Biden speaks to Trudeau, says U.S. looking at 'helping some more' 1

Biden speaks to Trudeau, says U.S. looking at ‘helping some more’


U.S. President Joe Biden says he spoke with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and he's looking at 'helping some more' with vaccinations.


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    1. I don’t think Trudeau is too upset. I think he may be grateful for the offer. Have you never forgotten a name?

  1. You can tell Biden can’t remember Justin Trudeau’s name and refers to him as Canada’s prime minister

    1. @j k History. The past. Irrelevant. I know America isn’t going to war with Canada over water. I’m saying now, in 2021, there is no doubt Canada would lose a war with America. There’s a few more of them there now. With weapons you have no idea about.

    2. @hatchet 15 buddy I’m an Albertan lol if the frogs quit buying saudi oil and support canada for once, maybe we5d be better off.

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