Biden's Anti-Crime Plan Looks To Curb American Gun Violence 1

Biden’s Anti-Crime Plan Looks To Curb American Gun Violence


The president and Attorney General Merrick Garland are looking to tackle the uptick in crime in American along with the national epidemic of gun violence with a new anti-crime plan. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with our legal expert Paul Butler.
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  1. Ok this coming from a guy who hides behind walls guarded by machine guns. He’s telling you no wall no guns but he’s going to be keeping his.

    Defund the police! Oh no crime went up! Quick refund the defund!

    1. @Super Scary Russian Bot You said the police are defunding themselves by quitting. So who is defunding them? You answered the question.

    2. @O P Country’s going down in ruins and bozo biden’s still stuck on politics. Shameful. Embarrassing

    3. @O P, as I said, the officers are leaving in mass so they are defunding themselves. Democrats will have to start treating them better and paying them better if they want them back.

  2. Joe. what u doing to my brothers and sister who are homelesssssss,………. what the HEL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  3. “Biden Administration To Tackle Blue City Crime Wave by Targeting Red State Gun Owners”

    Sounds like a headline from the Babylon Bee or The Onion, doesn’t it?

    1. I’m sure you would like to have your life based on one stupid thing you’ve done. He’s does a great job!

  4. As a senile old crook once said:
    _”We Choose (our) Truth _*_Over FACTS!”_* ……….


    1. Well well well come the haters, here come the trolls. Here come the agents of Donald J Trump with blind devotion and blinder hatred in their mean little hearts, here come the disruptors the rebels without a cause, here come the actors that are part of the problem ALWAYS, part of the solution NEVER.

  5. Liberals in 2020: Defund the police!
    Liberals in 2021: We need more police!
    Liberals in 2022: Mom, can you bail me out of jail?

  6. The second amendment is not about hunting! It’s about protecting ourselves and a government that runs unfair elections

  7. The safest places in the world are predominantly white areas in America with a high number of gun owners

    1. @Whicker I went to Chicago one time, downtown…will never go back again…I do not like big cities..I lived in Tampa, Houston, Albuquerque, Sacramento, and Reno…Reno and Sacramento is the only two I liked…Hated all the others…Reno was my favorite lived there 13 years…So NO thanks…

    2. @Bill Crowley The fentynol is a border problem, [ both borders ] Opioids Pandamic is caused by Doctors…Doctors is like the Senate, [ pay me I will do what ever you want ]…Greed is the rich person problem for the USA…I feel the USA biggest problem…Because they are never held Responsible, for their actions…

    1. @R L T fair enough. I kinda wish I had added that…thank you for making me laugh on my birthday

  8. So all I heard was that he wants to enforce existing laws.
    While he’s wagging the dog what else is in the plan he’s not talking about?

  9. I was wrong. I said anyone anything would have been better than Trump con. Apparently, Biden is worse.

  10. Why do Democrats always believe that criminal will follow stricter gun laws?
    Doesn’t the out of control crime in Portland and Chicago and New York disprove that?

    1. It’s interesting you quote Thomas Jefferson
      I’m pretty sure that he would consider today’s republicans tyrants

    2. @John Sozio and I’m pretty sure I can jump this van over that river. Look at executive order 13603 and get back to me.

  11. Bye the way a civilian can buy a tank, it is legal it just costs alot of money, LOL what a rube.

  12. This is far beyond embarrassing. It is dangerous. The only problem is Harris, so it can only get worse. I pray daily, ” Lord, save us from our enemies, the Democrats!” Whoever thought that would be a non hyperbolic, realistic prayer?

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