3. @Billy Pardew Wow, Boris, used Google translate for that Russian to English Bot language, eh?
      Meanwhile, it’s a FACT Tucker’s lawyer admitted that no reasonable person could believe him, AND that Tucker plays a character, and doesn’t give his personal views on his show.

    4. @johnabuick Care to point out a conspiracy I endorse, in your juvenile, rage filled diatribe? Seems I didn’t, nor ever endorsed a political party, or even “politics” (tribalism).
      Good luck defending your delusional diatribe, against MY WORDS, in MY POSTS.

  2. Putin and Fox saying the same thing…ON THE SAME DAY…proves they are working together !!! PLEASE REPORT THE TRUTH!

    1. Yeah let’s do the same thing with the Chinese and the Democrats you know the place where the coronavirus that killed millions of people came from and that’s the Democrats used to rig the election Democrats don’t want to look that way though do that

    2. @Jock Young -Nope, pretty sure they’ve all been working together. Before the US elections in 2020, Putin proposed a change to the Russian constitution, that would extend his presidential term. It passed, after his opponents, were poisoned, murdered or imprisoned. He’s now president until 2036. The stacking of the Supreme Court, was supposed to secure a second term. What do you think would come next, in the US.

    3. The depth of idiocy of the people watching MSNBC never fails to amaze me…Just wow…You’ll believe anything that comes from that black screen in your living room. Just astounding…Take the red pill. It ain’t fun, but the truth wins…If you dare? You’ll see why their ratings are taking a complete nosedive. People are finding out. You can’t hide stuff forever.

    1. @A That is the funniest sht I have heard today lol. Almost as funny as Biden with all the G20 leaders lol, Biden Breaks in and say hey South Africa leader, and Boris politely says I have already introduced him, everyone starts laughing at Biden lol. Poor Biden looks around like my Grandpa, starts laughing with everyone, not knowing they are laughing at him. Really upset me actually they are just making fun of him it was really rude

    2. @Tyler Scofield You write like you are as uneducated as Trump… and btw, people are reading your comment and most likely laughing at you.

    3. @Fair Dinkum SC reviews, Ben Shapiro show, Lowder with Crowder, then found a clip on the five, and the Greg Guttfeild show and then I tried to find on MSNBC. Where all i could find was people talking about Trump and this big lie. Which i really dnt understand their logic in saying the “big lie” the last sentence goes like

      “It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.
      The greatest enemy of the state…… But Trump is not in power the democrats control the state completely now, they have Presidency, Senate and the white house yet people talk like he is still in control. Biden is President, Trump is not in control of the state.

  3. I still wonder why the Murdoch’s have not been investigated for these propaganda channels. Are they Russian Oligarchs?. Follow their money and see who has stakes?

    1. @Daniel Dos Santos I think there is a difference between bias and propaganda. MSNBC may be biased but Fox continuously pushes conspiracy theories and narratives that are demonstrably false. That is propaganda

    2. @Paul Jordan well theres been a lot of conspiracies spread on here, like all the ones that MSNBC pushed about Trump. It sucks that i have to watch both MSNBC and Fox to get all the news from the US because both sides lie by omission.

    3. @Carriemchardy Carrie well that was my original post “and you dont think MSNBC is propaganda” that is my point

    4. @Tyler Scofield Republicans cancelled Liz Cheney and Republicans are calling for cancelling Republican elected officials responsible for overseeing the counting the votes in states that Trump lost, and who would not ‘find him the extra votes he needed to win’ .

      Trump will push to ‘cancel’ every Republican who he feels wasn’t loyal to him instead of loyal to the results of vote counts, by backing their rivals in a primary—and probably not back the winner of any Republican primaries in any helpful way if they aren’t his pick. You just watch.

      Republicans didn’t want people to take a knee in momentary peaceful and quiet ‘free speech’ to protest police brutality. Well, that just dishonored our flag and our police. Worst thing ever! Cancel them. “Fire them!” Remember all that?

      Fast forward to a more recent ‘protest’—not momentary, not peaceful or quiet…”Hang Mike Pence. Hang Mike Pence!” (talk about cancelling somebody….) Trump extremists beating police with American Flags…

      You might not remember all that. But it is all on video to refresh your memory. (but you won’t find that video on right-wing media, will you)

      Worst thing ever? “No. Oh No. Patriots. Or BLM, or Antifa. Just upset hard-working Americans trying to make their voices heard. Pelosi. Tourists. FBI.”

