Bill Gates opens up about his divorce and Jeffrey Epstein 1

Bill Gates opens up about his divorce and Jeffrey Epstein


CNN's Anderson Cooper talks to Bill Gates about his divorce from former wife Melinda French Gates after 27 years, and asks Gates about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein — one Gates called a "huge mistake."
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    1. @KittyKittyKat If true, that would give credence to Bill Clinton’s claim, that they were just hitching a ride.

    2. @Rich Dollasthirty
      I’m sure billy boy was just trying to “widen the circle” of new friends ! …..Turds of a feather flock together !

  1. “How are you feeling?” -somehow I’m getting by by filling up my bathtub with money and taking a money bath. Then I might go on a 4 week yacht trip…

    1. Please, I pray 🙏 with you.

      Apparently Bill Gates’ brother is practising Christian, hopeful with a different set of morals and respect for God’s creation than Bill has shown so far with his love for 💉 💉 and depopulation agenda

    1. Trump is a wannabe Chancellor Palpatine who would like to destroy the republic and become the evil emperor.

    2. Underground like neck beards thinking the orange man piss is holy water the Fuxking lulz

  2. Bill can fondly remember when people used to try and hit him in the face with pies now. The times have changed.

  3. He could ask the real question: “Why do nerds have to become superrich before women will date them?”

    1. I don’t regret my two parents specialising in the destruction of humanity, said Billy boy after being caught with his pants down .

  4. Other media reporting he regrets cheating on his x wife….really? all the money in the world can’t make someone honorable

  5. This was not an intereview… “ummm.. uhhhh… yeah.. uhhh.. ummm” Come on Anderson.. you pulled punches and kissed his feet even..

  6. Oh that poor man 🤭 time for real news CNN. Nobody cares about billionaires in space or billionaire feelings.

  7. Great job on Anderson Cooper running interference for Bill. You’d think a CIA asset would be able to see that it’s not a relationship worth salvaging, but he came through anyway cushioning every tough question with friendly concern and soft tosses.
    What a jokem

  8. The monster scammer Anderson CIA Cooper “interviewing” the biggest fan of Epstein on Communist News Network: HILARIOUS!

  9. The conversations with Epstein would have been about things that would make satan blush, no kidding

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