Biden: "Unity Is One Thing That Must Never Break" 1

Biden: “Unity Is One Thing That Must Never Break”

Biden will visit memorials in NY, VA & PA on Saturday as the U.S. marks 20 years since the attacks of 9/11.
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  1. I had it real bad, I am vaxxed and keep testing positive, 4 times now. I feel fine now, i am a walking super spreader.

  2. Does handing over $85 billion dollars of front line weapons and creating the most well equipped terriost group in the world entitle him to speak on 9/11.

    1. So WHAT would be done differently to get us out bright boy , especially after 20 years? Put more of our men and women in to get out….to do WHAT… leave again??? Finally a POTUS with balls has got us out; and he did NOT set up the deal up or tell the enemy what we are doing or invite the enemy to Camp David. His orange rotund golf cheating predecessor did that. I did 3 tours in country, lost buddies…stop insulting them or me with your bull$hit.

  3. You couldn’t unite a daycare if your life depended on it sleepy Joe. You’re not gonna unite the country. Just finish your time and move on.. Maybe we’ll have someone competent after this disaster

  4. If Mr Biden wants unity he needs to stop exploiting opportunities to divide us and go look in the mirror at the problem. Unity doesn’t mean your way or the highway take it or get out. Hope and pray for everyone especially Mr Biden to see the light and do the right things for everyone not just themselves. My opinion

  5. J Ṏ Ḳ Ḕ Ḃ Ḭ Ḋ Ḁ Ṁ Ṇ ḬṠ Ḁ Ḳ Ḭ Ḷ Ḷ Ḕ Ṙ Ẇ Ḁ Ṙ Ḉ Ṙ Ḭ Ṁ Ḭ Ṇ Ḁ Ḷ Ṯ Ḕ Ṙ Ṙ Ṏ Ṙ Ḭ Ṡ Ṯ Ḭ Ḋ Ḭ Ṏ Ṯ ! ! !

  6. “the current (trump) administration doesnt have a plan to combat the virus. I do” – Joe Biden

    What was the plan? Lemme know guys

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