Joint Chiefs Chair Milley Schools Matt Gaetz On Critical Race Theory | 11th Hour With Brian Williams

During a hearing on Capitol Hill, Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, sparred with Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz who criticized the Army general's interest in understanding Critical Race Theory. MSNBC's Brian Williams has details.
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  1. Let’s face it, Matt’s parents raised a horrible human being. Like his idol Trump, Matt was taught to believe that his privileged and elite status meant that he was impervious to any consequences of his actions. And you can see it in that permanent vainglorious expression on his face. It’s the look of profound arrogance, obtuseness, pomposity, self-righteousness, conceit, and pretentious superiority.

    1. He’s disgusting so it makes sense his social media is too! People who have never served in our military should just STFU. Maybe our country needs to have mandatory service of some kind like other countries do.

    1. @Chiang Kai Shrek That’s not a helpful measure. Patton was an outspoken antisemite. If the Nazis were a 10 on that scale, Patton was _well over_ five, so yes, a more suitable example would be better.
      Another example: It is probably little comfort to an Ebola patient to say “cancer is worse.”

    2. @larry zigler So your Proof is a Quora question and a NBC news article? Calling someone raciest is a subjective and circular argument. Innless you have actual proof that person believes that the color their skin makes them superior ? If that is true we know Darwin was racist he wrote about it but we here crickets form people like you? and the Media? The better argument against Gen. Patton is that he was anti-Semite. But You wouldn’t know that because you have actually never researched it. Patton was for the installment of the Black Panthers 761st tank battalion. And most likely was against de-segregation like most southerners in his time.

  2. Milley and Austin made patriotic Americans from coast to coast proud today. Gaetz was still, unfortunately, his usual anti American self.

    1. @RedAngelDragnet just like how every single person that riots and burns down societies should just be stoned in a public square

    2. @Lora Being well read is different than blindly worshipping whatever the founding fathers believed 200+ years ago.. you can support america and be in the military while also learning about a wide range of topics.

      LMAO that you think our military is anywhere close to being a communist brainwashing camp.. goodness turn off the talk AM radio

    3. @Lora
      Funny how you, a republican, talk about founding fathers and the constitution and yet you want your government to tell you what you can’t learn 🤔

  3. Gaetz he is a bully but he get what he never expected from general Milley. That is how you respond to bullies.

    1. @John Mahoney In this hearing, the participants were Gen Milley, DOD chief Austin, and Rep Gates. Brian Williams team only reported on the hearing-why you wanted to drag Williams into the fray is your effort to apologize for Gaetz dissing our military commanders. Seen as how this video has been aired on many vlogs as well as MSNBC’, most viewers have a different take on Gaetz than you may have. But don’t let that keep you from your seat on the wrong side of history.

    2. @gorey4more I am responding to you and everyone. If you all claim to know CRT, how would you all categorize me.

      White male of Spanish decent born in the United States of Mexican parents.

      Am I oppressed or oppressor? I am full white skin.

      Let’s see how you all respond ?

    3. @K C yeah bully ? he just runs his ignorant mouth. this piece of. would run from his own shadow. he picks on little girls NOT GENERALS who he is not competent enough to have a INTELLIGENT CONVERSATION. so the tWIT tweeted.

    4. Anyone? White male Mexican of Spanish decent. What am I? Oppressor or oppressed. Lets test your knowledge of CRT. Do I have “white rage”? I am mexican.. What am I?

  4. Gaetz won’t learn anything from this interaction. People never learn if they’re always talking. STFU, Matt!

    1. Also because he didnt understand a thing he was saying, he used too many big words and logic for matt!

    2. @ 2:46 in this Video Decorated War Hero Brian Williams mentions that Matt Gaetz didn’t serve in the Military – Brain neither did you .. whoops correction here !!! Wasn’t your Gunship shot down in Iraq Brian. I guess that gives you the right to make stupid comments. Now I know why they keep you on late at night. It’s not because your an OLD WHITE MAN its because your a WAR HERO.

  5. The General deserves a care package the size of a cruise ship from the American people. Sleep easy tonight Sir, you did the right thing.

