New Bodycam Video Shows Moments Before Deadly Arrest Of Ronald Greene 1

New Bodycam Video Shows Moments Before Deadly Arrest Of Ronald Greene


The Associated Press has released new bodycam video they have obtained from the moments before the deadly arrest of Ronald Greene. NBC's Priscilla Thompson reports from Monroe, La.
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    1. Apparently you don’t know what you’re talking about. Louisiana is a democrat state and its governor is John Bel Edwards. I believe Florida has a Republican governor and we haven’t seen anything like this in Florida. We do see many of our highly democrat controlled progressive cities involved in police abuse and death of Black people at the hands of armed agents of government. Let me research some of the cities for you. New York City, Ferguson, Baltimore, Atlanta, Minneapolis & Brooklyn, MN, Louisville, Kenosha, Elizabeth City, North Carolina, and now the LA State Police.
      Our new attorney general is investigating Minneapolis in Brooklyn Minnesota along with Elizabeth City, NC and stated that he hears the cries of systemic racism coming from the cities also.
      This has nothing to do with Florida, this has everything to do with us. Like the cartoonist Walt Kelly said through his character Poco, “ we have met the enemy and he is us”.

    1. He was on drugs in a high speed chase what do wnat before pooce can use force him to to a bus full 9f kids maybe

  1. How can it be impartial? As if the evidence would disappear? The officers knew something was wrong. They did not correct the situation. And now, they will pay the price of justice.

  2. The collision didn’t even set off the airbags not was there any major damage to the car.

    1. That’s how stupid and sick the troopers are to say Mr. Greene hit a tree with his car but the car does’nt show any front end damage.

  3. OMG I am White and I can’t even watch these disgusting videos any more, the blatant EXECUTIONS of young Black and Brown men is so obscene and distressing – it’s beyond all common decency and humanity!

    1. You feel pity for the man who was driving so high on drugs that after ramming a tree hard enough to tear his aorta he was still violently resisting arrest (started out just trying to give him medical aid) and died because of the tear? How is it an execution when you have made deliberate choices to ingest dangerous substances, risk others lives by driving while intoxicated, and then be so stupid that even when you’re high you think you can just fight with cops and live? There is no such thing as someone “deserving to die,” but there is a responsibility for each of us to make choices that don’t put us in situations where likelihood of death is increased.

    2. @Billsbob lmao u saw what u wanted to see, simple and plain……these cops and whoever cover up for them,or agree need to be dead.

  4. It doesn’t matter who put the video out going on two years investigation to them is just another word for coverup

    1. Bro they need at least five more years for people to forget enough… I mean to compleat the investigation

  5. When he was taken to the hospital the police to doctors that he died in a collision with a tree. The doctor then asked, how did end up with electrodes from a taser in his back? At which point they changed their story.

    1. That’s also what they initially told his family. This is inexcusable. These cops deserve prison.

    2. It’s not wonder Qpots hate science, its give them away, like shining a light on a piece of .

  6. Let’s not be surprised this happens on the regular bases… we have bad cops throughout the country and good cops are too scared to do anything about it….. shameful….

    1. Most of the good cops are not your typical kkk recruits, hard to intervene when your surrounded by a bunch of yippy kae yay insurrectionists.

  7. They call the release of video they have been hiding for 2 yrs ‘premature’ and interferes with a non-existent investigation. This ‘excited delirium’ seems to only happen to people in police custody or in the process of being arrested. Does it happen to people a football games when their team scores? Or during horror movies? Animals.

    1. @German Salinas why did the police cover it up? Why did it take so long for them to release the cam footage?why did he(state trooper) turn off his camera after he did and talked abt the things they did to him? I’m expecting an answer

  8. After all they’ve done, they really tried to go with “He died when he crashed into a tree”
    I’m surprised they didn’t get rid of the whole video, maybe they tried

    1. The cause of death according to the news report of what the coroner said had slot to do with the COCAINE in his system; but do please tell us what the truth is according to your expertise.

    2. @Ashley Horne The ER doctor who received Greene got it right: that the official line “does not add up”.
      I’d add this particular coroner’s report to that too.

    3. @Ashley Horne my expertise says a cover-up. Your un expertise says looking for an excuse.

  9. Police internal affairs departments are just as effective as colleges and the military handling sexual assault incidents.

  10. Discovering their criminal acts can lead to them loosing their authority, or even loosing their freedom. They need to lose both soon.

  11. I understand the officer who was fired died in a car accident shortly after being fired …I think he was called to face his DEEDS

  12. Love the fact that they have body cameras shows there true colors just imagine all the false reports they have gotten away with through the years

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