Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal ‘Less Likely’ To Meet Deadline 1

Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal ‘Less Likely’ To Meet Deadline


Negotiations between the Biden administration and Republicans continue on passing an infrastructure deal as their Memorial Day deadline approaches.
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    1. NordStream2 for Russia.. Infrastructure right?
      Fiber lines for NBC/Comcast & AT&T/CNN.. Infrastructure right?

    2. @Google User You think fiber optic cable, for data transmission, isn’t infrastructure? Have you heard of the internet?

  1. I never thought this had a chance at bipartisan support. The rest of what the reporter says is pretty much on the mark.

  2. All those opposition should visit West Memphis AR & Memphis TN….. Dumba$$s in WDC…. All I’ve heard on the news is poor industry…what about commuters & health needs. Eastern Arkansas depends on Memphis TN for hospital care & health care!!!

  3. Republicans want to work with us. Golly gee wiz we’re going to get some great legislation passed!!” ~ Lucy also assured Charlie Brown she wouldn’t pull the football away..

    1. We need to get back to work. Look at the story earlier about the runaway inflation because of this runaway federal spending. This deal needs to be filled because it could destroy our democracy.

  4. Republicans use the hope of bipartisanship to stall democrats until 2022. Don’t leave that window open too long.

  5. If anyone says they genuinely thought a bipartisan deal would happen, they should immediately be fired…
    How can anyone in political reporting be THAT clueless… or more likely they have to play it even and make everything seem normal.

  6. The fact is, even if the negotiators reached a “deal,” the GOP would not vote for it. That has been their pattern for so long, to expect anything else is foolishness.

  7. Standard GOP playbook…make it look like your negotiating in “good faith”, get the Dem’s to drop elements of the bill/reduce its size & scope only to say at the end “NAH we aren’t going to support it in any way shape or form”.

  8. This is all about stalling, then blaming the Dems for not doing enough. We’ve seen this game plan before.

  9. When l had rubbed my bottom with a toiIet paper, oh, l noticed the BLM mural there in a brown dye

  10. If you ain’t got nothing to hide don’t object…ahh but they have so much to hide

  11. DEMS IN CONGRESS, remember voters sent you there to pass bills, don’t let INFRASTRUCTURE turn into another “infrastructure week.”

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