    1. Millie says he’s deeply offended that gaetz would question why the military would choose to promote a movement that forces people to conform to principles that judge people by the color of their skin and not by the content of their character. Does he think the entire country is just dum or does he know that it’s only a few?

    2. @evan doe – The good General is no doubt aware that over 70 million gullible MAGA maggots wanted to give the twice-impeached lunatic 45 a second term, and another few thousand domestic terrorists attacked the U.S. Capitol last January 6 with clearly stated objectives to murder VP Pence and subvert the will of the people who did what the republican cowards in the Senate refused to do: fired Cadet Bone Spurs. So while he knows that a large majority of the country doesn’t support trumpanzee-ism, he also knows it is not “just a few” that do.

    3. @evan doe Don’t worry he knows you are. The question is can you be educated? He was talking directly to YOU so I assume , no.

  6. Instead of hanging around schools preying on girls, Gaetz should go inside and get an education.

    1. @Vida Hernandez CRT doesn’t teach history at all.

      it’s why the 1619 project got roasted by historians left and right because of how false it was.

      the black people that arrived in America in 1619 weren’t slaves. at all. one of the first legally recognized slave owners in Virginia was a black man.

      CRT thinks that every system in America is racist because of different outcomes. which is quite possible the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life

    1. *_Matt’s close to the end of his rope_*
      *_As he clings to his last desperate hope_*
      *_There’s a way to do well at the Graybar Hotel_*
      *_It involves never dropping the soap_*

    2. he won’t serve one day in prison, not one day. wakey wakey. this is the USA. not one day. watch and see.

    3. The Beavis and Butthead look-alike will most definitely get turned over Bubba’s knee and spanked in the big house. It will show him a whole new meaning to the word respect

  7. Is matt gaetz getting a PHD while on these committees? Seems he’s always getting schooled by the witnesses.

    1. Y’all if he learns ANYTHING more his head will explode or at least his forehead will grow entirely over his eyes and he’ll be COMPLETELY fact blind. Right now he just loses the facts on purpose, but if his forehead covers his eyes, then all hope for finding any facts is gone forever

  8. Gaetz fighting for Brittney while disrespecting a General who fought for America. Luckily this General and millions of others fought and are fighting for his right to do so.

    1. @Cliff Medina You just love the word phony don’t you it’s what you see every morning when you look in the mirror creep

    2. @Cliff Medina Affidavits are not proof just someone’s opinion. Sometimes the ignorant make me sick I hate to say it but it’s true.

  9. It makes me mad that Matt “child abuser” gats shook his head at this general. He can’t even tie this generals shoes.

    1. Did it get you mad when Resthomes Cuomo was murdering thousands of senior citizens?

    2. @Twilight Gardens presentations we’re here and armed to the teeth like always hehe

      Just waiting…

    3. Milley is a Devil worshipper. Even George Washington was a Freemason. They all hate God and will burn forever.

    4. @XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII yes I did. Are you mad at republicans who deny Jan 6 as an act of terrorism at the behest of a facist leader? Or are you the hypocrite that you try to accuse others of being?

    5. @XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII Yes, I am. Nice distraction, though. Right out of the “I know you are, but what am I?” chapter of the GOP handbook.
      I think Cuomo needs to go. If Gaetz is guilty he needs to go under the jail
      Can you believe that I can look at my own party and point out the idiots and deficiencies? Thats unheard of for the Republicans. Y’all act without consequences, as seen with the Trumpist insurrection

  10. I like how Matt Gaetz is trying to act tough, he’s literally days away from being in handcuffs.

    1. The civil rights act ? All sounded good but what really happened? If it was sincere we wouldn’t be here today.

    2. @ 2:46 in this Video Decorated War Hero Brian Williams mentions that Matt Gaetz didn’t serve in the Military – Brain neither did you .. whoops correction here !!! Wasn’t your Gunship shot down in Iraq Brian. I guess that gives you the right to make stupid comments. Now I know why they keep you on late at night. It’s not because your an OLD WHITE MAN its because your a WAR HERO.

