Biden Shares Not-Very-Subtle Threat That He Left On Putin’s Lap

Rachel Maddow takes a closer look at President Biden's mention of U.S. cyber capabilities to Vladimir Putin, and his hypothetical of Russia's pipelines locking up with ransomware.
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    1. The President of the United States literally has dementia and is only allowed to say what he is told to say. Don’t be surprised when our next President is named Xi

    2. @Christopher Moltisanti Does Biden have dementia? Sure that’s quite obvious. But, the dems knew that and will soon push for Commie Kamal to take over. And that will be even a bigger disaster than Dementia Joe. Republicans win mid terms in a landslide

  1. The World needs to come together and treat Russia as the outlaw gangster pariah State it has become.

    1. World’s people need to stop saying that the people of a country are responsible when it is the leader making the decisions. The Russian people aren’t Putin anymore than we were all Trumpists.

    2. @Snickle Fritz
      The people of a Country are responsible for their Leaders. The Russians should have dragged Putin out and dealt with him years ago.

  2. What he left in Putin’s lap? I really dont want to know. But it explains why the 4 hour meeting only lasted 2 hours.😂😂😂

    1. @Starlight Voyager He didn´t take over Trump´s lying and incompetence. He didn´t say the
      covid was a hoax and cause the deaths of over 500000 US citizens. Trump said he would finish
      the wall and Mexico would pay, he said he would get health care for all, he said he would create
      more jobs, he didn´t, Stop praising the biggest stain in US history, you are hopelessly infested.

    2. @Starlight Voyager
      WE are talking about the MEETING and NOT press conference.
      President Biden doesn’t need a teleprompter to answer question. You prefer that vulgar orange klutz with his limited vocabulary, his below average intelligence, rambling and rambling, constantly calling reporters ‘fake news’ cause he doesn’t like their questions or cannot even answer them? That one?
      You really lack reality.

    3. @John Godley You’re just a Parrot- How did Trump cause the deaths of anyone? When he tried to stop travel to China, Biden called him Xenophobic (protecting Xis reputation) or did you conveniently forget about that? Who did absolutely NOTHING different concerning Covid after taking office ? ( than Trump was already doing) Joe Biden. Who orchestrated operation Warp Speed ,Trump or Biden? Trump. Who started the wall at the Border ? Trump who has pledged to finish both? Biden. Who is currently following Trumps policies in the Middle East? Biden.
      In fact no one is more responsible for Covid deaths than Joe’s sponsor Xi Jinping (at least some of the $145M in untraceable contributions) and Dr. Fauci (for refusing to investigate the effective treatments for Covid that would have saved the lives of 10s of thousands. – i.e. Steroid Buticimides).
      Stop being a parrot and actually do some objective research

    1. DonCon to Putin: can I lick your boots, Mr. President? And will you spank me, while calling me ‘loser!’, like Dad did?” I’ll give you a soccer ball!

    2. @black_sheep_nation “Communism all over the world―and not only in Russia―is Jéwish.”―Henry Ford

    3. @TheBarkinFrog You would have to give that job to a Republican because democrats don’t have guns.

    1. Joe Biden Says He Voted for Iraq War Because He ‘Wanted to Prevent a War’ . . . h t t p s : / / w w w . m s n . c o m / e n – u s / n e w s / e l e c t i o n s – 2 0 2 0 / joe-biden-says-he-voted-for-iraq-war-because-he-wanted-to-prevent-a-war / a r – B B 1 0 Y f 7 n

    2. SHHH! Don’t give Putin ideas. Biden is really that STUPID, even if he is 100% phony from the results of the China Cyber Attack on our elections.

  3. Perfect. “That’s a really nice oil field you’ve got here. How would it be if something bad were to happen to it?” Putin’s a gangster, but he isn’t stupid.

  4. I fear no matter what Biden and the CIA knows, they are all still completely underestimating Putin. Who would happily play soccer with Biden‘s head. I’m afraid that we are being far too nice to them for what they have actually done, I personally believe that Russia infiltrated the GOP years ago. But either way, it’s really nice to see a leader in Biden that has no need to insert his own ego into things.

  5. I plead ignorance in this field and wonder how they can be sure that it was a Russian cyber attack and not a Chinese one for instance??

  6. I feel so relieved and happy to have a person in the White House that cares about the entire country and is willing to publicly defend our great land. America is moving in the right direction.

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