1. Why does this dude seem so worried??? He definitely doesn’t seem to be very confident in himself.

    1. @Jigzaw Tactics Is English a second language?
      Haha, that is how we Express laughing.
      Boohoo, or something like that is how we express crying!
      Did that help you to understand?

    1. @Aeroldoth3 I had a hard time using this computer to find this website maybe Joe Biden was right about us

    2. @rich5817 no you’re not understanding what they’re talking about. No one is saying voter ID is wrong Republicans are restricting the types of ID voters can use which can be harder to get for marginalized communities. Also usually you just present your ID at the time of registration but now it’s every time you vote and again the type of ID is restricted. Types of ID accepted in Delaware are: Delaware driver’s license

      Delaware state ID

      U.S. passport

      Signed polling place card

      Signed Social Security card

      Signed vehicle registration

      Signed credit card with photo

      Document that identifies the person by photo or signature

      So in DE you can use many things to identify yourself and that is not oppressive but still makes sure only citizens are registered voters.

    3. @Will Cutz your cult conspiracy party is what will ruin this country. Your love for one orange clown above democracy. You think the voting restriction bills being put in place by GOP across the states is what you want because you think it works in your favor. It might for a second. Hitler won hearts and minds before the holocaust happened too. Careful what you wish for

    4. @Tim Max that’s no at all what any one is saying. For marginalized people, poor people (please examine wealth disparity between black and white Americans) and disabled people getting a photo id and having to use it to vote can be a barrier to voting. It stops Americans from voting and they all should have access to it if they have money or transportation or even a day off work or not. We all should be allowed to participate in democracy full stop. Everyone.

    5. @Kristine Levine whats so hard about reaching i. Your pocket and shoi g your showing your ID when you vote? A drivers license, or state id works fine, not hard to get and you need to carry one anyway

    1. @Lex Ruptor there is no try helping them they will see the real confessions the real insurrection of United States of America. Then if they don’t repent then they will sadly off themselves for being STUP*. Watch audits and military tribunal confessions are coming everywhere

    2. @Ervin Abrahamian Mr MS Mrs. Or it whatever you are . mark this.!! Military tribunals for all who took seats that were fraud .unrepentant ones will be charged treason already. Gitmo was expanded 2018 because the real humans knew exactly what was going to be played by those who can’t help themselves. Still after audits and military hangings on tv by military then you will Ser and melt or repent. Do the latter .there is no escaping Judgement for unrepented ones. Wake up

    3. @Pat Doyle tell lie vision was named television for people just like you channelled and programmed to believe the tell lie vision. Think for yourself pray for wisdom your probably 21 and still wearing your muzzle that destroys your mind oxygen is needed to think clearly. So take off the diaper. Seek TRUTH and put up or Shut up.

    4. @Pat Doyle audits coming to help all of you Biden believing 81.4 million votes and he can’t even talk for one sentence without his contact lenses that text into his eyeball high tech contacts along with those scripts that he can’t read never mind understand. How ignorant are you people. Your being lied to in your face and Ser it but still believe the LIE. It’s extraordinary and pathetic . Wake Up for real real

    1. So, they (Republicans) are debunking the voter fraud claims in MI? They sound like Dems! Did someone just make up this story & decide to announce it?!?

    1. @Garrick Thomas 26% of our federal prisoners are illegals. Not for drunk driving but for sodomy on children, murder drugs. Ruining living wage jobs in construction trucking and service jobs. Making them low pay or cash under the table. Ruining the American dream for families who did these jobs for generations. The same gangs have followed with them the last 4 decades. Yes 40 years. Wake up!

    2. @Garrick Thomas the real damage they’ve done if I explain will get taken down by communist YouTube if I explain in detail.

    3. @Garrick Thomas they cost taxpayers over $150 billion a year yet ring in$25 billion in taxes. Ya they help us. Now potato let in another million or 2. Still no problem?

    1. Security doesn’t stop the military. especially under martial law. They’ve now implicated themselves.

    2. @Debbie Rasmussen we agree, fox is fake AF too. whats your point? You do realize they own them all, including NewsMax, right? Which brings me to the real pointed issue. We aren’t your enemy. Our enemy wants us to be enemies. They that hide truths and lie with incredible effectiveness, and indoctrinate every one of us with false his-story and diluted truths are our enemy

    3. @S M You left out that the same is true for CNN and FOX. Incomplete truths are y’alls specialty

  2. Clear cut case hear

    Senate: “They did it, I feel it is so!”
    Commitee: “No, they really didn’t”
    Senate: “Ohh I guess you were right… but they could have done it!”
    Commitee” “Your logic is irrefutable, bring out the executioner!”


    2. @S M Although they report factual news along with guests that have opinions on that news.
      I find it not only entertaining, but informative. When one thinks about it, all news agencies are entertaining or they wouldn’t be watched.

    3. @S M You conveniently forgot to mention that CNN and FOX are also classified the same. Incomplete truths are y’alls modus operandi

  3. “If voting made a difference they wouldn’t let us do it” Mark Twain

    1. @Ran Kat Who said I have trouble sleeping? It is what it is, you don’t see which is fine you probably take pleasure in sin so it’s no surprise. (Sorry had to make an assumption like you)

      That’s great you don’t believe in deception, a denial of reality is a delay in action.

      🤦🏻‍♂️ And you’ve just told me all I need to know about you, my assumption was correct.

    2. @Kenny Hughes Since you vote Kenny, I guess, “You will keep getting what you have and still be whining and complaining” yourself.

      Right? Looks like a self owned kind of thing to me. How’s it look from your side? The same? Or do you wish to not own your statement concerning who was the one who started the “whining and complaining”? 🤣🤣

    3. @Ghost of the Tuskegee Experiments Short of a coup by the people or military, “what’s really going on” as you advertised, our only alternative is to keep voting right? Or run for office ourselves to try and make a difference? Right?

      I find it a waste of time to constantly throw out opinions of “what’s really going on” and who’s to blame for “what’s really going on” without at least an opinion how to fix it attached to such revelations that are common knowledge don’t you?

    1. Reminder Operation Mockingbird is still imbedding literal C.I.A. agents in corporate media outlets to spread controlled-opposition propaganda and divide/distract the public from establishment interests.

      You can watch the Congressional hearing here on youtube with the testimony on the former president of CBS. Can also read up on the declassified documentation on Senate(dot)gov.

      Congress is an inherently corrupt swamp of career shills, plagued by a mass dual-citizenship epidemic and can ultimately vote on their own Congressional term limits, lobbyism regulations, salaries, audits, etc… Don’t expect much.

  4. I want to say what makes these people like “My Pillow guy” so dangerous, the purpose of a lie is to stop or undue the rule of laws that protect the rights of individuals.

  5. The shocking part is that it’s so shocking to find republicans willing to speak up. And yet, the stupidity continues….

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