1. She’ll be out in November. She only got the seat because McCain died and lost before that in another seat in the mid terms.

    1. Vander valid I will make it my life’s mission to keep this disgusting “woman” out of office. She has inspired and motivated me to do whatever is necessary to show that she does not have the political chops to remain in politics and is an offense to all people, especially women. I am embarrassed that she represents my state and even more embarrassed as a woman that she was able to slide into this position based solely on the loss of a great man. She is disgusting

    1. @Liberal Saiyan Its actually over 15,000 now. So literally now any time he moves his mouth or breathes he’s lying.

    2. @uncle Ricky yep and if HE doesn’t get reelected he’s going to prison. Thank you Mueller 👍💜😀

    3. Liberal Saiyan name 1 actual quote of a lie. Just cause CNN says it, doesn’t make it true. In fact the opposite is more likely!

    4. Elkslayer 🤦🏻‍♂️you goldfish are pathetic! You believe anything CNN says, despite them being proven wrong on about 90% of what they report. How many millions did they have to pay Nick Sandman? Because they told the truth, right? 🤣

    1. Vote Democrat get a second job so you can pay more taxes to support more illegals you fucking people are stupid

    1. saijinkai Jon Kyle was his replacement, he resigned and Gov. Doug Ducey handed it to her even though she lost the 2018 Senate election to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema.

    1. @matt man That was a horrible video..That dude was a dumb fk however for standing in traffic…I could care less what the hell you are protesting- You stand in the middle of a dark road with cars going 55 miles an hour- You gonna get your azz run over…

    2. @rickwalrus it’s her job to answer to her constituents, but what would you know about somebody doing their job correctly.

    1. Maurice Byron She wasn’t voted in, she’s a Senator by default because Jon Kyle resigned. She was assigned the position by Gov. Doug Ducey even though she lost the 2018 Arizona Senate election to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema.

    1. Robert Alan – Wrong is wrong regardless of party. Should Bill Clinton have been removed from Office in 1998 by the Democrats in the senate?…YES. Trump wanted a U.S. ambassador assassinated cause she got in the way of his criminal enterprise. A UNITED STATES AMBASSADOR ASSASSINATED BY THE POTUS!!!! Let that sink in FFS. Lots more serious issue than a consensual BJ in the oval office, but Clinton should’ve been removed, and so should Trump.

    1. Rebel Justice you are living in the twilight zone.Your mother took 1 to many hits of acid,it’s only in cases such as hers is abortion OK.

    2. christopher weise do people as dumb as yourself ,know your dumb? What does a cow think while watching a train pass by? Please Chrissy tell us,what are you thinking watching a train pass by?

    1. Chris – She’d have been better off with just walking by and ignoring him. Show’s why she had to be appointed to her seat.

  2. She can keep her nastiness to herself after next election, won by a whisker last time, complete wipeout next time.

  3. As an Arizonan, I am embarrassed as she is our senator.
    In a Republican state she LOST!
    She just got the job automatically just to fill John McCain’s position.

    1. @IGOTAJOP America “Your” the embarrassment for being a typical deliberately ignorant, education-hating, illiterate Drumpf cockholster… everyone can spot you inbred dumbfux miles away!

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