Book Reveals Some Secret Service Agents ‘Were Openly Rooting For Trump’

Author of “Zero Fail: The Rise and Fall of the Secret Service” Carol Leonnig discusses revelations from her new book including the existence of extremism among some of those in charge of protecting the president, and how after the Capitol insurrection, some agents expressed their support for the rioters.
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  1. Meanwhile, 10% of their coworkers were incapacitated by the gift given to them by their boss. Surprise, it’s covid.

    1. Amen. The trump murdered hundreds of thousands of We The People of America. LOCK HIM UP!

    1. That’s not how it goes. The saying is, “You can’t fix stupid but you can euthanize it.” They are certainly not worth more than that.

  2. He was worried about Mike Pence and “anyway we’re on our way to the Capitol and maybe we’ll knock down the doors?”
    You mean the place where Mike Pence was located?

    1. He didn’t say he was concerned For Mike Pence; he said he was concerned About Mike Pence. He seemed to be expressing concerned for Mike Pence at the beginning, but then when you listen to him talk about “what the President said about Pence”, his true intention becomes clear.

      I hope this schmuck gets charged as well, if in fact he did take part in the riot…..

    2. trump set up pence, he loaded the weapon and aimed straight at pence head.. and pence stuck by him can’t fix ignorance

  3. It’s sad that people in government sworn to protect the Constitution do not understand Democracy or the Constitution .

    1. its not “people in govt” its right wing pile of conservitive trash in the govt who dont seem to understand democracy

    2. No, no…it’s not people. There’s no room for ambiguity here, it’s the Republican Party who has betrayed the constitution and our nation. The problem is when we don’t hold these corrupt leaders accountable this is what we get. This both sides do it BS is also another reason why the Republicans have gotten away with murder for decades.

  4. I always wanted to know who gave the order for the secret service to stand down on the JFK motorcade when it turned onto elm street? why weren’t the two agents on the back of the car?

  5. I think it’s quite obvious as to why these rioters, insurrectionist and unpatriotic sycophants were treated so kindly by the police? A large portion of the police was on their side! Scary

    1. and not just rank and file, but rather administrative leadership of law enforcement. the seditious insurrection was planned… not ad hoc thing that happened on the day.

    2. Or.. A large portion of the public is simply not dumb enough to blindly bow the TV’s opinions?

  6. In Australia, “rooting” means something else … but it looks like they were doing that also.

  7. “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed … and we will deserve it.” — Lindsey Graham on Twitter (3 May 2016)

    1. @John Godley Well, actually, he said a “whole bunch of truths” regarding Trump in an interview he had with Trevor Noah in 2016. That interview actually made Lindsey look and sound like a “real” person AND he’s quite funny! I think it was during one of his rare and brief episodes when he has talked openly without personal, political motives!

  8. Of course the GOP doesn’t want a closer look; they will be busted big time for their involvement.

    1. No, the GOP is in denial about it! But, I keep reminding the republicans “Denial is not a river in Egypt!”

    2. @texasiguana the GOP is a big party so I guess there are people who are in denial, but I bet those in power knows their members have been closely involved and want to hide it. Some of the actions of GOP is not really explained in any other way. The top members of GOP have been involved in illegal actions and therefore they have embraced corruption of Donald Trump and his associates. Perhaps there is blackmail, but perhaps it is them trying to save their own skin.

    1. They should be unemployed soon , trying to get extended cares act funds ,oh it will be cut off soon🙏😷😂

    2. I’m pretty much thinking the same about obiden,Pelosi,Schumer and the rest of the denizens of the swamp.
      By the way president trump never called for any violence to be committed but just “peacefully” gather at the steps of the Capitol so get your facts straight.
      Oh thats right the waste stream won’t report that because it doesn’t fit their agenda.

    3. @hip to be square stop drinking , we can’t have a rational correspondence , im out 🙏😷🙃

    4. @hip to be square Yet, he waited 3 or so hours before telling the thugs to back down? Just as bad.

  9. I thought they hired men and women of integrity. I guess the good thing about this is that now we know that they need to be replaced.

  10. A Jan 6th rioter tweeted: “It’s DC and guns are illegal, so no guns.” Sounds like a deterrent. If DC hadn’t had the gun laws, they’d have brought them and it would’ve been far worse. Gun laws apparently work.

    1. So if someone rooted for Trump they should lose their job? It’s terrifying reading some of these posts. As long as you do your job well you don’t have to like any pres.

    2. ​@Josh Seidman The point is that the SS is nonpartisan, and the agents were supposed to be serving in a nonpartisan role but were actively and openly rooting for a specific candidate. Their open endorsement of the attack on our gov (with gallows erected and ready for who knows what) in favour of Trump exposes them as potential threats to Biden. They should absolutely be fired for presenting as potential threats to the person they’re hired to protect. Don’t be willfully obtuse and simplify this into your preferred narrative. It’s ridiculous.

    1. @joyce roberts Sounds like you lol. I suppose you just got an untested vaccine and a paper thin mask for protecting your master. Good Boy!

  11. Fire the deputy director of the secret service immediately. He crosses a line and he’s comprised.

  12. Find out whobthey are and fire them emediatly and make where they can never work in federal or law enforcement ever again.

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