South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Sends 50 National Guard Troops to Texas 1

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Sends 50 National Guard Troops to Texas

Tiffany Cross reacts to the lack of leadership Gov. Kristi Noem displayed during the height of the pandemic and news that she’s sending 50 South Dakota National Guard troops to the Texas border. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Sends 50 National Guard Troops to Texas


    1. @bearlytraincot

      OMG your a drama queen lol! Nobody is out there hunting illegals, maybe trying to intimidate them to not cross at certain points sure, but hunting and killing? Six shooterz?? Nice sensationalism junior

    2. @Kat Thomas

      No civil war needed, you will never force me to live how YOU want me to. I’ll always live how I want, there is absolutely NOTHING you can do to change the way I live so no, no war needed

    3. @Junie Jake so? You’re a Libertarian…a “Don’t Tread on Me” me folk doing all the treading and then howling like victims when they get tread on?? Got it!

    4. @Junie Jake did you wear a mask through the pandemic? Do you believe your gun ownership rights (and I’m not talking small arms or hunting weapons) Trump the safety of our civilian streets and our children in school? Do you as what I can only assume is a, white generational immigrant dreamer believe others should be denied the same
      Privilege as you enjoy? Do you believe you should be allowed to anything you want just because you are “free” to do so? If the answer to any of those questions is “yes” you have my answer. Freedom is not a Free for All, it is a Responsibility, and I’d wager you are not responsible.

  1. I understand that sometimes people go insane, but it’s extremely annoying when they choose to go stupid

    1. @Stephen Capps

      YaH The Heavenly Father was Who they Crucified for our sins, NOT jesus and what I shared PROVES that. Now, which do YOU “think” is the more important “topic”?

    2. @Stacey Allard yassssssss… I live for Sats to see Tiffanys show…. I wish she was on Sat AND Sun…

    1. @George Hackett And for two-faced money hungry nutcases on the left too. Don’t kid yourself. Nearly everyone in politics is Money Hungry.
      Need Term Limits
      Need Campaign Finance Reform
      Get this crap fixed.

    2. @David C Funny how with all things equal one party rules from a minority and has done for decades.

      Things are not equal.

    3. @srgreeniii I’ll think you’ll find almost anywhere in the US. These people are in a doomsday version of Christianity, they use cult tactics to recruit, and they have a lock on Fed money.

      This gets worse.

    1. The incompetent RepublicanT’s and Donald Chump will be held accountable for the terrorists attack on January 6th

    2. It’s all for show. Her 50 plus DeSantis’s 50 are NOT going to solve any immigration problem. It’s all theater.

    3. He’s really become a mini trump. I didn’t like him before either, but he’s gotten so much worse. I can’t wait to vote against him.

    4. Oh wait, you’re probably from Austin, and therefore too absolutely deranged to waste my time on. Never mind.

    5. @tecums3h And Louie Gohmert, and Dan Crenshaw, and John Cornyn, and Pete Sessions, and Blake Farenthold, and a GOP led state legislature riven by internecine strife and scandal, and a Governor and Lieutenant Governor who, at the cost of many lives and much money, showed the rest of the states how NOT to handle a pandemic.

      But otherwise things are tiptop in the Lone Star state.

  2. Why doesn’t the governor of SD (K. Noem) request private donors to help fund medical facilities – or other social programs – that actually help and support her constituents, instead of making the natl. guard a mercenary force for hire?

    1. Perhaps some enterprising souls should fund another state NG to cross the border into SD and pay Noem a courtesy call?

      Perhaps then she would understand the bad precedent she is setting.

      Only once the frog is already boiling does it occur to them that they should have jumped out of the pan minutes ago…..

    2. Because it’s not about what her constituents need, never!!
      It’s about pleasing and sucking up to her dear leader “the pathetic loser.”

    3. Because she only cares about constituents when she needs their votes? But then, that’s only if they’re content to accept platitudes instead of constructive actions, because any worthwhile political action tends to reduce misery, and misery, as we all know, means money and power for the greedy and the heartless.

  3. Since when did the billionaires of this country start giving orders & paying for state National Guardsmen to take care of our national security issues. That sounds suspiciously like a mercenary army to me. That’s a very, very slippery slope, especially when our nation is so politically divided. This is what third world countries do when they want to stage a coup to take over their govt.

    1. @albert peckham people in her state will not do anything Republicans like there no tax Billionaire control. She likes his money supporting her.

    2. @Maggie there would be not be out rage the Governor’s would be arrested if they were Dems who hired private guards to another state. it different laws for Dems the last 5 years proves that. Republicans can do what they want and billionaires money to give them everything she ask for.

    3. @roger waters we had races of people tearing down billions dollar fences with saws kids in cages there was no Military sent to the Boarder or photo shoots by Senators that 4 years. Where was the photo shoots of Mexico New updated tunnels last 4 yeats with electricity Easier for you to slam Harris and Biden. For 70 years of illegals trying to feed family’s. And America’s drug problems and the certail on her.

    4. @FACTS DC you are correct 40 years of tax brakes for the rich they own politicians and work for them. People get nothing Republicans love there money.

    5. @Jim J. You’re being overly dramatic and you are the problem. Repeating propaganda on social media that isn’t true is hurting our society and our democracy. That makes you complicit. It’s people like you that need to take responsibility for their actions.

  4. Darnn, this segment was brutal. Yeah, hard to believe there’s no intelligence requirement for a spot in government office.

  5. Her stupidity is only exceeded by her constant need for self promotion and her ability to spitefully react to events at every turn. She has done nothing for our state. Get me out of here!

  6. Since when is our military for sale to the wealthy…. Does this mean our military will be deployed for the whims of the rich with no regard to their families and our country…

    1. @Nuno Silva yup, a very long history of the US putting their military forces in stable countries that don’t want to play ball under rich man rules… The result can be seen at the southern border when even the worst most dangerous places in the US are safer then the remnants of these destroyed countries.

    1. You’d probably like that, wouldn’t you? Sadly, your hero Joey Fingers already killed those pipelines and the thousands of good union jobs that went with them. Elections have consequences.

    2. Actually, you sound like you are salivating over the prospect.
      State department estimates bring the job loss to around 3,900 per year over a two year period. These are temporary construction jobs, actual manpower to run the pipeline after construction? 50! And some of those will be Canadian jobs. But you would know all this if you bothered to look beyond Fox and Newsmax.
      Edit: The Austin American Statesman has a good article. Jan. 23, 2021.

  7. This cannot be legal, private citizens hiring our military for personal preferences. The Republican rot has to be stopped.

    1. And crossing a boarder illegally is not? How stupid you sound.

  8. “Ambition”??? Try EVILNESS. She’s horrifically misled, has no morals or empathy or clear sense of right and wrong.

  9. “If you have selfish, ignorant citizens, you’re going to have selfish, ignorant leaders.” – George Carlin

    1. “Aunt Lydia of governors” is Gov. Noem, indeed. Great reference to the theocratic government portrayed in the “Handmaid’s Tale” and George Carlin here – TY Bill

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