Black Teacher Accused Of Bias For Teaching The Reality Of Slavery 1

Black Teacher Accused Of Bias For Teaching The Reality Of Slavery


The critical race theory controversy which is really a rejection of anti-racism teachings has teachers like Rodney Pierce caught in the crossfire. Pierce is a social studies teacher at Red Oak Middle School in Battleboro, North Carolina and was social studies teacher of the year in 2019. Now, Pierce is facing resistance from parents saying that his teaching of history and race is biased.

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    1. @Anon Nympho Dude you got some serious issues with Americans and we won’t let you talk down to us on the streets either. KEYBOARD WARRIOR arrest the teachers that spread communism and Marxist ideas.

    2. @My Pillow Guy stop lying. That’s all you trolls do in this ECHO chamber. Parents are waking up to ALL YOUR LIES. You can’t stop them from standing up to your racist rhetoric. We will win bigots from the left have NO PLACE in America.

    3. @Romeo you, you. that would be you spreading communism and Marxism. Let us know where you are so we can come and arrest you!

    4. @Anon Nympho Dude you don’t have ANY AUTHORITY to arrest anyone. Don’t say WE you have no control. KEYBOARD WARRIOR.

  1. It’s the same people who complain about removing statues glorifying racists cuz “we might forget the past” who don’t want their kids to even know about the past.

    1. @Spencer PhilippineDream I don’t care about statues, I care about our treaties, federal redevelopment funding and resources that have been withheld from Black Americans.

    2. @Alex W stop LYING about how African Americans are treated. They have PRIVILEGE in America. More than you.

    3. @Romeo BLM is known for lynching White people? In no way is the KKK similar to BLM, stop being hyperbolic.

    4. @Alex W BLM has caused changes in some areas of the country. They are not just about protesting.

  2. I’m 46 and white and watched Roots in my junior high social studies class. It didn’t make me feel guilty. We didn’t call it critical race theory back then. It was called history.

    1. Romeo is a *TROLL* whose YouTube account is only one month old and has over 1,000 comments on this channel alone.

      *PAID TROLL*

    2. @Romeo what on earth has it got to do with communism?!! Do you actually have any idea of what you’re on about? You are clearly just mouthing idiotic slogans.

    3. @Peter Garm if teachers teach MARXIST CRT they should be arrested. It’s that simple. Don’t know why you have such a hard time unless you know it’s happening and think it’s funny.

    4. @Romeo please cite example of Marxist ‘crt’ that has been taught. Make sure that example is Marxist as you claim and not just vaguely leftist.

  3. I’m from Tulsa, went to public schools K-12, and never heard a word about the 1921 race massacre until I was in college…on the west coast. Clearly, there are forces at work in red states that would like to whitewash our history.

    1. Chris – When my son was in the sixth grade, Ken Burn’s Civil War series had just come out. The teacher was a Civil War fan and never got to teach it because it was always late in the year. But because he had 22 boys, he taught it first. And we had the Burns to watch. I knew VERY little before that. Love Ken Burns.

    2. @Roshai Moore And that is the exact knowledge that these people are fighting to hide from you. There is so much more to learn that will make some people proud and some sad ; but it needs to be taught to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

    3. @Jackie Paper Nope. Actually, there are hundreds of race massacres in this country. And these are just the race massacres against black people. We haven’t covered the history of massacres against Indigenous Americans. We haven’t mentioned what happened to Mexicans after the annexation of what was Mexico. Unfortunately, most of us are woefully behind when it comes to the history of this country, and we won’t be catching up any time soon.

  4. Seems as though there’s a parallel to the book burning in Nazi Germany before WWII. Try as you may, you cannot re-write history. The truth shall set you free. Let our teachers do what they do best…..teach the truth. If you do not learn from history you are doomed to repeat it.

    1. I’d love to check out all the Right wing Books in the Library and then tell the Head Librarian the House burned down and negotiate a payment plan. I doubt any head librarian any where wouldn’t be sympathetic.

    2. I’m afraid I think that all of her history has been written and rewritten and rewritten again. I’m not saying that we don’t do the best we can either. It’s hard to know the truth let alone to tell the truth.

    3. @John Clarke I’m a Christian and the students need to be taught what you’re suggesting in their Church.

  5. It’s the Republicans that want to teach and conserve “history” but only what’s convenient.

    1. @Mastodon1976 No, that’s quite literally what leftists are doing to our school districts, not conservatives. It’s called critical race theory, and it’s ahistorical garbage.

  6. History repeats itself because it’s either not taught properly, hidden or not taught at all. And this starts from prior generations and is being shoveled or forwarded to new generations. The history that is being taught in schools currently need to step up in that area to make things better for all ethnicities.

    1. @Romeo what history should he learn, got some books, shows or documentaries you can suggest, because the only ignorance i see here is yours. So come with some suggestions from your vast historical education, or my suggestion to you would be to stop posting ignorant comments.

    2. @mike askme black people don’t want this in school either. you’re not oppressed. Go cry to mommy

    3. @Romeo how do you know, have you talked to every black person in the USA, or are you just speaking about the black people like Owens? I am “black”, I have two bi-racial children, and I want my children taught the true history of the country they are born into, maybe you prefer your children to go around believing in mythology, but i teach my children the truth will set you free. Also CRT has nothing to do about oppression and everything to do about how the government both state and federal put policy in place that still effects me and all those around me. Its not a admission of guilt, its teaching our history to explain our past and present and how we can avoid the same mistake in the future.

