1. As an ohioan ….I’m exhausted by the ridiculous restriction of rights for your best citizens ….They are being treated like undocumented aliens !…..

    1. This is not the wide west. We Canadians have rights but our rights are not unlimited. Nobody should possess weapons of mass destruction.

  2. There is no boarder security at the Canadian side of the boarder, that was prohibited because of what happened in 1814.

    1. Why would the law state who’s exempted? It states who is impacted. It’s really simple to figure it out.

  3. Avoid the question avoid the question. Just like Trudeau. Leave our highly regulated and safe sports alone.

  4. Christ, this guy answers nothing… He’s asking him direct GED level questions and getting nothing. 2+2 = 181

  5. there WERE 50K new handguns registered annually, until last week when there were 60K in the last week alone.

  6. How about help border agents and police with the proper resources to go after criminals and stop going after legal and lawful citizens.

  7. The real purpose of the bill is to make the law-abiding Canadians suffer and let the real criminals prevail. And many thanks to those who voted the evil to be the PM.

  8. Weird that theyre trying to pass this at the same time reducing the sentence for violent gun crime. Upside down world.

  9. Silly, this just caused folks who were contemplating again, into freaking out and driving sales to the point of sell out here in BC.
    By the way, this was an awesome move by buyers, reassures the validity of where the mind set is in reference to this tyrannical government. Nice job all around…..

  10. The best gun salesman this country has ever seen … yours truly- Justin Trudeau. Pretty much every gun shop that sells hand guns is sold out in two days coast to coast. Suppliers can’t keep up with demand. Epic!

    1. “yours truly” refers to yourself. are you Justin Trudeau? If so, I have some words for you…

  11. Criminals and gangs do not obey laws, we know that. This only targets those who obey the laws and rules on firearm ownership…. This is FACT! 🎤 dropped

  12. Assault rifles are automatic! They release known gun carrying gang members on bail, but then thrown the book at a legal firearms owner forced to defend his home during a late night home invasion.

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