Biden Signs Law Designating Pulse Nightclub As A National Memorial 1

Biden Signs Law Designating Pulse Nightclub As A National Memorial


President Biden signed legislation to designate the site for a memorial for the victims of the Pulse Nightclub mass shooting. The president thanked the families of the victims and advocates for their work.
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    1. @Tom Parker – No, they’re not accomplishments. They’re screw-ups, and I also posted a list of screw-ups with Russia. No, he’s not a doctor. That’s why he shouldn’t have been saying ridiculous things like “I don’t think science knows.” So what if the Wuhan lab opened during the Obama years? It’s a Chinese lab. Duh. He royally screwed things up at the border, too. Are you actually suggesting that he handled COVID and the border well?? He accomplished nothing but failure. Where’s that Trump infrastructure plan? Where’s that health care plan he lied about being “two weeks away” from unveiling for 4 years. “Was able to get pharma working on a solution”? As if they wouldn’t have anyway! What do you think he did that was so special? He didn’t do anything but to say, “Get it done”.

    2. @Tom Parker – “Translate”? What on Earth are you talking about? You can’t read? You’re obviously incredibly ignorant.

    3. @J Groovy Did you really bring up Russia? Dems claimed Rusdian collusion from day 1. 3.5 years of fake claims that were never proven. Btw. Who cares if Russia did anything. Not one person I have heard of voted differently as a result of Russia convincing them. When Trump questioned the the 2020 elections the media shut him down. He didnt get 3.5 yearsbto prove it. Your hypocricy is astounding and immature. Go back to msm with Rachel Maddow and Cooper Anderson. The adults get their news elsewhere.

  1. That was such a terrible day…it seems like there’s been nothing but lately…Thank you Mr. President

    1. Riot after riot after riot. Homicide up 533% in Portland. Baltimore is a mess, Minneapolis is a mess. Chicago is a ruin. Biden’s watch has seen the worst spike in crime in DECADES

    2. @Brown Bear That rise started already in 2019, but the spike is this year, that is correct.

      To bad the Trump and Biden Administration have both been hindered by the politicians in the NRA pocket to pass good and sensible gun control laws. Even after Las Vegas poll after poll showed support for proper and good gun control, ghost weapons, closing of loopholes, but 1 phone call from the NRA to Trump and pffft gone was the intiiative.

    3. @Ronald de Jong proper & good already exist. And have for many decades. You are not well informed.

  2. A very solemn and dignified commemoration of a terrible tragedy. It’s nice to have a President who doesn’t try to walk out of the room before he’s even signed the bill he came to sign ( like you know who did)!

  3. What a great president! It means a lot that an old, white male president is actively and progressively pushing the US forward… Eventually!!

    1. Great president? How? So he saved some bar. Meanwhile, country is in ruins in 6 months. Typical libs. All F’N useless. Can’t wait till June is over.

    1. Really? Have ya notice what the economy is doing? Prob not. Let’s just push agendas. June sucks.

    1. What does Obama being president have to do with this? You say it like Obama was the reason that shooting happened.

    2. @J Nope, not saying that. What I will say is half white Barry used race to divide and win elections.

  4. Okay, now please do something for your community, city, state and country.
    Protest the new voter protection laws.
    Organize all your friends and family for the coming elections.
    Vote your consience and hopefully blue.

    1. Tom Parker

      – You need ID to vote. You show it when you register. The data show three things:

      1- Individual voter fraud is virtually non-existent.

      2- Blacks and/or lower income citizens are statistically less likely to have the ID required. THE REASON FOR THAT IS IRRELEVANT HERE.

      3- Lower income citizens and/or especially Blacks are much more likely to vote Democrat.

      It’s not hard to see why Republicans are doing this. Make a list of ways to suppress votes. Then make one of ways to improve voter security. Compare them to the Republican plan.

    2. Am I 4 voter ID in order to prevent fraude. Sure.

      But it is all the other small but significant things that makes it perfectly clear that the GOP is infringing on the right to vote for people of color and minority.

      How? Will be your question.

      Closing polling stations in areas and districts that favour Dems and have seen a large influx of population.
      (Fact: from 2012-2016 in 12 (red) states a total of 1556 polling stations were closed in areas that saw a growth in their population of color.)
      Reducing the nos of days for early voting
      Reducing the nos of opening hours per polling station
      Get rid of voting on Sunday, thereby killing the Votes to the polls initiative.

      Less places to vote, less nos of voting days / hours will increase the waiting lines, resulting in sending voters away cause time is up. So a voter will have to come back the next day, thereby running the risk of losing wages and even a job. This is forcing to make the voter choose between his right to vote and his right to live.

    3. @Ronald de Jong Nope. Your argument regarding ‘people of color’ is denied. Stop with the victim and division bs. The great majority of ‘people of color’ have ID’s. It seemz you despise white people. Why be racist? Most developed countries have voter ID cards. It was rewuired to vote in Mexico 2 weeks ago. Nope. Rejected.

    4. @Tom Parker OK. Stop. I don’t say that people of color don’t have ID or aren’t able to get one. Let that be clear.
      It are the other things in the new voter protection laws that makes voting take more time and more difficult.

      I am from a small rural town, with mostly white people. During elections, I spent at most 15 minutes for voting. Going in, show my papers, get my ballot, filling it out, handing it over and get my “I voted sticker”.
      Now compare that to a innercity district in Atlanta (with a divers population). Their waiting time to enter the polling station can be as long as ten hours. That means, it will be closed and that person will have to come back the next day.

      The new laws only makes that waiting time longer and longer. They are designed to suppress and intimidate voters and nullify outcomes.

  5. 49 lives lost? That’s a typical week in Chicago Joe. How about a memorial for countless children killed in Chicago every week?

    1. The violence in Chicago is driven by the following combination:ALCOHOL,DRUGS,GUNS N POVERTY.
      And the mass killing in Orlando was driven by HATRED.

  6. why don’t we go all the way and make a memorial for every shooting – one long continuous memorial around the clock, 365. or wait until the next shooting that exceeds the Pulse shooting – then replace, or even add to that memorial. the cycle can repeat infinitely. what a well thought out idea.

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