Health officials investigating monkeypox case in Massachusetts

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is collaborating with Massachusetts health officials on an investigation into a case of monkeypox, the agency said in a statement. #CNN #News


  1. EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! That disease looks sooo GROSS!!! I sure hope i don’t catch it!!!

    1. No lengthy make out sessions with weirdos who don’t take health seriously and you’ll probably be good.

    2. You’ll be fine. It’s very very hard to catch and we have treatments to help with infection. Sides there are worse looking diseases. Ever seen leprosy, late stage tuberculosis or Necrotizing Fascitis?

  2. I’ve heard of monkeypox before but I didn’t even think it was in the US well that’s a new one on me now🤔

    1. @Denny Roling definitely not his fault gas is almost $5.00.. just like last time he was in office and gas was almost $5.00.

  3. OMG!!! I sure hope I don’t catch that extremely GROSS looking disease!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

    1. We already have meds to treat it as well as 2 vaccines. We’ve been taking it seriously for 70 years.

  4. For those that are curious monkeypox is in no way shape or form related to smallpox aside from being a very distant cousin in the same viral family. That means it WON’T turn into smallpox. It’s also extremely difficult to catch. Most cases are in Africa and mostly from eating infected bushmeat. We’ve known about Monkeypox since the 50s and in that time we’ve gotten meds that can treat it and 2 vaccines that can prevent it. One is the smallpox vaccine. This acts as a sort of umbrella that protects against other pox viruses since they share similar structures.

    1. @MrLoobu yeah something is blocking it. Most likely a certain app. The gist was I was using two related pathogens botulism and tetanus to explain how even though they are part of the same family and show similar symptoms i.e. paralysis they are not the same disease. Botulism causes flaccid paralysis and tetanus causes spasming paralysis. Same story with monkeypox and smallpox. They both have similar symptoms but smallpox was far more lethal due to how destructive it was while monkeypox is incredibly mild in comparison. Worst case is you get an infection lasting 4 weeks with monkeypox while you’d be dead within the week with smallpox.

  5. These people are stunningly ineffective. This who ‘protects’ our Country? My goodness, what do they do?

  6. This shows that the “trade of exotic animals” needs to stop. Not only is it a heinous and inhumane life for the animal if it’s in a roadside zoo or worse if eaten. Let animals be free. Disrupting their world only brings on problems for the humans trying to survive this this world.

  7. Dr. Shaffner is a wonderful character! He is so animated and clear. I wish that I could communicate so expressively.

  8. – Spanish Flu, 1919
    – H2N2, 1957
    – H3N2, 1968
    – H5N1, 1997
    – SARS, 2003
    – H7N9 Bird Flu, 2006
    – H1N1 Swine Flu, 2009
    – Porcine Pestivirus, 2013
    – Covid-19, 2019
    – Monkeypox, 2022 (🇨🇳?)
    These above viral outbreaks for the *past 100 years* have come from China🇨🇳.

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