How The U.S. Has Changed In 20 Years Since 9/11 Attack 1

How The U.S. Has Changed In 20 Years Since 9/11 Attack


Historian Joanne Freeman, Eugene Robinson and Jonathan Alter join Jonathan Capehart to discuss what’s happened to our politics and culture in the 20 years since the country unified after the attack on September 11, but is fiercely divided today in the face of a pandemic and the violent attack at the Capitol on January 6.
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  1. Well an entire generation grew up never hearing the word “NO” and now the adults have to cater to their fellings, um this country calls the leader of the taliban mr president. Um the 3 wars i fought in were all for nothing. Etc…..

    1. @Lil Beruit It was a useless war, but your generation are worthless human beings with no skills, see the difference?

    2. @The Devil All The Time i know lol there use to be 30 year old men marrying teenagers so yea I would say there is a huge difference.

  2. Why is yt so scared of freethinkers?
    They are worried about our comment, how we think. They dont like us not believing their lies.

    1. @acf2802 The problem with AI programs is that they are constantly coming into contact with differing views and information. They are constantly rewriting themselves and that’s why you see the censorship seems to throttle on and off. The more time goes by, the more right leaning the A.I. becomes. They are constantly having to rewrite programming and the dumb down the ability for it to learn, which makes them less effective at doing their job it’s a paradox. They were using AI programs for search engines in the past but now it is highly censored. They have no choice but to use AI’s for social media, which only allows limited censorship especially on youtube.

    1. @Albino .Python true, but now they seem to want to make the Taliban out to be a legitimate government, and call them “business like and professional “.

    2. I used to get arrested for pretending to be a woman in the girls locker room. Those days are finally behind me…. Or her.

    1. @Better Dead Than Red 83 because majority of the racists and homophobes are republicans and conservatives and you don’t tell me they’re not when we have proof for it since 1960.

    2. @Better Dead Than Red 83 racists play victim when they get called out for being repulsive…all part of the Gang of Pretender playbook

    3. @F Y funny you saying that since Biden was segregationist….how it feels to vote for a Jim Crow supporter?

    4. @Rosè- a -Bleu Republicans abolished slavery and Democrats started KKK…..but Republicans are racist…..your ignorance is astonishing….

    5. @Better Dead Than Red 83 racists switch topics and put words into people’s mouths to try and hide the fact that they are despicable racists.

    1. @Rosè- a -Bleu Republicans hate losers. That’s why we want the children to always be able to see the history of the democrat losers. Democrats on the other hand are doing everything they can to destroy the “evidence”.

  3. N I’m glad that guy said “the bomb blasts of 2001”, cuz that’s what it was….bombs…a scheduled demolition. Those towers did not fall straight down bcuz of fire n jet fuel, smh.

  4. In 20 years America went from a free country, to being run by a tyrannical regime that will soon need to be physically removed from our government.

  5. For those of you to young to remember you should watch “An inconvenient truth” and check out what independent scientist had to say about the NIST final report and maybe even check out the lead news story coming out of the Pentagon on 9/10/2001, you’re welcome

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