Tensions After Cease-Fire 'Not A Good Scenario Moving Forward' 1

Tensions After Cease-Fire ‘Not A Good Scenario Moving Forward’


NBC News' Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Andrea Mitchell, reports that the lingering tensions in the Middle East after the ceasefire are "not a good scenario moving forward."
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    1. @Jeremy Ramey MSNBC keeps William from getting 10000 subscribers so he trolls their videos as revenge.

    2. @Insignificant360 I know. I actually thought he might have hurt himself after the election but he was back at it 2 weeks later with his xenophobia and childish projections.
      I didn’t recognize this account until you pointed it out. Must be a new one.

    1. If Hamas decides to put a missile silo on top of an elementary school…

      Who launched THOUSANDS of missiles at whom? Hamas launched them into Israel.

      Israel should not have to endure its citizens having rockets launched at its citizens, do you agree? That is intolerable. So they took out the missile silos. Hamas routinely puts it missile silos next to hospitals and schools and water treatment facilities, etc. Hamas uses ‘human shields’. Still… Israel has no choice. They can’t allow rockets to rain down upon their citizens’ heads. Israel does the most targeted strikes out of any fighting force in human history.

      When you build hospitals and schools on top of missile “silos” and weapons caches, yeah. Here’s what Israel (earth’s most humane army does, though). They make Landline and cellular phone calls to the Palestinian people who are in the way before they plan to bomb the military target in question. Then they air drop fliers all over the area alerting denizens in the potentially affected area that a bombing is about to occur. Then they do a technique called roof knocking wherein they drop a drop noisy but harmless smoke bomb on the impending target in order to warn people that the actual bonding is about to happen and that they should clear out of the way. Then they bomb the actual military target. Now I ask you… What other army in the entire history of mankind has taken precautions such as these? No one. Never. Nowhere. No one has EVER fought these interminable defensive battles as humanely as the Israelis.

      Israel has no choice. If you launch 4000 missiles at their innocent men women and children as Hamas has in the last few days… Israel has no choice.

    1. “James Johnson” is an empty newborn troll account, started on April 1, 2021 to simp for America’s enemies.

  1. I object to the Equality Act proposed by the Democratic Party.
    The Equality Act is a lie. From the Father of lies, Save Us, O Lord.
    God created mankind in his image; in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

    1. James Johnson is a fake newborn troll account, started April 1, 2021 to simp for the enemies of America. Ignore.

    1. Bias? Of course, your saying this, and you don’t provide any proof. Are you lazy? You sound real paranoid about misinformation, like some news organization broke your trust. Very sad for you. Have better judgement next time. Watch MSNBC.

  2. Free Palestine?

    Do you mean to rid them of Hamas, Fatah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and the Palestinian Authority? Do you mean that Israel should annex those disputed territories so that they get treated better and have more freedom and liberty and rights and security than any other Arab living in any Arabic country today?… because I agree with that.

    1. @Jeremy Ramey
      If Israel really is engaged in ethnic cleansing and genocide then they are the most incompetent group of people in the world. In 100 years of conflict there have been fewer than 26,000 deaths combined – Israelis and Palestinians. They’ve shown more restraint than any army in history.

      And as 20% of their government is Arab-Israeli/Muslims your claim of apartheid is ridiculous. Irrespective of religion every Israeli has equal rights to industry and is treated equally under the law. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You really should just stop talking spreading those kinds of lies.

    2. @James Braid Majority of Israelis didn’t want the ceasefire. They wanted the Palestinians crushed and driven out. And the one Israeli Prime Minister who genuinely tried to work with the Palestinians on peace was executed as a traitor to the state and Jewish race.

    3. @James Braid Still ignoring the fact that blatant government sanctioned ethnic cleansing by Israel would cost it ALL U.S. support and aid.

    4. @Insignificant360

      The Palestinians are completely self governing. If they live as second class citizens it’s because they do it to themselves. There’s not one israeli citizen or governemnt official in Gaza. Not one. Israel completely withdrew and GAVE it to them in 2005. They proceeded to elect a terrorist organization to govern them, and from that newly ceded territory Hamas immediately began launching rockets into Israel. You need to Get this right.

      As for peace negotiations and wanting to create a two state solution – that is all Israel has wanted for decades. Every single offer, brokered by world leaders, United States presidents, you name it… Every single deal was rejected by the Palestinians. The Palestinians want a one state solution (no more Israel) and the Israelis have BEGGED them to accept a two state solution. YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THIS.

    5. @James Braid  Hamas and NuttyYahoo _rely_ on each other to stay in power. Hamas launching mostly impotent rocket attacks lets NuttyYahoo treat the Gazans as a whole as Hamas fighters, props his Tough on Terrorism cred so he can continue to hide from corruption charges in office, and serves as a distraction from Israeli settlers ethnically cleansing the Gaza Strip gradually.

      What Hamas gets from the brutal Israeli reprisals are Gazans whose infrastructure are crippled and leave them dependent on Hamas for basic services, plus Hamas gets to prop their Freedom Fighters Against Zionist Occupation cred that helps them maintain power in Gaza.

  3. I’m sure Jared and the Stable Genius are working around the clock to solve Middle East peace for a second time!

  4. THE MERCENARY Blood spraying bone crushing Martial Arts hyper violence starring ex FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION SNIPER now on Amazon Prime……………….

  5. sorry Israel, u are no longer seen as a poor victims , worldwide Sympathy for u, has run out.

  6. What century is Israel living in still waging war with your neighbor… that’s so medieval

  7. Why isn’t the media covering that attack on the mosque at end of Ramadan Israeli troops attached crowds of people praying peacefully.
    They are now attacking again at the mosque. This event started the conflict

  8. I am SAD for the children of Israel. I am SAD for the children of Palestine. They will never know, what it is, to be truly at peace !??

  9. In every day life. If an adversary threatens to erase you; and cause you anguish & fear. You can go to the police and lay a charge. Between countries; it’s not so neat. Iran, and its proxies have threatened to erase Israel. That seems to be an intent to create another holocaust. In this light, the intent is there, but for the time & place. When you’re this oblivious, you MUST identify all weaknesses and plug the holes. Others are always the instigators. So Israel MUST over prepare & be ever vigilant, to have some semblance of normality.

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