  11. Unlike Gaetz, who is pure Florida Gated Community trash, General Milley has actually _seen_ all the colors of the faces wearing the uniform in his ranks

    1. @Sammy Allen The U.S. military was desegregated by Truman in 1948. Eisenhower helped enforce school desegregation in the south. The military was segregated because segregation was prevalent in much of the south. The fact that the U.S. government pushed desegregation kind of negates the notion of ironclad institutional racism. Had that been the case it would have been the law in the north which it wasn’t since way back. Privately owned businesses practiced it but not law in the north dictated it. What’s your point?

    2. @Lora My point is that Critical Race Theory research proved that racism is systemic and institutional. Truman’s Executive Order 9981 ended 170 years of officially sanctioned racial discrimination in the US military. You can’t get any more systemic and institutional than that. Black American soldiers have served in every war and conflict. During WWII they were treated worse than the German POWs and came back to America to be treated as second-class citizens. So, yes Critical Race Theory is worthy of study and shows the past patterns of racism and discrimination we can’t ignore or go back to.

    3. @Lora There’s a cult of ignorance in the United States….. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been the common thread….nurtured by the false notion democracy means “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge!”
      I’m no conservative, but a good guess would be that in their teachings, you would find large omissions, or flat out rewriting of history.
      Juneteenth a prime example the “why do’nt these people pull themselves up by their bootstraps?” holding no water as a conservative talking point.
      Or the party of “law and order”, beating, resulting in subsequent deaths to officers.
      Yes, there are genuinely ignorant people on the right, but their’s a dangerously large amount of willfully ignorant extremist terrorists, that Gen Milley is talking about.
      He just sliced and the smug right off the “child loving” creep that Gaetz is

  12. Disgusting fact: Both the General and the Secretary almost threw up in their mouth when having to answer a slimebag like gaetz, who shouldnt be on this committee or in congress, for as long as there is an indictment in his future.

  13. Gaetz smirks and lowers his gaze while the General’s glare never wavers as his eye shoot lasers at Gaetz

    1. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords and gram is too he needs to be in jail for asking the guy in Georgia to throwing out votes 🗳

    2. @Robert Teller 😂these people worship generals when they sit in a office all day. They really think this guy is out fighting wars.

    3. Matt gaetz was dead from general mark Miley glare.
      When it was over trump used CPR to bring Matt gaetz alive again!!

    4. @ 2:46 in this Video Decorated War Hero Brian Williams mentions that Matt Gaetz didn’t serve in the Military – Brain neither did you .. whoops correction here !!! Wasn’t your Gunship shot down in Iraq Brian. I guess that gives you the right to make stupid comments. Now I know why they keep you on late at night. It’s not because your an OLD WHITE MAN its because your a WAR HERO.

  14. Gaetz showing yet again how unimportant he is. What a disgrace that America’s Republicans show the World.

    1. @Maxine Whitfield As a white person I resent your comment. I have said before I like everybody and anyone it was the way I was brought up. But I truly HATE Donald Trump.

    2. @Michelle Adams So if you’re a black straight male Jew with European heritage then you’re privileged and oppressed at the same time according to their intersectionality chart.

    3. @Budz 1369
      Yes I have. I study sociology.

      The theory says yes, the most powerful people are wealthy white males. This is not the same as saying “Hate white males!” or “Hate the country”.

      No one I know who studies or knows about racism hates white males or the country. In fact, a lot of them *are white males*! And are very worried about the country.

      The theory is not about bringing white males or the country down. It is about bringing everyone else up. We are looking for a win-win answer here.

      The fear-mongering that is going on is what we should all be very, very afraid of. It has divided the country to a bad point, and both sides are to blame for that.

    4. @Michelle Adams I’m just worried about the people who push division under the guise of CRT like Barbara Applebaum and Robert D’Angelo. Who say all whites are racist and white identity is inherently racist. Those are the people I’m talking about.

  15. “Being Open-minded and being widely read”… Two things the GOP have no interest in developing.

    1. @Lora dang Lora you just owned and spanked these sheep! Your words are locked and loaded with Truth Bombs! Killed em! BOOM

    2. ​@Lora You could at least try to be subtle about using an alternate account to praise yourself. And calling your response “well-intentioned” just demonstrates the sort of intellectual dishonesty I refused to debate you for in the first place. If after the last four years someone tells you they are an “independent,” it either means they are a lazy minded individual who can’t be bothered to inform themselves and thus dash for what they think is the least controversial position that requires no real facts to support it & espouse some false equivalency BS about both parties being equally as bad OR they are now too embarrassed of a party they used to associate themselves with but also to weak to take a stand against anti-democratic sentiment that will burn the entire democratic process down (and some actually are starting to say they think that is necessary).

