Bill Nye On Why Americans Should Get Vaccinated | Mehdi Hasan | MSNBC 1

Bill Nye On Why Americans Should Get Vaccinated | Mehdi Hasan | MSNBC


More than 100 million Americans are now fully vaccinated against Covid-19, but the number of people who still want to get inoculated is plummeting. That’s being fueled, in part, due to anti-vaccine rhetoric from the right. “Everybody is saying ‘It’s not fair to make me wear a mask, it’s not fair to make me get vaccinated’” Bill Nye tells NBC’s Mehdi Hasan. “Well, it’s not fair to everybody else if you become an incubator for a variant, doggone it!”.

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Bill Nye On Why Americans Should Get Vaccinated | Mehdi Hasan | MSNBC


    1. He is false. He said roundup and GMO are safe. That was in court a year later and they lost because it causes cancer. Fact!

    1. In science matters, no-one. A mutation is a change in genetic code during reproduction. They happen all the time. _Your_ DNA is filled with mutations. They’re not reproduced perfectly. The vast majority of mutations are utterly benign and have no effect.

      In science fiction, mutations are monstrous beast hellbent on the destruction of mankind, or super powered beings in spandex.

      One is real and relevant, the other is fiction and entertainment.

  1. I am in that age group. I’m not a little kid I’m not 12 I’m 15 but I can still get a vaccine.

  2. Honestly, those who don’t want vaccinations will eliminate themselves. Meanwhile, wear masks in crowds outside. Wear masks indoors. If your group is vaccinated, then no masks. Next.

    1. @Deborah Freedman Oh don’t worry, I am not too stupid. I would never inject an MRNA shot into my body. My body, my choice. Be slow to ridicule, it’s SO unsexy.

    2. @Deborah Freedman And you’re smarter than the scientists at Stanford and John’s Hopkins? I think we found the stupid person here.

    3. @Deborah Freedman This would explain all the steam that escapes upon exhale on a cold morning through a mask? Yeah, ok. You make ZERO sense.

    4. @Deborah Freedman if you are concerned for your safety…act appropriately and stay home and wear your .01 micron mask. Don’t leave your safety in the hands of others.

    1. “I’m a sock-puppet Putintrollfarm sh!tposter.”

      “Jay Gibson”= Sergei Trollnechev

  3. I wish I could get my whole family vaccinated. Nephew/wife/2 kids refuse to get the shots.

    1. @Deborah Freedman- I’m sorry you have to face this too. There are people in my family who are immune compromised so they can’t mix; even though those people got the vaccination – the anti vaxers are too selfish to care about the rest of the family.

    2. @MJ Genualdi why don’t you just show them the evidence that vaccines work? Oh yeah that’s right there’s no such evidence in existence.

  4. If there is to be another stimulus, perhaps providing people some financial incentive within the stimulus towards folks that got the 1st dose or both vaccinations might help. I don’t know I don’t even know if that would be legal. Half the check per vaccine shot for the covid economic stimulus.

    1. @GeniesAsses es! “using my money against me in that way to FORCE me to put something into my body that is not backed by a single shred of scientific evidence” – Your words “GeniesAsses es!”
      Do you believe the election was stolen? Do you think climate change is a myth?
      1. No one’s forcing you.
      2. Covid vaccines are backed by science.
      3. The pandemic is due to Covid, the stimulus is a covid relief fund.

    2. @RainInTexas The election was 100% won by the right guy. It was not stolen.
      Do you forget where the government gets all of the money from?
      No one in their right mind believes that climate change is a myth, but the consensus within the scientific community about climate change is that the climate is changing not that the change is caused by people, as a matter of fact most scientist not only lean towards it not being caused by people but also that current co2 levels are arguably much lower than what would be optimal levels. Anyone saying anything other than that are either ignorant or evil!
      Covid vaccines are not backed by science, they are only backed by correlation equaling causation, if you want me to believe anything else you will need to show me the something else, I will not be taking your word for it!
      The money belongs to me so I do not care what it is for, in my case it will be to help me isolate, not for getting a unproven shot packed with brain damaging neurotoxins!
      You have ideas that are not backed up in reality. If they are, please take this opportunity to correct my stupidity!

    1. Red herring fallacy is a diversion tactic to distract others or yourself from the main point. Often, it drives the conversation or action in an entirely different direction causing an incorrect conclusion or outcome. It is closely related to the straw man fallacy.

  5. I’m hoping they actually do make a vaccine passport. I’d love to see the meltdown that ensues.

    1. @Oldsmar Florist Oooooo… scary. Conservatives have been threatening that for all my 50 years. Nothing ever happens.

  6. Bill Nye, bring the panel of scientists and doctors who have opposite opinions for an open honest discussion .Make sure they are safe to speak their mind. In case you don’t know, the natural immunity does wonders !

    1. Natural immunity didn’t do wonders for people with Polio, Measles, Flu, Mumps, Chickenpox, and a whole lot more.. I mean REALLY? Natural immunity, tell that to everyone who has died so far.

  7. Didn’t you guys just freak out about Joe Rogan giving advice? Bill Nye isn’t a doctor either.

  8. A fake scientist actor is now given elevated status of expert on fake news msnbc….pulllease…

  9. It’s amazing some people believe Bill Nye is a doctor or scientist… He’s a character.

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