      FFS. They can’t pick which one to confuse you all with, so they just throw them all at you willy-nilly—because unbelievably to most of us, being kept in a state of confusion works just fine on you. You are so willing.

      I’m very sure that you are not one of your “90% watching ‘liberal’ media” and actually watching it, instead of just jumping right to the comments section and spewing what all you ‘learned’ watching right-wing propaganda.

      You know how I know that? Because a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth more than that—-and again, you all won’t be seeing the video on your right-wing propaganda of choice. You just get the opinion section there in their efforts to overwrite what you may have seen if ever you strayed a little bit…

  4. First of all don’t refer to these delusions as “theories”! It takes a modicum of facts to advance from an hypothesis to a theory.

    1. @Gabe Dudley funny when the brainwashed ask the non brainwashed what it’s like to be brainwashed and we just go idk you tell us Q-Tard.

    2. @Jason M yes. Nothing like pre programming of the minds. Call everyone who disagrees with the nazi propaganda a Q. Just like the nazi propaganda has told them to do

  5. Since fox “news” recent segment that seamed to praise Putin, I’ve already seen Trump cult members defend Putin as “not that bad of a guy” it’s disgusting what right wing media is doing to these tiny brained Republican voters 🙁

    1. @Paul Jordan Yeah, I’m aware of the sizable portion of US society which seems to have decided to go absolutely bonkers. What I mean is despite all that, Trump WAS voted down, so the system hasn’t totally broken down, even though Trump and the GOP has tried their best in dismantling democracy.

    2. @Ali Durand No doubt about it. Trump wanted to be like Putin, Kim Jong-un and other despots so badly.

  6. That part about the woman who got shot did nothing and was not armed is the same talking point that Jim Jordan just spoke about in congress. To me, it is a link that Jordan and Trump get their orders from Putin.

    1. give me a break😅thepuppet is biden.they are trying to push thier socilasit agenda.its not going to work. pres sippy cup needs to go back to the nursing home.

    2. this country is going down fast its all because of biden and his puppet masters.why did hunter get 3 million from a russian mayors wife? no reporter is going to get to ask that old fool that question

    3. @cindy Bartolotto
      If this was Russia you would be arrested and beaten to death.
      Such a ignorant delusional comment. I see Russian brainwashing has worked for you.

  7. I’d like to see what Putin would have done if a mob attacked the Kremlin.
    They’d all be dead.

  8. But if Putin thinks rioters making “political demands” are being treated too harshly, shouldn’t he immediately release his own dissidents?

    1. We are: THE AMERICANS… [ HEY MSNBC ]
      It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….
      It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….
      It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….It’s OVER….

    2. @T G yes if they tried to storm the Kremlin like they did the Capitol they would wish they were BLM protestors in the US. Putin would have them all shot.

  9. …. And the Russian president is repeating the exact same talking points as Fox “News”…. Lets not forget how many times Fox “News” has been caught repeating propaganda that gets traced back to Russian intelligence agencies.

    1. @Stephen Jacks and I’m the same tweet tried to undermine the US military look up Herbert burgman

    2. Fox is Putin’s mouth piece in America. Of course they are working together to take down honesty and democracy.
      Time to shut them down!

  10. The difference between scientists and Republicans is that scientists don’t pretend to have all the answers.

    1. Well, the establishments scientists say whatever they want as long as it promotes the narrative of the deep state. Like Dr fauci.

    1. He is. That is evidenced by the fact that he and his talking points so closely mirror the kremlin’s propaganda. Feel free to sue me if this isn’t true Tucker , I look forward to seeing you in discovery

  11. “Political language … is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” — George Orwell

    1. And snowflake Joe lets their pipeline go a head.. What a joke.. Looks like hunters paintings will be bought up by the Russians..

    2. @CNN MSDNC- HAIR SNIFFER JOE ALL FAKE Trump licked Putin’s boots. Biden owned Putin, lol. Keep crying!

    1. You mean USA? USA is jealous because China is overtaking them in Economy. There is no point now US -dominant world😂😂😂

    1. The purpose of propaganda rags like MSNBC is to create a false consensus. They sell the lie, then assert that anyone challenging them is the propagandist. Genius!

  12. Notice how Putin didn’t even answer the question. He just went straight to his typical tu quoque response.

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