1. Everybody that is smart in the world knows what Elon musk is doing all of this because he wants a piece of the money of the future and this is the only way he can get a part of the company and become the richest person on earth forever

  2. He moves it around a percentage or so through his influence. The market capitalization is 600 billion and topped at 1 trillion.

    1. @Kerrie Kupar coming from the party that said there’s a deadly virus only to outside and “fight racism” that’s rich

    2. @K H coming from the ones calling the virus a hoax and the vaccines an agenda only to backtrack when they realise their voter base is getting killed of by the virus thanks to their stupidity. Oh and I don’t have to go to the Qanon crap.

    3. @Kerrie Kupar show proof then buddy
      you’ve all been saying there would be a wave of death, still waiting
      My statement still stands and you have no defense other than, “well you guys don’t believe it”
      no… we just know it’s not a big deal because we look at the numbers. maybe you should too https://coronavirusbellcurve.com/

    4. @K H just check out fox news and how they did a 180 on the vaccine including much of the GOP. They just realised that 99% of all people getting hospitalized are non vaccinated that’s a fact and most of those folks are Republicans. Well done your killing your own base.
      But alas we’d be better off with fewer idiots.

  3. currency is not really a currency.. its all made up. ‘real money’ is not a thing – trump tweets something stupid and the energy market tanks and the value of everything in the world changes, all of which is predicated on how much linen rectangles you can swap and how badly the other guy wants your linen

  4. Why do you think Bitcoin has lost 50% in value over two months? Its because there are far more sellers than buyers. So if everyone is HODL, diamond hands, bla bla bla and Musk et al are talking it up, who is selling? It’s the whales!

  5. By the way, for some reason this quote comes to mind: ‘First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win’. CNN seems to be between second and third stage 😀

  6. So to level the playing field, maybe we should talk about the US dollar and infinity printing….or should we ignore it..? Asking for a friend.

  7. I find it extremely unlikely that Elon’s impact on Bitcoin will be judged by the first half of 2021. Those that think it will be are extremely short sighted.

  8. These guys sound like all dinosaurs in the Industrial Age.
    Move aside brother this is the digital age !

    1. Joined the trade group a while ago, and its really amazing! Multiple setups posted every day, easy to learn videos and excellent spreadsheet that is so useful for finding your own patterns and most importantly he wants you to make progress so you are well prepared for the upcoming blast off in the crypto space, my one regret is that I did not find and join the group years ago! I appreciate you Dr. Bernard, swear you are the real deaI !

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