Bill Cosby Freed After Supreme Court Overturns His Conviction

Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturns Bill Cosby’s 2018 conviction, citing violation of “due process.” Christina Greer, author of “Black Ethnics” and Dr. Jason Johnson break down why there’s a such a mix reaction within the Black community about his release. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Bill Cosby Freed After Supreme Court Overturns His Conviction


  1. In a witch hunt- the witch is understood to be innocent. Same thing for the former guy- same lies same guilt. Lock them up💩

    1. @Crybaby Magalosers Msdnc has nothing good to post on Independence Day? 😱 Shocker there boy! 🇺🇸💥

    2. @trunk monkey Msdnc has nothing good to post on Independence Day? 😱 Shocker there boy! 🇺🇸💥

    3. Can’t.. yet. Some of them are too powerful. I wonder why they killed Epstein but let Ghislaine alive, at least up to now. My guess is Ghislaine doesn’t have the evidences. Wonder who have them now…

  2. incoming: the republicans saying “this will teach those darn women to stop falsely accusing….”

    1. Incoming: demorats saying ” Systemic racism keeps blacks in jail”.

      OJ laughs at your racism

    2. No question Cosby is guilty but what u just said abt falsely accusing men happens much too often and ruins innocent men’s lives.

    3. Actually dem presidents are the ones that have this type of story, cheating with multiple woman

    4. @Straight Buckets yeah men are falsely accused all the time and it’s not good. you think i don’t know that?

  3. I’m glad for dismissal of convictions when the process isn’t followed, even if they’re guilty. Innocent people get saved that way too.

    1. Hap murdered a cop…the evidence on that was overwhelming. Strickland however is legitimately suffering from injustice.

  4. Bill never said the women didn’t know he give them the Quaaludes – media people need to stick to the facts and report the facts only not someone’s opinion – 😂😂😂

    1. Yes ludeds were an aphrodisiac in the 70s Bill out ain’t nobody looking for y’all acceptance

    2. This is what you look like when you have to sing the corporate Media tune to keep your job, pretty pathetic but they want to be in front of the camera so bad they pretend like allegations are facts, they got to do with the told, look like puppets from where I’m sitting.

  5. Black, brown or yellow, he admitted it so him being released on technicality is still a d@mn shame and disgrace. Reasonable, sensible people are FOR INNOCENT PEOPLE! He’s NOT!

    1. @Respect Begets Respect Quaaludes do not come in small blue pills,” said Harry Milman, a pharmacology expert, addressing the jury on the ninth day of Cosby’s criminal retrial. “It only came as large white pill. It’s not quaaludes,” which he told the jury were known in the 1970s as “disco biscuits.”

    2. @Respect Begets Respect Not a knock out drug, an over-the-counter drug you could buy at your local drug store right now,” said Andrew Wyatt, spokesman for Cosby.
      Cosby told police he gave Constand one and a half Benadryl pills following conversation about her sleep troubles because taking two helped him doze off.
      He said Constand didn’t appear affected by the medicine while they were, in his words, consensually “petting.”

  6. He is right about one thing: it’s absolutely not a black thing; it’s a rich thing. The proof is all the innocent smuchs he met in jail who stayed there & will be in there till the end of his sentence simply because they’re broke & couldn’t afford a fancy rich people’s lawyer to get them out.

    1. The crimes of a dead person are history, not news. Perhaps 60 Minutes or 20/20 would be a more proper program to explore drugs use in the 1970s. Have may of Hefner’s victims spoken out? Are they still alive? Statute of limitations expired/offender dead. Come on.

    2. Because this is the first time ive ever heard someone make these accusations against Heffner. I actually have a lot of respect for Hugh Heffner. I bet theres quite a lot you dont know about the man.. and hes dead FFS

    3. @Jessica Anderson Thanks, you’ve proven my point. Hugh Hefner made a career out of sexually exploiting women and he provided quaaludes too. In comparison, Cosby has been attacked and punished unfairly and it’s obvious why that is.

  7. Black professor truth, the black authority I hope that y’all are watching this because y’all were right about these black talking heads.

    1. He doesn’t need to be exonerated, he was never found guilty of anything in the eyes of the law because that court case should not have happened in the first place. Everything that led up to him getting imprisoned is going to be expunged and the DA should face charges. These women were nothing but groupies who came back years later looking for a payday.

    1. Nooo, they want people to think it was republicans.
      They know their base very well, title is all they read.

      Honestly what did people expect? They released allot of criminals early cause it was dangerous for the criminals to be with that many in jail.

  8. YES tell this story. Cosby trafficked in respectability politics before it had a name, and this shameful legacy demands recognition

    1. Correction: he DID NOT admit to drugging Andrea Constrand. Read it. He didnt specify who he may have drugged. Nice try tho.

  9. Sadly I heard him in the 1960s talk about his Spanish Fly Woman getting technique. Did the crime, do the time.

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