Blinken says Putin’s invasion has backfired

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken appeared as a guest on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” To cheers and applause, Blinken said an independent, sovereign Ukraine will be around a lot longer than a Vladimir Putin. #CNN #News


  1. Consider the following:
    a. ‘IF’ Russia played nice with other nations, NATO would not be necessary.
    b. ‘IF’ Russia wanted to ‘beat’ NATO, Russia should play nice with other nations. NATO would not know what to do with themselves.
    c. ‘BUT’ since Russia does not play nice with other nations, NATO is necessary.

    1. @Cropper Copper Cropper you know that’s how the Cuban missile crisis began right? Russia put missiles in Cuba in ’62 because We put them in Turkey a year earlier in 1961. It was done in retaliation.

  2. I’d say it’s backfired big time, especially now Sweden and Finland’s coming on-board, ✌

    1. @Lucky Luke in fact the whole of Western Europe didn’t put up much of a fight against the Nazi’s. eg. Netherlands lasted 4 days before surrendering and collaborating. the figure of 20 million includes a majority of non-combatants and not just Russians. many Ukrainians died fighting the Germans (and the Russians).

  3. Here in the Netherlands, the people were never concerned with foreign affairs, and sceptical to the EU. Even when Russia shot down and killed almost 300 Dutch flying on MH17 in 2014, we continued relations and trade as we always had.
    Something has changed in our society. The EU is now seen as pivotal, instead of a burden. Russia is seen as an enemy, instead of a ‘bear that mustn’t be awoken’. So yes.
    This invasion has really backfired for Russia.

    1. @Cropper Copper China owning the majority of USA debt is the best protection Chins and the USA have against any potential fight between the two nations. If China attacked USA, the USA would cancel the debt. USA and China may not have anti-aggression treaties (I don’t know), but Chins and USA have negotiated many CONTRACTS with each other, and those create strong mutual incentives for peace.
      Putin ignored all of Russia’s business contracts with the West, and THAT has been his downfall.

    2. @Cropper Copper Nonsense. If China called USA debt, the citizens would really to the aid if the Federal government. USA has never had to ask the citizens to advance pay their taxes. All USA gov. would have to do is wave the federal penalties on withdrawing funds from retirement accounts, and citizens across the nation would write checks to make good the debt.
      Debt is a GOOD influence on China/USA relations.
      Look how fast USA locked up Russia’s savings when Russia became an intolerable aggressor.
      China buying USA debt is the best assurance USA has that China will not be an aggressor against USA. China attacking USA is about the only circumstance that USA would deny the debt and say no to China.
      China and USA have every reason to negotiate away the kinds of conflict that would lead them to open hostilities.
      Trade is the best source of friendship between USA and China.

    1. Попробуй,вы только в телефонах смелые))),что то ни америка ни европа не заходит на украину,потому что понимают,что против них Россия будет использовать другое оружие,а не то что против Украины

  4. I think even after this war ends in Ukraine, Ukraine will still need more powerfulweapons from westerners, to deploy some in the border with russia, and everywhere in the cities 😩

    1. @zenmemo I have known much older people that were just fine . Age affects everyone differently. My best personal example was a lady named Helen. She was the first female deputy Sheriff in the state of Utah . I met her when she was 101 years old she was sharp as a tack . She couldn’t walk anymore had outlived all five of her daughters and could converse intelligently on any subject . A wonderful lively lady , funny and smart . It was a pleasure to her . She didnt take any BS from anyone either . Biden on the other hand is out to lunch .

    2. @Тимофей The worth of the Ruble, the corruption and organized criminal activities and the black market economy isn’t to everyone’s liking. You’re more than welcome to move there, or stay there. The statistical analysis is clear. Free people don’t yearn to live in Russia. It’s not on the top twenty of places people dream of retiring to. True words. Every one.

    3. Relax. Finland and Sweden joining NATO is just part of Putin’s 5D chess we can’t understand.

  5. “The world is in more peril from those who tolerate evil or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” -Dr. Albert Einstein, March 30 1953

  6. Turkey is going to want some help in keeping their economy functioning. Perhaps some loans with favorable interest rates, and some forgiveness on it’s old det?

  7. Mr. Blinken, I have never seen such prudence in handling foreign affairs as this administration. congratulations, if we get out of this alive.

  8. Let’s hope that Finland & Sweeden Application into NATO gets Approved. Whether Putin gets the Message that Western Europe is going to DEFEND itself Against Russia & Putin Attack. This is Purely for DEFENSIVE PURPOSES. It IS NOT OFFENSIVE in any way shape or form.

    1. And why would Russia attack Finland or Sweden? You’d better tell me why the US attacked Iraq and killed 800,000 people there? Where is the USA, and where is Iraq? What exactly threatened such a distant Iraq, exceptional America?

  9. Take a moment to pray for the brave Ukrainian men and women framers who are still working in the midst of this so-called “special operation” because they want to honour their responsibility of feeding the world.

  10. There are so many broken hearts, broken people, so much broken logic. People drowning in despair with the clouds of war spinning all around. If there was ever a time for those in power to be magnanimous and say stop this insanity, stop this madness. It is now. Right now!

    1. Ooooooooo I’m pressing the red button!!!! So, no!!! I want mass graves every where like Starbucks 👍😫. Ok?

  11. What is Turkeys deal, are they really still taking this hardline stance against the Kurds? They are a people without a nation, who deserve one, and have been great allies of the US.

  12. there’s no error in the decision made by Finland and Sweden to join NATO,
    the error is in the man who believes that possessing nuclear warheads gives him immunity to ravage any country anytime anywhere for no good reason

    1. А где вы были раньше когда нато бомбило ирак,афганистан,ливию,сирию,югославию?

  13. #4 Rationing has already begun in Spain… In Spain, the country started experiencing sporadic shortages of different products like eggs, milk and other dairy products almost immediately following the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. In early March, major supermarkets like Mercadona and Makro began rationing sunflower oil.

  14. Thank you, Mr. Bremmer…that all makes clear sense. My own major concern is that this iteration of Russia: Putin’s Russia, will over time try again with a different strategy…different enough to have a victory. “I have a dream…”, like Martin Luther King, I hope for Europe to do continuous vigilance on Russia until they know they have a true partner.

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