    4. @mike askme videos prove it. I don’t want my kids LIED to about our history. They will NOT FEEL GUILTY! You hear me!! NEVER!

    5. @Romeo Romeo Romeo Romeo. You speak of something you know nothing about. Worse you speaking with a verbal posture of fear. Do you fear the truth? No, that’s not it. You fear losing power. Unfortunately for you, knowledge and wisdom is power and you have none.

  7. It’s about time the truth be taught in school about slavery…instead of in movies and magazines.

    1. @Hyssop branch HewnRock you’re not oppressed. Anyone teaching communism to children need to be arrested.

    2. @evan doe hi…I went to a school that never brought up what happened to John Lewis or Medgar Evers or the integration in Alabama and Mississippi, and it is good to be informed, even the fact those slaves were taken from Africa and their descendants have no idea from where. I read Alex Haley’s Roots and that is a good book to read as a teen. But I got nothing from school. I also read his Malcolm X because I did not know who he was.

  8. This reminds me of when Bill Bar was asked if he was scared of how the future would portray him and his reply was “ It depends who writes the history “

    1. I forgot about that, and as of right now historians just rated Trump the 4th worst president in US history, and the most corrupt administration in US history.

    1. @gin-N-aujus you don’t even know what critical race theory is. This isn’t CRT IT’S AMERICAN HISTORY! SLAVERY HAPPENED! RACISM HAPPENED! You can’t hide it or wash it away. We all have the blood of slaves and murdered Native American on our hands because we benefit even today from the evils committed against them. NOTHING YOU DO CAN CHANGE THAT!

    2. @gin-N-aujus Well said. From a man who doesn’t know what CRT is and who hasn’t bothered to find out. Nor who teaches the theory or what consequences have come from its peer review since its introduction decades ago. Ignoramus.

    3. @Bryan Reynolds LOL…and you do?? CRT is hate America. Yes slavery and racism HAPPENED but not to the OVERBLOWN degree its happening TODAY….progress made. A majority of Americans are GOOD AND DECENCY PEOPLE. STOP with the bleeding heart liberal CRIES OF WHITE GUILT. ppsss that is part of critical hate theory too.

    4. @a propos LOL…CRT IS HATE AMERICA. A neo-marxist ideology of critical theory replacing the class struggle to a race struggle. You can thank Saul Alinsky and Herbert Macuse for that. Parents need to recognize this as EVILS and goes against the grain of MLK DREAM OF CHARACTER OVER SKIN COLOR. Yes introduced years ago at Universities as a theory and not a FACT. And subversively taught in K-12 to indoctrinate students rather than to teach them HOW. Thanks for your buffoonery.

  9. Thank you Mr. Pierce, for your courage and professionalism. If you haven’t already, you should consider mentoring teachers entering the profession.

    1. @gin-N-aujus no…it isn’t. History should be taught with warts and all. The founding fathers were not perfect. They were a product of their times and also owned slaves. Remember that they only allowed male, white, 21 and older who owned property the right to vote. Fortunately we have progressed from those outdated views.

    2. @Beverly Yes it is. A marxist ideology from their playbook critical theory. Replacing the class struggle to a race struggle. You can thank Saul Alinsky and Herbert Marcuse for hate America. What is even worse its an Anti-civil rights movement going against the grain of Martin Luthor King’s Dream….character over skin color.

    3. @gin-N-aujus you’re talking bull, history is what it is like it or not! Our kids here are taught the history of Britain’s role in Americas slavery, what you going to do muffle us as well!

    4. @gin-N-aujus btw you really need to study Marxist ideology and a little about MLK too because you are obviously ignorant to both.

  10. Hiding ANY historical event is wrong, it happened, we should remember and teach the bad to prevent some things ever happening again.

    1. @Dudley Burleson Please read King’s speech in it’s entirety. Though I’m sure King wanted white people to be judged by their character, he was specifically addressing how white people judge black people. Secondly, White America and Black America have always been divided. Had we not been, there would never have been the need for a MLK or even a civil rights movement. Lastly, the only way it will end well for all of us is when racism finally ends.

    2. @john Kiefer Lesser known fact, did you know Biden is a Racist?
      His racial gems can be found on YT.

    3. @Andrea Brown The overall question for the Dems, what is the end goal?
      Equal opportunity for all, or equal results?

  11. Those having a problem with having a problem with the truth being taught need to take an American history class. This man, this teacher is so so right

  12. As a mexican american i know more about the history about the USA then about my native country mexico i love history my major in college was to become a history teacher but i went the other way i became an hvac tech but i still love history and my kids can ask me about history stuff and i help them out with there work i love history and try to teach them about slavery wars and so on

    1. Look into how in the 60s how Mexicans and Mexican Americans were not allowed to drink from certain water fountains and how it was forbidden to speak Spanish at públic schools. Read about the southwest it’s said the US won and others say it was robbed from Mexico!! I mean there so much to teach

  13. It’s absurd to think that history can be taught without teaching the the atrocities regarding slavery and how slaves built the as well as other counties. Have they not beard of the internet. History will never be silenced. Parents should insist it be taught or sue the public school district.

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