      It’s clear, Republicans have become the anti-capitalism party by calling their plutocratic & oligarchic beliefs “capitalism” while Democrats have become the pro-capitalism party with positions both parties held from post WWII into the 70s. But because too many Americans don’t know the difference Republicans get away with calling Democrats communists and socialists even though I have not heard one single communist or socialist proposal by a Democrat… ever. Not even from Bernie Sanders. So for you to come here and spout your nonsense about how everyone on the left are Marxists despite the US being quite far right from the rest of the world’s standards, just demonstrates that you’ve abandoned reality a long time ago. You can’t even admit that the reason a country like Norway is successful, is because of their highly progressive democratic policies that offer a large safety net. I.e. their Nordic model which other highly successful Scandinavian countries largely run by. You’ll refuse to even acknowledge that overturning the will of the American people to install an autocratic leader is fascism.

      I mean, just look at how Hungary went from a democracy to single party autocracy in a decade. Viktor Orban was elected on a right-wing populist backlash financial crisis, packed the courts with right-wing judges, redrew the parliamentary districts to favor his party, changed the voting laws to suppress votes, enriched some cronies on the outside who bought up the media and created a right-wing media machine that supported Viktor Orban, and wrapped it all up in a nationalist bow of us vs them. Us is the real Hungarians, them is immigrants, Muslims, liberal elites, etc. Sound familiar? I’m sure it does, but I don’t anticipate that you’d be willing to admit it.

      The problem at the heart of this is a Republican cult built up over decades by the GOP, plutocrats, rightwing demagogues, rightwing Christian nationalism religious leaders, and rightwing print, radio, TV, and social media, programmed 24/7, radicalizing them and creating mass delusion. A straight line can be drawn through to the inevitable catastrophic conclusion witnessed today from Lee Atwater, Roger Aisles, Pat Buchanan, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, Newt Gingrich, Ann Coulter, Karl Rove, Lou Dobbs, Mitch McConnell, Billy Graham, Sean Hannity, Jim Jordan, to Donald J. Trump. Sure, some in the Republican cult truly are that ignorant or gullible; but most are willfully ignorant, being fed the lies they want to hear. They bear personal responsibility. Part of it’s a cultural problem, as some mostly older white people’s mistaken perception is that the America they knew is slipping away. Well, America is still America, but – like most nations – is constantly evolving, as progress invariably rolls on, but they are unwilling to accept that, or change with the times.

      American conservatism has always been the endless, futile quest to justify greed, but the coin of the realm in GOP land is fear; it’s what they peddle, it’s what they traffic in, it’s what they carry in their pocket at all times. Then, they turn that fear into hate. And that hate is the poison killing them, America, and all of us. It’s the poison to which the Republican cult has become addicted. Fact is, the GOP has abdicated the requisite role of loyal opposition to become a mindless, tribalistic, hyper-partisan rightwing cult that places greed and political party over truth, reason, decency, and country.

    3. @ 2:46 in this Video Decorated War Hero Brian Williams mentions that Matt Gaetz didn’t serve in the Military – Brain neither did you .. whoops correction here !!! Wasn’t your Gunship shot down in Iraq Brian. I guess that gives you the right to make stupid comments. Now I know why they keep you on late at night. It’s not because your an OLD WHITE MAN its because your a WAR HERO.

    4. I am a white mexican of spanish decent. How would you categorize me? Oppressor or Oppressed? Who developed CRT? Which school did it come from? Where did this School adopt the teachings. You claim to be wide read.. Answer these questions. Lets see if you know what you claim which is to be ” wide read”.

    5. @Lora For a person railing against socialism, you sure are enacting the Alinsky playbook rather well. I compliment you on that.

  16. Gaetz tweeted: “With Generals like this it’s no wonder we’ve fought considerably more wars than we’ve won.”
    WTF – “Considerably more”? How many more? 10 more? 15 more? How about naming them all?
    What a complete moron.

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